smart clothing

I wore Levi’s smart jacket for three months, and it changed how I use my phone

Did you know you can control smartphone functions with a Levi’s denim jacket? It’s all thanks to Google’s Jacquard technology. We’ve been wearing the Commuter Trucker Jacket over the past few months, and it really does enhance the…

Emglare says its smart shirts can monitor your heart rate

Emglare has introduced a new line of smart clothing that the company claims is capable of monitoring your ECG and heartbeat. These smart clothes purport to "directly communicate" with a companion mobile app.

Kinesix is the smart, heated jacket that automatically adjusts its temperature

The Kinesix ThermoSmart heated jacket features built-in sensors that can detect how warm the wearer is and adjust the temperature. The jacket can produce temperatures of up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 hours.

Uplifting sports bra uses smart sensors to make sure you stay feeling zen

Imagine if your everyday clothing could remind you to stand up straight or when to calm down and breathe. That’s the goal of a new tech-heavy sports bra that’s just arrived on Kickstarter.

A new Google patent describes ways you'll interact with your smart clothing

Google has filed a patent with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office that describes a gesture control system designed to work with 'interactive textiles,' or touch-sensitive, wirelessly connected hats, jackets, shirts, purses, and more.
Health & Fitness

Sensoria and MyZone announce chest-monitoring fitness garments

Sensoria and MyZone have announced that they will be partnering to offer a new range of smart garments, which will connect to the MyZone app, offering a quick and easy way to track and tweak workout sessions.

Get real-time feedback on your form with Enflux’s smart suit

Enflux's smart fitness wear just launched on Kickstarter and is already almost halfway to its funding goal. The Smart Clothing shirt and pants have 10 sensors embedded that offer real-time advice on how to improve your form during exercise.

Why smart clothes, not watches, are the future of wearables

For wearables to go mainstream, they need to look good and do more than count your steps. Smart clothes are the perfect solution to the wearable problem. They'll make you look stylish, not like a cyborg.
Health & Fitness

This sports bra is not only comfortable, it can track your fitness data

Finding a comfortable sports bra is no easy task. Finding one that can track your fitness data is even harder. OMsignal solved both of those problems with the OMbra smart bra and OMrun platform.

Smart rings, fiber-optic fabrics, and more wearable tech trends coming in 2015

Wearables may be niche products now, but in 2015, they’ll go mainstream. Smart clothing, smart jewelry, and better fitness bands are just some of the trends we’re seeing.

Goodbye fitness bands: Soon, motion sensors will be woven right into our clothes

XelfleX could be the technology to make smart clothing attractive, useful, and cheap. It uses fiber optic threads to monitor body movement, and the possible uses range from sports training to injury recovery.

Forget smart watches and glasses, smart clothing will be the hottest trend of 2015

The holiday season is kicking off, but we could get our first glimpse into next year's big tech trend in January. Smart watches may be the hot topic of 2014, but smart clothing could steal its thunder by next year.