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Want more gigs? Kodak's new online, on-demand photography platform could help

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The iconic camera company that launched the point-and-shoot is now putting the “you push the button, we do the rest” philosophy into commercial photography. Kodakit is a new on-demand photography platform that streamlines the marketing and booking process for photographers and eliminates the complex hiring process for businesses.

Kodakit is similar to other online workplaces such as Upwork, with a key difference — once a company posts a job with the when and where, the Kodakit platform finds a pre-screened local photographer and even delivers the final images on a private cloud system after the shoot.

“Kodakit will revolutionize how photographers and businesses work together.”

For photographers that pass Kodak’s screening, the platform could mean less time spent on marketing and booking. Kodakit takes care of the invoicing and payments, too, with the gig being paid for within 30 days.

Kodakit aims to operate as a “central hub” connecting photographers and businesses and streamlining the process of hiring for businesses and marketing for photographers. Kodak says the new platform’s goal is to make the process of finding a photographer to deliver consistent, high-end imagery easy for businesses while offering photographers a “steady flow of assignments.”

Kodakit / Screenshot
Kodakit / Screenshot

According to the Kodakit user guidelines, photographers can set their charges for each particular gig. The business client does receive full copyright ownership of the files and photographers are asked to follow the system’s turnaround times — two days for shoots that are less than two hours long to two weeks for shoots that are longer than four hours.

“Kodakit has boiled down a complicated process into a user-friendly platform that addresses a huge and growing need in the market,” Jeff Clarke, chief executive officer of Kodak, said in a press release. “Kodak Founder George Eastman once said, ‘You press the button, we do the rest.’ For photographers and companies, Kodakit operates on this same principle. Building upon our longstanding legacy as one of the most trusted names in film and photography, Kodakit will revolutionize how photographers and businesses work together, creating the photography ecosystem of the future.”

Launching this month, the new service is now live in 92 major cities in 37 countries, including New York, San Francisco, Paris, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Delhi.

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