From picking to pollinating, agribots are pushing farming into the future

Farming is becoming increasingly challenging. To deal with environmental pollution, labor shortage, and other major issues, agricultural scientists are turning to robots and AI.
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7 times Honda’s iconic Asimo robot blew us away (and 1 side-splitting fail)

Honda recently retired its awesome Asimo robot. The bipedal bot has dazzled and delighted over the years, so as a tribute, we've pulled together some memorable Asimo moments since its first appearance back in 2000.
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CanguRo robot is part transport, part best friend

CanguRo is a robot on wheels that cleverly transforms between an autonomous assistant and a self-driving mobility vehicle. The team behind CanguRo also wants to give it speech capabilities to give users a more personal experience.
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Asimo, Honda’s amazing biped, heads to robot retirement home

Honda is retiring its multitalented Asimo robot. But it's not all bad news as many of its talents will be incorporated into other technology produced by the Japanese company, including mobility aids and autonomous vehicles.
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Pepper the robot is now working at a bank in New York City

Pepper the robot has been given a variety of customer-facing roles in its three-year existence, admittedly with varying degrees of success. Now HSBC is hiring it to perform tasks at its flagship branch in New York City.

Nestlé, XPO Logistics building ‘digital warehouse’ with robotics, autonomous vehicles

Nestlé, the world's largest food and drink company, plans to build a "digital warehouse of the future," staffed with robots, autonomous vehicles, and A.I., in partnership with XPO Logistics.
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50,000 Las Vegas workers set to strike, demand protection from robots

Among the Culinary Workers Union's demands are higher wages, better job security, and protections from automation. The workers, whose contracts are up on June 1, are employed by more than 30 of the city’s most well-known resorts.
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VTOL drone can evacuate wounded soldiers and disaster victims, deliver cargo

Tactical Robotics' unmanned Cormorant VTOL drone can evacuate two wounded battlefield casualties or disaster site victims at the same time. The aircraft can land and take off from remote or hard to reach locations without a landing strip.
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From BigDog to SpotMini: Tracing the evolution of Boston Dynamics robo-dogs

Launched in 1992, Boston Dynamics has introduced some of the most advanced robots around, especially when it comes to replicating the movement of animals, like it's canine-inspired machines.
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After nearly three decades, Boston Dynamics will start selling its robots

Boston Dynamics is at it again. The team this week unveiled another version of its versatile dog-like SpotMini robot, which once again features a mechanical arm that gives it a whole new set of skills. It's slated to go on sale next year.
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Scared yet? Boston Dynamics’ humanoid robot can now jog freely

With every new video, Boston Dynamics impresses us with its robotic creations. Its Atlas robot was recently allowed to go for a run in the woods, prompting us regular folks to fear that robot uprising just a little bit more.
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Sony sells thousands of Aibo robot dogs as it considers U.S. launch

Aibo the robot dog is selling steadily in its launch market, Japan. Sony released the new version of its robotic pet in January, adding lots of new features and more realistic movements compared to its clunky predecessor.
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Technology makes our lives easier, but is it at the cost of our humanity?

In a new book called Re-Engineer Humanity, Evan Selinger, professor of philosophy at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and Brett Frischmann, professor of law at Villanova University, argue that technology is causing humans to behave…
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Pepper the robot’s latest gig is at the Smithsonian

Pepper's latest gig is at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. It's hiring 25 of the diminutive droids to assist at several of its locations in the capital, with visitors encouraged to interact with the friendly robot.
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Robot chefs are the focus of new Sony and Carnegie Mellon research

Sony and Carnegie Mellon University want to make robots that'll cook your dinner for you. Food preparation tasks are complex and varied, so the resulting tech could eventually be applied to a wide range of industries.
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Assistive tech is progressing faster than ever, and these 7 devices prove it

From robotic prosthetics to brainwave-reading hearing aids, assistive technology has progressed in leaps and bounds over the past decade. Here's 7 amazing examples of that trend
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MIT’s ocean-exploring robotic fish takes a test swim through a Fiji reef

Even in the 21st century, documenting marine life still proves to be challenging. But engineers at MIT hope to have a solution with a soft robotic fish, which they say can get closer to real fish by imitating their behavior.
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Pepper’s next gig is at Pizza Hut, but the robot won’t be tossing any dough

Pepper the friendly humanoid robot has worked at a few places in its short life. Its latest gig is at a Pizza Hut in Singapore, where it's helping customers to order meals and generally being cute.