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Spotify and want to get you out of the house and on a date, damnit

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Sometimes you just have to put on your Snuggie, get under the covers with your four cats, cuddle up to your body pillow, and go on a Netflix binge. But guess what, Forever Alones? There’s a soundtrack to get you out of your incredibly single rut.

Spotify and teamed up to create a pre-date mix to help kill those “why am I about to leave my house with a stranger again?! Is it too late to fake Giardia and kill a bottle of red by myself?!” jitters.

Basically they want to keep you from becoming this: 

“ surveyed more than 1,100 singles with 78 percent divulging that music is an integral part of their date-night prep.”

According to the survey, daters of the world have some pretty interesting thoughts on the intersections of tunes and romance:

  • 57 percent of men prefer class rock while getting ready for a date, and 54 percent of women go for pop/top 40 hits during the primping process. 
  • 49 percent of men and 39 percent of women found classic rock good background music for a date. 
  • As for sexy time sounds, 49 percent of guys like Barry White and 44 percent of women go for music from the likes or Robin Thicke and Maroon 5. 
  • Nobody wants to hear rap, country, or heavy metal on a date (to which I say, Country Grammar is a very good date song, dummies).

So there you have it – maybe these stats will help you figure out whats going wrong in your love life, or just make you want to give up forever. Before you do, though, give the playlist itself a go. Maybe it will inspire a renewed interest in dating? Maybe you’ll give your online dating profile a one more try?

Or just listen to the playlist and enjoy those cats and Mad Men reruns.

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