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Hackers hit Las Vegas: Black Hat and DefCon


Remember when Obi-Wan Kenobi described Mos Eisley as a “wretched hive of scum and villainy?” That could apply to Las Vegas 365 days a year, but never more than during DefCon and Black Hat, when the most talented, ambitious and downright mischievous hackers convene to celebrate their exploits in the desert. Join us we batten down the Wi-Fi and venture into the seedy underbelly of Internet security.


Google flags preinstalled malware as hidden threat on millions of Android phones

Maddie Stone from Google's Project Zero flagged preinstalled malware on Android smartphones as a hidden threat. Her team discovered that the Chamois malware was preloaded in 7.4 million Android devices in March 2018, while the attention was on malware that people downloaded themselves.
tesla 1000 km model s stranded

Mod turns Tesla Model S into surveillance bot that tracks faces, license plates

we vibe hackers privacy concerns news pleasure sign

Forget your bank, hackers say we should worry about smart sex toy privacy

bluetooth smart locks easily hackable 39577996 ml

DEF CON attendee finds 75 percent of Bluetooth smart locks are open to hacks

ransomware defcon smart thermometer iotthermom

Defcon heats up with smart thermometer ransomware

u s scientists create artificial foam heart as squishy the real thing

Hackable hearts: A real threat, and a wake-up call

the lessons of defcon 21 mr worst case scenario 08 05 2013 header 2

Nothing is safe, hackers will rule the world, and other DefCon 21 takeaways

defcon 21 deception mr worst case scenario 08 04 2013 header

Has DefCon gone soft, or are the real hackers in hiding? I have a theory …

defcon 21 driverless cars more like four wheeled terminators mr worst case scenario 08 03 2013 header 2

Defcon 21: Driverless cars? More like ‘four-wheeled Terminators’

burn your smart tv mr worst case scenario 08 02 2013 header

Reporting from Black Hat: Your smart TV is probably spying on your family right now

Reporting from Black Hat: When enemies start treating each other like friends, watch your back

Meet the $250 Verizon device that lets hackers take over your phone