The gaming stream dries up in China as government cuts access to Twitch

Game livestreaming service Twitch has had both its website and its mobile app removed from access in China. Twitch said the move was made deliberately to block users from using the service.

IBM banned USB drives. Is it the future of security or a knee-jerk reaction?

Banning USB devices might go some way to preventing data loss and leaks, but to some, it doesn't get to the heart of the problem of truly securing data and the networks its stored on.

Microsoft Bing joins Google, Facebook in banning cryptocurrency advertisements

Microsoft will ban ads for cryptocurrency and related products from its Bing Ads network. The company says they pose as an elevated risk due to potential scam artists preying on hopeful investors. The ban begins in June.
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Luggage ban proves too much for Bluesmart, which has shuttered operations

Several major U.S. carriers have announced a ban on smart luggage whose batteries can't be removed. The ban began on January 15, 2018, and will hit not only travelers, but also companies like Bluesmart that make the bags.

Russia bans Popular messenger app Telegram, Kremlin must use new service

On Friday, a Russian court banned the popular messenger service Telegram, a decision that comes a week after Russian communication watchdog Roskomnadzor filed a lawsuit to limit users' access to the app.

Google plans to ban cryptocurrency mining extensions from the Chrome Web Store

Google is cracking down on Chrome extensions with a cryptocurrency mining component, blocking new submissions starting now and de-listing current extensions by the end of June. Why? Blame the malicious developers.

Google will ban cryptocurrency ads from its AdWords network in June

Google said that starting in June, its AdWords advertisement platform will no longer support ads based on cryptocurrencies and related services. The move is in response to the uncertainties of digital cash and related scams.

CVS vows to ban photo manipulation in its marketing material for beauty products

CVS Pharmacy plans to ban all “materially altered” photos and marketing material from its in-store and online beauty departments. The end goal is to have all images reflect transparency by “the end of 2020.”
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Uber will be banned from operating in London for deceptive practices

Londoners may soon be facing an existence without ridesharing company Uber. Transportation regulators have banned Uber from operating in the city because for the use of deceptive software hidden in the Uber app.

China joins other nations with plan to end sales of gas and diesel cars

In a move that should give a boost to the electric-car market, China has announced it’s making plans to end sales of gas and diesel cars in the country in a bid to reduce pollution.

Brits won’t be able to buy a new gas or diesel car after 2040

The U.K. government will ban sales of new gas and diesel cars from 2040 in a bid to dramatically improve the nation's air quality. The plan is part of a package of road-based measures aimed at cutting air pollution.

Uber gets to stay in Italy a bit longer, court rules

Last Friday, a court in the European country decided to officially ban the ridesharing app, finding that it engaged in unfair competition with traditional transportation offerings (taxis). But now, that decision is being appealed.

Emirates promises VIP service for some fliers’ larger gadgets

Now that passengers flying from some Middle East airports aren't allowed to take larger gadgets into the cabin, Emirates has made moves to reassure customers that it will take proper care of their devices when they check in.

What you need to know about the new electronics travel ban on select flights

New rules preventing plane passengers from taking large electronic devices into the cabin will go into effect this week for airlines flying to the U.S. from eight different countries.

Nude screengrab sees Watch Dogs 2 player banned from PlayStation Network

Sony has banned a Watch Dogs 2 player from the online PlayStation Network features for a week, after they shared an image of a nude character from Watch Dogs 2 online. So of course now everyone is doing it.

An Italian bishop threatens to sue Niantic over ‘diabolical’ Pokémon Go’

Bishop Antonio Stagliano is threatening to sue Niantic, accusing it of turning thousands of young people into the walking dead with its "diabolical" new "Pokemon Go" game. This may have something to do with his church serving as a…

Pokémon Go catches its first national ban, in Iran

With Iran's highly cautious approach to all things internet already well known, few will be surprised that it's become the first nation to slap a ban on Pokémon Go. The authorities gave few details, saying only that it had "security…

Faking locations in Pokémon Go is a bad idea, unless you want to be banned

A game like Pokémon Go relies on the real-life interaction between players. So when a cheater does everything from their couch, the developer sends a ban.