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Forget plastic — Glowforge 3D laser printer builds with wood, fabric, leather

Seattle-based Glowforge unveiled its innovative 3D laser printer which utilizes subtractive manufacturing instead of using additives, meaning it has the ability to carve and etch almost any material.
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Inside Cellink, the Swedish company building 3D printers for living tissue

Digital Trends recently paid a fascinating visit to the Swedish headquarters of Cellink, one of the most exciting companies working on 3D bioprinted organs. Here's what we found out.

Nike’s 3D-printed uppers take weight off your feet

Nike is no stranger to innovation when it comes to crafting the perfect shoe. Now, it's taken its quest to a new level when the athletic company introduced Flyprint, a 3D-printed textile upper for your sneaker.
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You won't need to print money to afford these great 3D printers

Looking for a decent 3D printer that won't break the bank? Check out our regularly-updated list of the best 3D printers under $1,000
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Engineers want to 3D print stuff in space using recycled astronaut poop

Researchers from Canada's University of Calgary have developed a way to use astronaut poop as a crucial ingredient for 3D printing in the stars. Coming soon to a Mars mission near you.
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Assistive tech is progressing faster than ever, and these 7 devices prove it

From robotic prosthetics to brainwave-reading hearing aids, assistive technology has progressed in leaps and bounds over the past decade. Here's 7 amazing examples of that trend
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This twisted metal bridge in Amsterdam was 3D printed by welding robots

This twisted metal bridge in Amsterdam looks like something H.R. Giger would’ve created had he pursued a career in civil engineering. Its best bit? It was 3D printed by welding robots.

Two Chinese firms can 3D print an electric car in three days, sell it for $10K

but the top speed won't muss your hair.
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Hate needles? These microscopic ones painlessly dissolve drugs in your skin

Researchers at University of Texas at Dallas have created a new 3D-printed dissolving microneedle array, which could offer a painless alternative to injections for those who hate needles.
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Instead of fresh from the farm, the future of food is lab-to-table

Sci-fi is full of crazy foods we'll apparently be eating in the future. From lab-grown meat to genetically engineered algae, here are seven examples of high tech foods that really exist.
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3D-printed gramophone-style amplifier gives your Echo Dot a vintage overhaul

The perfect blend of old and new styles, this 3D-printed "Gramazon" (a cross between “gramophone” and “Amazon”) is an acoustic amplifier that is specially designed for your Echo Dot.
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How do 3D printers work? Here’s a super simple breakdown

How do 3D printers work, exactly? If you ever wondered how these magical machines create 3D objects in a matter of hours, then look no further than this dead-simple breakdown of the four most common printing technologies.