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Arlo delivers its most affordable security camera ever with the Arlo Essential

Arlo is one of the best-known security brands on the market today, but its price point often poses a barrier to new customers. Now, Arlo has introduced a new, budget-friendly option in the Essential Spotlight Camera, which has a price tag of $130. This 1080p camera works both indoors and out, making it a great entry-level purchase for first-time buyers.

The Arlo Essential Camera is designed to be a plug-and-play solution. It comes in both wired and battery-operated versions and can be mounted nearly anywhere. It packs many features seen in higher-priced models, plus an integrated spotlight that can be triggered either by motion or through manual activation. It also has two-way audio, a built-in siren, and full-color night vision. It’s weather-resistant,but not weatherproof, and works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT.

A purchase of the Arlo Essential Camera comes with a three-month trial of Arlo’s subscription service, Arlo Smart, that provides access to 30 days of 1080p video recordings. This service also grants access to customizable notification settings, as well as Arlo Smart’s e911 feature that connects users to emergency services in their area.

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For those new to the world of smart security cameras, the Arlo Essential Camera is a great value. While the price point might still be prohibitive to users looking for a sub-$100 camera, the number of features appear to make it worth the cost. The range of mounting options is also a plus; if you plan to place it outside, the battery-powered option means you can put the camera in a location where it won’t be easily spotted.

If you care about aesthetics, the Arlo Essential Camera has the same design pattern as other Arlo cameras. Arlo has also implemented features that help protect customer privacy. The company doesn’t monetize personal data, uses high-level encryption to keep data secure, and keeps security at the forefront of the experience.

Like other Arlo products, the Arlo Essential Camera operates through the Arlo app. If you have multiple Arlo products, you can view the feeds all through one place. The app also grants total control of the camera, its alerts, and more.

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