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Abode’s latest camera can be either a doorbell or a security camera

Smart home security company Abode debuted its latest smart camera at the CES 2020 on Monday. The Smart Camera can be used indoors or out and features a modular design that allows it to function as either a video doorbell using the included mount, or mounted in a variety of ways as a security camera.

The Smart Camera is the first device by Abode to operate outside of its smart home security platform. It also includes built-in machine learning functionality that users can opt into that learns faces over time, resulting in improved notifications for suspicious activity.

Users can manage the database of faces detected by the camera, even using Abode’s automation functionality called Cue to trigger smart home devices differently based on who it sees. Adobe says the feature can be switched on and off at any time, a nod to the increasing demands for privacy and control over what data homeowners share.

“With these new solutions, which can be used on their own or integrated into our existing security systems for enhanced functionality, users have even more choice when it comes to creating a secure home on their terms,” Abode founder CEO Chris Carney said.

Another notable feature of the Abode Smart Camera is its size. Roughly half the size of a deck of playing cards, its compactness allows it to be placed just about anywhere. You’ll get 1080p video with a wide 152-degree field of view, allowing you to cover large areas with a single camera, and night vision, built-in speaker and microphone, and motion detection — all features that we’ve come to expect from modern security cameras.

A doorbell mount allows users to power the device via existing doorbell wiring, although you would lose your doorbell. While not ready for the camera’s initial launch in the first quarter of this year, Abode will release a version of the mount which adds a built-in doorbell button later in the year to solve this issue. The Smart Camera can also be powered by an AC power outlet as well.

While Apple HomeKit certification is in process, Abode said the camera would ship with both Alexa and Google Assistant video support. The camera is expected to retail for $199, the company says.

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