Best camera stores in Houston

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Get a little dust on your sensor at the rodeo? Need a lens filter before hitting the water wall? Want to grab a tripod to take the blur out of the Lights in the Heights? Our favorite Houston-area photo shops offer all of the above (and cleaning for your speckled sensor), plus print supplies, used lenses and even grip equipment.

Camera Co-Op

801 Durham Drive

Houston, TX 77007

The Camera Co-Op one of Houston’s top photography stores, specializing in buying and selling used camera equipment. While it is smaller than The Camera Exchange, it’s got a friendly, helpful atmosphere, and a wide selection of high-quality second-hand equipment. Also, much of their inventory is more reasonably priced than the Camera Exchange. This is my favorite store in town.

best camera stores in houston cameraco op

Houston Camera Exchange

5900 Richmond Ave.

Houston, Texas 77057

Houston Camera Exchange has a large selection of lighting equipment, but caters especially to the traveling photographer. They have an unbelievable selection of camera bags and carry cases. We recommend the Camera Exchange because it has a long-standing reputation as the best camera store in Houston. It has a massive selection of cameras, lenses, lighting equipment and print supplies. The store is also moving with the times by catering to the DSLR videographer. The only issue we have had there was a long wait for service.

best camera stores in houston cameraexchange

Professional Camera Repair

4410 Richmond Ave.

Houston, Texas 77027

As the name implies, Professional Camera Repair specializes in quick, affordable camera and lens repair. Whether you’re a resident or just in town for the week and need any of your equipment repaired, the guys at Houston Camera repair know everything about bodies, lenses and flashes. This shop has a reputation for being the professional’s first choice in repair, due to excellent customer service and attention to detail.

best camera stores in houston camerarepair


1323 N. 1st St.

Bellaire, Texas 77401

(Located inside Houston)

TexCam specializes in grip equipment rental, which means their primary cliental is the professional videographer and movie maker. However, they rent and sell an enormous supply of grip and lighting equipment, which can be useful for the professional photographer shooting outside of his or her element. TexCam is the rental house to use for complex studio and location shoots that require the use of equipment not carried at most photography rental houses.

best camera stores in houston texcam

Light Tec

5320 Gulfton, Suite 3

Houston, Texas 77081

Light Tec is a rental house based out of Dallas with a branch in Houston. It specializes in a wide array of lighting equipment for sale and rental, including grip equipment. Light Tec is the number one choice for most professional photographers when it comes to lighting and lens rental. We prefer Light Tec because the prices are reasonable, and the service is good.

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