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Red Bull brought Hollywood to the jungle in ‘Blood Road’ making-of series

From transporting production gear by dirt bike to lighting dark caves with drones, the crew behind Red Bull's first in-house documentary braved the elements to produce a first-of-its-kind documentary film.

'The Surge' developer Deck13 used a weighted vest for more brutal motion capture

The Surge developer Deck13 weighed its stuntman down during the motion capture process in order to portray heavier, more brutal combat. This was used for both slow and fast attack styles.
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Fans get a surprise on Ridley Scott's birthday: An 'Alien: Covenant' set photo

Ridley Scott fans got a special gift in honor of the acclaimed filmmaker's 79th birthday on Wednesday: a behind-the-scenes Alien: Covenant photo. The image shows Scott hard at work on the latest film in the Alien anthology.

Here's how Nikon makes the glass inside your camera lens

The smallest imperfections can make a significant difference in image quality -- which is why Nikon glass is inspected multiple times at each stage pf the development process.

What's it like to shoot with Annie Leibovitz? Behind-the-scenes video offers clues

Annie Leibovitz likes to keep her work authentic -- or that's what the models from a recent shoot for Lincoln say. A new behind-the-scenes video offers a glimpse into what it's like to shoot with the celebrated photographer.

Video provides a behind-the-scenes look at how LEE lens filters are produced

Photographer Karl Taylor goes behind the scenes with Ralph Young, the director of sales at LEE Filters, to show how the company hand-produces its high quality DSLR lens filters from beginning to end.
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Go behind the scenes of Kong: Skull Island with its A-list cast

Before the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, we knew next to nothing about the upcoming Kong: Skull Island, but a behind-the-scenes featurette has provided us with our first look at the blockbuster film.

Google launches behind-the-scenes site for Street View collections

Google has further expanded its Street View service, on Tuesday launching a new behind-the-scenes site for its Special Collections. The new material includes everything from videos and audio tours to background information about how the…
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Why do McDonald’s products look different from their advertisements?

McDonald's Director of Marketing tackles a popular fan question by taking you behind the scenes of an advertisement photoshoot.

Behold the arsenal of Rage

Id Software and Bethesda have released a new behind-the-scenes video showing off some of the weapons and tools that you will use to make your way through the Wasteland, in their upcoming FPS, Rage.

The developers of Rage welcome the dawn in this new making-of trailer

Developer id have released a new video titled “The Dawn” discussing the origins of the world of Rage.