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Replaced by robots: 10 jobs that could be hit hard by the A.I. revolution

According to one study, 47 percent of current jobs in the United States could be automated within the next two decades. Here are 10 examples of the kind of employment that refers to.

Programmer trains artificial intelligence to draw faces from text descriptions

Animesh Karnewar wanted to know how characters described in books would appear in reality, so he turned to artificial intelligence to see if it could render these fictional people. He used machine learning to train the A.I.

How A.I. can defeat malware that doesn’t even exist yet

Cylance Smart Antivirus is a brand new consumer protection application that claims to only need its AI machine learning algorithm to protect you. Can ditching signatures really make for a safer future?
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Judgmental A.I. mirror rates how trustworthy you are based on your looks

Would you be freaked out if a facial recognition mirror started making judgement about your age, gender, race, attractiveness, and even trustworthiness? Say hello to the Biometric Mirror.

From picking to pollinating, agribots are pushing farming into the future

Farming is becoming increasingly challenging. To deal with environmental pollution, labor shortage, and other major issues, agricultural scientists are turning to robots and AI.
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Man vs. machine: An A.I. algorithm attempts to break a world speed record

A new machine learning algorithm created at Switzerland’s EPFL is being used to design what its creators hope is the world's fastest bicycle. It will attempt a world record later this year.

Microsoft patent paves way for a touch- and smudge-free tablet future

While touchscreens are great for navigating on smartphones and tablets, your greasy fingers leave annoying prints on the surface, blurring the view. Microsoft aims to change that using a design that relies on touch-free input.

Microsoft wants artificial intelligence to catch cheaters on Xbox Live

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published an application from Microsoft describing a method of cheat detection for games on a platform level using machine learning. The idea is to bring cheat detection outside the game.
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This algorithm turns World Cup games into 3D augmented reality

Researchers have developed a way to get you closer to your favorite sports action: An algorithm which can turn 2D live-action televised soccer into a 3D augmented reality re-creation.
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MIT trained an A.I. using morbid Reddit captions, and it became a psychopath

Named after Psycho’s Norman Bates, MIT's new Norman project is billed as the world’s first psychopath A.I. And, despite its creepiness, its creators claim they had a good reason for doing it.
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Meet the man fighting plastic pollution with a fleet of A.I.-powered camera drones

Every year, up to 13 million metric tons of waste plastics wind up in the world's oceans. The Plastic Tide is a nonprofit which is using machine learning and drone technology to help.
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Alexa can now analyze random requests to use skills you didn’t know existed

Amazon just gave Alexa the ability to discover skills based on user queries. The feature lets Alexa skill developers configure their apps for skill discovery to provide correct answers without making users search for new skills.
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Ridy smart camera will alert drivers when they’re drowsy or distracted

Using impressive machine learning technology, Ridy is a forthcoming smart camera which watches your face as you drive to notice behavior that suggests you are tired or distracted.

Microsoft is taking autocorrect to the next level

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will eventually power Microsoft products. The company provided a glimpse, showing a prototype version of Microsoft Word that can find errors not discovered by the current version.
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Facebook opens A.I. research labs in Seattle and Pittsburgh

Facebook is opening two new A.I. research facilities in Seattle and Pittsburgh. The company has hired professors from local universities, but has stressed that it does not want to deprive universities of their staff.
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Neural networks? Machine learning? Here's your secret decoder for A.I. buzzwords

Don't know your machine learning from your evolutionary algorithms? Worried every time you sit on a bus in case Google's Larry Page sits down next to you with a pop quiz? Our handy A.I. buzzword guide is here to help.

How A.I. and a prehistoric creature could help predict animal behavior

In a recent study, researchers used a machine learning algorithm — one that’s usually used to filter spam email — to catalog an animal's behavior with hopes to predicting other animal behavior in the future.
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A.I. outperforms astronomers, predicts whether exoplanets will survive

Using machine learning algorithms, the researchers were able to calculate how well exoplanets could survive in stable orbits, outperforming a commonly used scientific equation.