Chrome browser will be able to handle FLAC lossless audio in next release

Google is preparing to add FLAC audio playback support to its Chrome browser, and will introduce the functionality in version 56, which is scheduled to launch before the end of January.
Virtual Reality

Ready to browse the web in VR? Google Chrome for Android gets WebVR API

Google updated the beta version of Chrome with the WebVR API, meaning developers have access to the information they need to build VR features into their websites. So be prepared to browse websites in VR soon.

If a site is not HTTPS, Google Chrome will tell users it's not secure

The tech giants of the world are continuing in their efforts to make the web a safer place. On Thursday, Google announced that Chrome will begin marking HTTP pages as nonsecure if they collect passwords or credit card information.

Download before reading: Chrome on Android now supports offline page viewing

Included in the latest update for Chrome for Android, along with the bug fixes and performance improvements, is the ability to download videos and web pages for later viewing -- perfect for the train.

Pop-ups in Chrome driving you mad? Here’s how to block them

Pop up ads and other forms of advertisements can be annoying. No one would disagree. Well, if you use Google Chrome, here's how to put the clamps on the amount of ads you have to deal with.

Here’s how all the major web browsers are tightening up web security

Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla have all laid out their timelines for ending support for the SHA-1 hashing algorithm because its security is now fundamentally broken. Websites have until around February to get updated.

Microsoft says Edge is safer than Chrome or Firefox

Those helpful little Windows 10 notifications are back. Where they once told you how Chrome killed your battery life, now they say Edge is a "safer" browser than Chrome or Firefox.

Google’s Chrome browser is on 2 billion devices, a staggering number

Google announced a pretty significant milestone for Chrome -- the browser has achieved a massive 2 billion active installs. Chrome is one of several Google services with over 1 billion users, including Android and Gmail.

Google’s adding WebVR support to Android, desktop versions of Chrome

WebVR, the nascent web standard that promises to stream virtual reality apps and games directly to mobile and PC-tethered headsets, is heading to Chrome. It'll launch on both Android and desktop later this year.

Tired of Chrome eating up your RAM? Google finally plans to fix it

Google is making some significant under-the-hood improvements to its Chrome browser, improving the Javascript V8 engine, and garbage collection, for more efficient RAM usage.

New features headed to Chrome for Android promise to supercharge mobile browsing

Google's debuting new features in the Chrome browser for Android that promise to speed up web browsing. One, Data Saver, compresses web pages on the fly, while another removes unnecessary images and background elements.

Microsoft continues the browser battery life battle in yet another video

Microsoft has taken the fight to Google's Chrome browser yet again, with another video that shows its Edge browser beating Chrome in a battery life test.