Best Smart Garden Products

Gardening is an ancient hobby, but you don’t have to stick to old-fashioned tools. With modern tech, your garden will practically tend itself, allowing you to pursue your thumb green without getting dirt under your nails. Below are some of the best home and garden gadgets on the market, whether you’re in need of a robotic lawnmower or a countertop alternative to the traditional garden setup.

Worx Robot Lawnmower

Why mow the lawn yourself when you can have a robot do it? Skip the sweat and sip lemonade on the porch while the Landroid roams the yard, using AI and sensors to navigate and avoid obstacles.


You don’t need a garden to grow your own food anymore; the Nanofarm nurtures crops in a box that can fit on a counter. Simply fill the tray with water, slide in a “plant pad,” and the Nanofarm takes care of the rest.

GreenIQ Smart Garden

If you’re putting the work into building an automated garden, you’ll need a hub to control your various smart devices. GreenIQ’s Smart Garden Hub can unite your various gadgets and adjust your irrigation schedule based on the weather.

Vegibee Sonic Pollinator

Bees have a nifty trick for getting pollen from flowers, buzzing rapidly to shake it loose, and now you can do the same with the Vegibee. Turn it on, press it to the back of a flower, and collect that sweet, sweet pollen in a spoon.

GroBox Hydroponics

For those who like the idea of gardening, but hate getting their hands dirty, the GroBox is an indoor hydroponics box that grows plants using water and fertilizer solution. It automatically handles watering and lighting, so no toiling either.

Orbit Motion Sprinkler

Nothing ruins a garden like wild critters, and even a fence might not stop them. The Orbit Yard Enforcer is a motion-activated sprinkler that will detect animals sniffing around your plants and scare them off with a blast of water.

Urpower Solar Lights

When you’ve got a lovely yard, don’t let a lack of sunlight keep you from appreciating it. These URPOWER lights will illuminate your landscape, and they run on solar power, so you can light up the night without running up the electric bill.

Vantage Vue Weather Station

Don’t let the old-fashioned look fool you; the Davis Vantage Vue is a top-of-the-line home weather station, measuring temperature, rainfall, and more with superb accuracy.

Niello Grow Light

Indoor plants add a bit of character to any room, but if you don’t have exposure to natural light, they won’t grow. This Niello grow light will give your plant the light it craves, and it’s flexible enough to put anywhere.

Flower Power Sensor

Your plants won’t tell you if they’re feeling bad, but the Parrot Flower Power will. Stick it in the soil, and it can tell you if your plant is getting the right light, moisture, etc., and sends that info to your phone.

Vegetronix Moisture Sensor

You have to adjust your garden’s watering schedule based on the moisture of the soil, so use these Vegetronix sensors to help your smart sprinkler avoid overwatering.

Smart Sprinkler Controller

Overwatering can be bad for the environment and your water bill, but the Rachio Smart Water System takes the guesswork out. The device adjusts watering based on weather, and you can control it from your phone.