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‘Rock Band Blitz’ to exit the stage for good by the end of August

Last call for Rock Band Blitz, as the end of its licensing agreement will cause it to disappear from Xbox and PlayStation storefronts by the end of the month. All 25 tracks can be transferred to Rock Band 4.
rock band blitz discontinued

‘Dropmix’ may be a good reason to buy another big plastic accessory

Dropmix is a fun and unique musical party game that combines competitive card battling with a music remixer like DJ Hero. But convincing anyone to buy yet another plastic gaming accessory might be a hard sell.
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U2 track pack out now for Rock Band 4, including hits One and Vertigo

Harmonix's Rock Band 4 gets a collection of Irish band U2's biggest hits this week as downloadable content, including chart-topping favorites like One, Vertigo, and Sunday Bloody Sunday.

Exploring the weird, wonderful melodic wizardry of Fantasia: Music Evolved

Harmonix gets weird with Fantasia: Music Evolved, a gesture-based, creativity-driven rhythm game that casts players in the role of a musical sorcerer's apprentice.
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