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A depiction of a hacked computer sitting in an office full of PCs.

Hackers may be hiding in plain sight on your favorite website

Security researchers have detailed how domain shadowing is becoming increasingly popular for cybercriminals.
Desktop monitor displaying the Digital Trends homepage.

The internet’s ‘phonebook’ is flawed and outdated. It’s time for an upgrade

uk prime minister david cameron announces deal germany develop 5g internet the

What is a DNS server? Here’s how the Internet serves up your favorites

The Internet Hinders Our Ability to Concentrate, Say Experts

Cloudflare wants to make your internet faster and more secure with

black lives matter ddos attacks attack oct 21v2

How to keep your gadgets from being part of a botnet

apple airport base station dns vulnerability patched applewwdc2013 extreme

AirPort users, don't ignore the latest firmware update! It patches a critical security bug


Determined, mysterious attack hits major DNS provider, causing service outages

A woman wearing headphones looks at a smartphone while listening to music on a sofa.

New JavaScript attack infects your phone and changes your router's DNS settings

kentucky hospital subjected to ransomware hacker keyboard

Hackers begin attack using simple web flaw which affects most of the Internet

apple app store apps

Apple offers developers a workaround for in-app purchasing exploit


How to get DNSChanger out of your router

e-parasite act

Just a few ways the E-PARASITE Act could dismantle the Internet