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Best Buy’s Black Friday sale probably starts earlier than you thought

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Best Buy just unveiled its plan for Black Friday 2023, and it involves ways for customers to get exclusive deals before the big rush. The biggest piece of news from the press release is that Black Friday deals are starting as early as October 27, three whole weeks before the official date of Black Friday. However, there are some caveats.

Best Buy is going to slowly unroll its Black Friday sales in three major stages. The first stage is called the Black Friday Early Access Sale for Members and runs from October 27 to 29. In order to get access to these deals you will have to be a member of the My Best Buy program. This is Best Buy’s version of a Prime Membership. My Best Buy members get two-day shipping, access to product drops earlier than everyone else, and exclusive deals like this Black Friday event. The base plan costs $50 per year. This phase of the sale is very similar to the Prime Big Deal Days event that happened in early October.

The second phase of Best Buy’s Black Friday rollout is called Early Black Friday Deals for everyone, and starts on October 30. These are tasty, sporadic deals on tech products that will be released over the two weeks leading up to the official Black Friday sale. You won’t need to be a member to get access to these deals, but Best Buy may drop a few exclusives for My Best Buy members.

The final phase of the sale is the official Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale starting on November 17. This will feature all the TV, computer, phone and appliance deals you’ve come to expect from Best Buy. The sale will start on Black Friday and run through November 27, which is Cyber Monday.

More online retailers are offering special ways to take advantage of Black Friday this year. That means no more waiting in line while your stomach is still full of turkey and cranberry sauce. This year the discounts at Best Buy start a full three weeks before the official date of Black Friday, as long as you are a My Best Buy member.

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