Cloudflare outage knocks out major sites and services, including Discord

Down Detector

Cloud computing company Cloudflare experienced a worldwide outage Tuesday morning, bringing down dozens of popular sites and services, including Discord.

Sites hosted on the platform started to go down starting around 6 a.m. PT. According to Cloudflare’s system status page, service was restored within 30 minutes. 

Cloudflare’s CEO Matthew Prince tweeted at 7:22 a.m. PT that the outage had been resolved, though there may be some lingering issues. 

“Appear to have mitigated the issue causing the outage. Traffic restored. Working now to restore all services globally. More details to come as we have them,” Prince tweeted. 

Among the sites that were affected by the outage were FlightRadar, the cryptocurrency service, Coinbase Pro and Discord. Even Down Detector was down, meaning some people had a hard time reporting outages. The outage even caused Cryptocurrency site CoinDesk to list Bitcoin at $26 (it was actually worth more than $10,000 Tuesday morning), temporarily causing some users to panic.

SiriusXM, Soundcloud, Shopify, BuzzFeed, Medium, Pinterest and Dropbox also reported outages at the same time, according to Down Detector, but it’s unclear if those outages were related to Cloudflare. 

Websites that did have issues with Cloudflare were prompted with a 502 bad gateway error message. Cloudflare also experienced a similar outage on June 24, as well as on May 31.

The platform has 180 data centers around the world, including North America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. According to its website, more than 16 million internet properties use the platform. 

The outage came around the same time that 911 and texting issuers hit the AT&T network, according to Gizmodo. The problem mainly affected emergency calls and users’ ability to send out text messages. Customers were unable to connect to 911, and police departments in areas that were affected gave AT&T customers alternate numbers to contact in case of an emergency. 

The outage affected areas in Texas, Minneapolis, Oregon, Washington, Michigan and more. 

AT&T confirmed in a tweet that the issue has since been resolved. 

“…earlier this morning some wireless customers may have been unable to connect to 911. This has been resolved and we apologize to anyone who was affected.”

Users around the globe have had to deal with plenty of outages over the past month, including a Google Cloud outage that knocked out key smart home services and left users unable to unlock their doors, along with an Instagram outage that infuriated social media lovers.

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