Hackers are scoring with ransomware that attacks its previous victims

Computer viruses are always evolving. In a new one, dubbed "Ryuk," hackers are targeting PCs with ransomware that scours an infected network in order to pinpoint and attack and enterprises with big money.

Malware attack delays newspaper deliveries across the country

A malware attack delayed the delivery of papers across the U.S. after it infected many of the Tribune Publishing network's newspapers. The attack even spread to a few papers outside the network because of shared software and platforms.

Malware attack cripples newspapers across United States

A malware attack affected the production and distribution of the Saturday editions of several newspapers across the United States. The purpose remains unclear, but the attack allegedly came from outside the country.

The internet’s free-wheeling spirit is dying, and we have malware to thank

An indirect effect of the modern malware landscape is that it's forcing us to use an increasingly narrow field of services to keep ourselves safe. But what does that mean for new, more varied application alternatives?

Protect yourself from the latest malware with the best free antivirus software

Malware, spyware, and adware is never fun to find on your PC. Check out our picks for the best free antivirus software, so you can rid your system of any dangerous software that might be lurking around.

415,000 routers worldwide reportedly infected with cryptojacking malware

Even though there is a fix ready to prevent the threat of a cryptojacking malware discovered in Brazil earlier this year, the rapid growth of infection caused by the malware shows that not many users have installed the patch.

Russian hackers are targeting U.S. emails with phishing malware

Named "Cannon," the malware has been around since October, collecting screenshots and other information from the PCs of unsuspecting victims and sending it back to Russian operatives. 

Hacker infects 100K routers in latest botnet attack aimed at sending email spam

An attacker is trying to infect your router with malware in order to send spam emails. If your router uses a Broadcom UPnP SDK, it could become vulnerable to this attack. So far, 100,000 routers worldwide have been infected.

Beware of malware, adware when downloading Google Chrome through Microsoft Edge

Downloading Google Chrome through Microsoft Edge is apparently dangerous, as a Bing search returned a fake advertisement that leads to suspected malware. The link leads to a legitimate-looking website that could trick unsuspecting users.

Antivirus software has evolved a lot recently, and we need it more than ever

Everyone says you need it, but really is antivirus software, and how does it work? It depends on who you ask as different digital security companies employ different techniques to combat the latest malware threats.

Spoof Adobe Flash updaters are inserting cryptocurrency mining malware

As part of these attacks, bogus Adobe updaters go on to legitimately update Flash Player and throw users to an official website on completion. Unfortunately, they also embed an "XMRig" mining bot in the process.

In mobile cyberwar, attackers prefer to phish rather than send malware

Cyberattackers are changing how they target victims through email scams. Rather than sending malicious emails embedded with malware, attackers are now using social engineering, like phishing campaigns, to extract information.

Apple allowed spyware posing as anti-malware tool into its Mac App Store

Even when downloading apps from a trusted source, like the Mac App Store, you should be cautious. Security researchers discovered a spyware app on Apple's App Store that posed as a utility to protect against malware.

Epic Games unhappy with Google’s disclosure of ‘Fortnite’ launcher vulnerability

A security vulnerability in the installer for Fortnite on Android was recently discovered, and though it was quickly patched, developer Epic Games has taken issue with how Google chose to disclose it.

Just when you thought spam was dead, it’s back and worse than ever

Spam emails might seem like an outdated way to spread malware, but in 2018 they are proving to be the most effective attack vector thanks to new techniques and tricks.

How A.I. can defeat malware that doesn’t even exist yet

Cylance Smart Antivirus is a brand new consumer protection application that claims to only need its AI machine learning algorithm to protect you. Can ditching signatures really make for a safer future?

The demand for hacking tools and malware is greater than the current supply

A report from Positive Technologies reveals an extremely high demand for malware creation on the dark web: Three times greater than the current supply. It's based on 25 Russian and English-based dark web sites.

An all-in-one botnet is on the rise, packing a scary buffet of attacks

A new botnet called MyloBot is on the rise packing the largest arsenal to date, targeting Windows-based PCs to steal data, shut down networks, and more. The underlying malware can evade detection and deliver numerous payloads.