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Infrasound microphones could predict volcano eruptions before they strike

Researchers have created low-frequency microphones that could potentially help to predict the eruption of certain volcanoes around the world by listening to infrasound frequencies.
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A.I. is ready to advise us on how to best protect Earth from deadly asteroids

A new artificial intelligence algorithm could help save our planet by weighing different possible solutions to deal with the possibility of a deadly asteroid heading in Earth’s direction.
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Don’t be fooled by dystopian sci-fi stories: A.I. is becoming a force for good

Carnegie Mellon University is teaching a new class, titled “Artificial Intelligence for Social Good.” Is 2018 the year we all start using A.I. to do good in the world?
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Deep learning vs. machine learning: what's the difference between the two?

Deep learning vs. machine learning: what's the difference between the two? We provide a simplified explanation of both AI-based technologies although deep learning is a more involved process of machine learning.

Computers saw Jesus, graffiti, and selfies in this art, and critics were floored

Several different machine learning systems were used to categorize the Barnes Foundation’s digitized collection, and the results were rather surprising.
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Truly creative A.I. is just around the corner. Here’s why that’s a big deal

When it comes to A.I. attempting to write new episodes of Scrubs, things look pretty funny. But whether A.I. can be creative is actually among the field's most important questions.
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Instead of stealing jobs, what if A.I. just tells us how to do them better?

The early 20th century theory of Taylorism suggested every move a workforce could make could be modified to make it more efficient. In 2017, A.I. promises to take that to the next level.
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New microscope uses A.I. smarts to diagnose deadly blood infections

Researchers have developed a microscope that uses machine learning to help diagnose potentially deadly blood infections -- greatly improving patients' odds of survival in the process.
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Assistive tech is progressing faster than ever, and these 7 devices prove it

From robotic prosthetics to brainwave-reading hearing aids, assistive technology has progressed in leaps and bounds over the past decade. Here's 7 amazing examples of that trend
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Watch Nvidia’s powerful A.I. change day into night, and winter into summer

Nvidia has developed some super smart machine learning technology that is able to transform a video of a winter scene into one that looks like it was shot on a sunny July 4 weekend.
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This app will track disease-carrying mosquitoes by listening to their buzz

Researchers from the U.K. have developed an app that promises to identify breeds of disease-carrying mosquito, based on their acoustic signature. The results could literally save lives.
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IBM’s new A.I. predicts chemical reactions, could revolutionize drug development

IBM is using its cutting-edge A.I. machine learning technology to help predict chemical reactions. It will be available early next year. The results could be used to help invent the drugs of tomorrow.