Cloudflare wants to make your internet faster and more secure with

On April Fool's Day, the internet company Cloudflare delivered a new product that ought to bring a smile to your face (but not because of any joke). Cloudflare debuted its first consumer service product called

How to keep your gadgets from being part of a botnet

The recent spike in major DDoS attacks has left many people wondering what, if anything, they can do to stop it. No individual can stop the attacks, or defend against them, but there are ways you can help.

AirPort users, don't ignore the latest firmware update! It patches a critical security bug

If you own an Apple Airport base station, install the latest update. It patches a memory exploit that could allow the execution of arbitrary code, in effect giving an attacker full control over the router.

Determined, mysterious attack hits major DNS provider, causing service outages

A string of DDoS attacks from an unknown source has prompted DNS provider NS1 to speak out about its efforts to repel these advances and maintain normal service.

New JavaScript attack infects your phone and changes your router's DNS settings

There's a new JavaScript-based attack in town that will change your router's DNS settings through a mobile website and a visiting smartphone. It's called JS_JITON, and is mainly targeting victims in Taiwan, Japan, China, and the United…

Hackers begin attack using simple web flaw which affects most of the Internet

A new vulnerability noticed last week has begun to bear fruit for hackers, with the first attacks now being recorded live in the wild. If your server utilises Bind, it would be worth investigating the installation of a patch to shore up…

Apple offers developers a workaround for in-app purchasing exploit

Apple says the exploit enabling free in-app purchases from iOS devices will be fixed in iOS 6; in the meantime, Apple has bent its own policies to offer developers a workaround.

How to get DNSChanger out of your router

Sure, your PC might be clean of the DNSChanger malware…but did you know it might have messed with your router? Here's how to tell if DNSChanger is in your router - and how to fix it

FBI could take down Internet for millions on March 8

On March 8, the FBI may be forced to shut down DNS servers, originally installed to stop the spread of the DNSChanger virus, which would cut off Internet access to millions of Web users worldwide.

Just a few ways the E-PARASITE Act could dismantle the Internet

The E-PARASITE Act, on its surface, wants to cut down on Internet piracy. But deep down, it's a frighteningly possible attack on digital free speech.

OpenDNS: Facebook was most-blocked site in 2010

According to OpenDNS, Facebook was the most-blocked site during 2010...but it was also the second most-likely site to be whitelisted.

Comcast subscribers suffer another Internet outage

A similar DNS-related issue caused Comcast subscribers on the East Coast to lose Internet connectivity one week ago.

Pirate Bay co-founder proposes peer-to-peer DNS

Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde wants to apply peer-to-peer technology to DNS to break ICANN's control over who can - and can't - be on the Internet.

Comcast endures major Internet outage on the East Coast

Comcast has since fixed the problem, but not before Twitter users began posting their own solutions.

Problems With DNS Flaw Patches

Apple's DNS flaw patch isn't completely effective, according to some experts, while Cisco reports other problems.

Daily Download: Simple DNS Plus

Host your own domain name, or simply speed up Internet access by running your own DNS server.