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Ridy smart camera will alert drivers when they’re drowsy or distracted

Using impressive machine learning technology, Ridy is a forthcoming smart camera which watches your face as you drive to notice behavior that suggests you are tired or distracted.

Microsoft is taking autocorrect to the next level

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will eventually power Microsoft products. The company provided a glimpse, showing a prototype version of Microsoft Word that can find errors not discovered by the current version.
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Facebook opens A.I. research labs in Seattle and Pittsburgh

Facebook is opening two new A.I. research facilities in Seattle and Pittsburgh. The company has hired professors from local universities, but has stressed that it does not want to deprive universities of their staff.
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Neural networks? Machine learning? Here's your secret decoder for A.I. buzzwords

Don't know your machine learning from your evolutionary algorithms? Worried every time you sit on a bus in case Google's Larry Page sits down next to you with a pop quiz? Our handy A.I. buzzword guide is here to help.

How A.I. and a prehistoric creature could help predict animal behavior

In a recent study, researchers used a machine learning algorithm — one that’s usually used to filter spam email — to catalog an animal's behavior with hopes to predicting other animal behavior in the future.
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A.I. outperforms astronomers, predicts whether exoplanets will survive

Using machine learning algorithms, the researchers were able to calculate how well exoplanets could survive in stable orbits, outperforming a commonly used scientific equation.
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We’re closer to China’s disturbing ‘Social Credit System’ than you realize

China's new Social Credit System offers a dystopian look at the future of online tracking. But don't think that the same thing isn't happening a bit closer to home. Here's the reason why.
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A new bracelet can detect if you’re being attacked, automatically call help

Researchers from the University of Alabama have developed a wearable device that could keep people safe in the face of possible physical assault, or elderly people experiencing a fall.
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Bust a move! A German robot dances to communicate with honeybees

Researchers in Germany have developed a RoboBee robot which shows honeybees the best foraging locations by mimicking a dance real bees employ to relay this information to one another.
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Assistive tech is progressing faster than ever, and these 7 devices prove it

From robotic prosthetics to brainwave-reading hearing aids, assistive technology has progressed in leaps and bounds over the past decade. Here's 7 amazing examples of that trend
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Google will broadcast real-time analytical predictions during the NCAA Final Four

Using a team of data analysts and basketball enthusiasts, Google will be at the NCAA Final Four using machine learning and data collected from the first half of the games to make real-time statistical predictions at halftime.

When diagnosis time means life or death, NVIDIA’s advanced AI can save lives

When time matters, is AI better at saving lives than a human doctor? Advanced modeling based on deep machine learning shows that artificial intelligence can recognize the conditions of sepsis hours before a doctor can identify the problem.