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Abode’s Outdoor Smart Camera is modular and works as a stand-alone system

Abode debuted its Outdoor Smart Camera at CES 2020, but that camera has now become available for pre-order on Thursday, October 22. The company’s existing video services have also received an upgrade that becomes available today, as well.

The Abode Outdoor Smart Camera has respectable specs with a 152-degree field of view and a 1920 x 1080 resolution. It is also IP65 weather-resistant, which means you can place it just about anywhere outside your home without worrying that the weather will get to it (except maybe underneath a gutter drain). And finally, it can be used for just about any purpose — as a doorbell cam to see who’s at the front door, or on the side for a better vantage point.

It utilizes an infrared LED for night vision and has a built-in microphone and speaker for two-way audio. A PIR motion sensor enables person detection and is part of an overall system from Abode that will become available in upcoming firmware updates. These updates will enable the Outdoor Smart Camera to distinguish between people, packages, and animals.

The Outdoor Smart Camera connects to the CUE advanced automation engine included with every Abode device, but it will also work as a stand-alone system. You can use only the Outdoor Smart Camera and have reliable home security thanks to its capabilities alone. However, if linked with CUE, users can set up routines and scenes that will trigger when certain conditions are met.

The Outdoor Smart Camera works with Amazon Alexa and can display a live feed of its footage on any compatible Echo Device. It also works with Google Assistant and has been submitted for certification with Apple HomeKit.

In addition to launching a new security camera, Abode has made changes to the way its servers handle the video load. Customers can now expect significantly improved speed when loading up a livestream, lower latency, and higher overall video quality. These changes have been made with the Outdoor Smart Camera in mind and will be available when the device begins shipping.

Customers interested in the Abode Outdoor Smart Camera can pre-order now for a price of $159. It is expected to begin shipping in November. If you wait until November to purchase, the MSRP will be $199. If you’re trying to snag an outdoor camera at a discount, take advantage of the early-bird pricing.

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