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Now you can stay in and 'Netflix and Chill' with this Airbnb listing

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Tom Galle/Airbnb
Netflix addicts looking for a place to stay in New York City can now book the apartment of their dreams on Airbnb. From the bedsheets and pillows to the audio-visual equipment, this Airbnb listing is dedicated to the premise of the “Netflix and Chill” theme.

For $400 per night, you can grab this one-bedroom pad in Manhattan’s West Village, complete with a red bedspread adorned with the Netflix logo, mini bar, high-definition projector, surround-sound speakers, and Apple TV with a Netflix account. Roof access, “with beautiful views of Manhattan,” is also included, but who cares about the iconic skyline when there are so many movies to watch.

The listing describes the apartment as a “project” that brings the “famous ‘Netflix and Chill meme’ to life.” Forget sightseeing, this apartment is designed purely for the needs of the binge watcher.

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The “Netflix and Chill Room” is the brainchild of Tom Galle, Moises Sanabria, and Alyssa Davis, three New Yorkers who claim that the listing will remain active for at least a few months. Having posted the room to Airbnb just a few days ago, there’s already been some interest, with one party set to occupy the room during next month.

“A lot of our work revolves around Internet culture or popular culture. We loved the idea of bringing a meme to life and offer it as a real experience,” Galle told Mashable. “The ‘Netflix and Chill’ meme sort of naturally came up as the right subject to build a project around, and the idea grew automatically from there.”

Netflix, which did not authorize the project, has not commented on the listing. But we can always speculate whether this will spark a “Netflix and Chill” trend in accommodation. Yes, everyone has a laptop and most places offer Wi-Fi, but there are bound to be people out there who want dedicated Netflix experiences akin to the “Netflix and Chill Room,” and are crazy enough to plop down $400 a night for what is an ordinary apartment, if you remove all the Netflix branding. Before any hotels jump on the bandwagon, however, they should keep in mind that most people can simply create their own Netflix mecca at home. You can even buy a range of Netflix bedspreads online, if you want the dedicated binge watching experience.

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