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Project Loon has restored internet access to 100,000 people in Puerto Rico

Alphabet's Project Loon has reached a new milestone in Puerto Rico with the company announcing that it has restored internet connectivity to more than 100,000 users across the island.

Heads up — Project Loon could soon be its own company

Project Loon, Alphabet's balloon-based internet service, might be taking flight in a new way. As per a recent FCC filing, it would appear that Project Loon is being spun out into its very own company.

Google to deploy Project Loon balloons to Puerto Rico to restore cell service

In an effort to help restore cell service to the storm-ravaged island of Puerto Rico, Google's parent company, Alphabet inc, is preparing to launch its Project Loon balloons over the island.

Envelope internet: Google's Project Loon balloons can now hover in place

Google's latest navigational update for its balloon-powered Project Loon internet access points means that those same balloons can now effectively hover over certain regions, providing consistent -- rather than fleeting -- connections.

Alphabet grounds Titan solar-powered drones, shifts to Project Loon instead

Project Loon, which uses high-altitude balloons to loft internet routers in the air, is one X company project that's still on track. Another, dubbed Titan and using fixed-wing solar-powered drones, isn't so lucky.

Google’s Project Loon runs test of balloon-based internet service over Peru

Google's Project Loon initiative aims to supply internet access to remote locations via high-tech balloons, one of which spent the summer flying high over Peru to test out navigation systems.

Lawsuit alleges Google stole idea for Project Loon from Arizona company

Google X's Project Loon might not be flying so high after this lawsuit. An Arizona company claims Google stole its "trade secrets" for its moonshot project to bring internet access everywhere.
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Here’s how Google will launch its Project Loon Internet balloons

To showcase its efforts on its Project Loon internet initiative, Google has released a series of photos detailing the progress that it has been making on its balloon auto-launcher.
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Solve for X showcases all the crazy projects from Google’s secretive X Labs

Google has launched a website to show all of the current and past moonshot plans that have come from the company's secretive X Labs, home to the self-driving car, internet balloons, and Google Glass.
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Space races and virtual places: The 10 most innovative tech companies of the year

We don't always do this, but 2015 was so packed full of great innovations that we decided to craft a list of our favorite innovative tech companies of the year. Find out if your favorite company made the list!

India might be the next to adopt Project Loon, Alphabet’s ambitious Internet plan

Alphabet is in preliminary talks with India's government about establishing a constellation of Internet balloons across the country, to provide Internet access to the million incapable of paying or accessing broadband.

Google gears up Project Loon balloons for Indonesia Internet swarm

Google plans to start floating balloons in the stratosphere above Indonesia next year, as part of the Project Loon program dedicated to providing Internet access to millions of people in Southeast Asia.
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Facebook’s Aquila is a solar-powered drone that beams Internet down to earth

Facebook's testing autonomous, solar-powered aircraft capable of beaming Internet down to earth from the stratosphere. They haven't yet entered the testing phase, but Facebook expects them to deliver downlink speeds of up to 10Gbps.
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Thanks to Project Loon, Sri Lanka will soon have universal Internet access

Project Loon is Google's ambitious plan to provide cheap Internet access to underdeveloped parts of the world via a fleet of high altitude balloons. After years of testing and refining the technology, the company is finally ready to deploy…
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Google talks Project Loon: 14 different prototypes, leaks solved by using fluffy socks

Google X's Astro Teller has talked about the challenges the company faced when designing the balloons that will see its Project Loon plan take off in the future, from multiple prototypes to the type of socks worn by engineers.
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Google to test fly its crazy Internet balloons over Australia

Google is continuing to make progress with its bold plan to use high-altitude balloon to deliver Internet connectivity to remote areas of the planet, with a new round of test flights scheduled to take place in Australia next month.

Google’s Loon project one year old, aims to be operational within next 12 months

It's been a year since Google announced Project Loon, its balloon-based initiative to bring the Internet to remote areas. Things appear to be going well, with the company on course to provide a service to some locations within the next 12…

Google planning to launch hundreds of satellites as part of global Internet project

Google is reportedly planning to send a fleet of satellites skyward as part of its ongoing plans to bring Internet access to people in remote areas. The Web company is apparently prepared to spend up to $3 billion to realize its goal.