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best luxury 2017 car awards digital trends cars feature

Best Luxury Car: 2017 Digital Trends Car Awards

The Volvo S90, Porsche Panamera Turbo, and BMW 5 Series compete to win Digital Trends' Best Luxury Car of 2017 award.
best daily driver 2017 car awards digital trends featured

Best Daily Driver: 2017 Digital Trends Car Awards

From Chrysler's Pacifica to Subaru's Impreza and VW's Golf Alltrack, the best Daily Driver contestants bring something different to the table.
2017 Mini Cooper S ALL4 Countryman front left angle

2017 Mini Cooper S ALL4 Countryman review

The 2017 Countryman is the largest Mini ever built, and that’s more than a slight contradiction. Our review reveals there’s more to a Mini than size.
Kuna AI

Pizza guy or assassin? Kuna AI recognizes cars outside your home instantly

Kuna AI is an artificial intelligence platform that allows its security devices to identify objects like vehicles with startling accuracy.
all time wackiest james bond cars

10 of the most incredible vehicles James Bond has ever driven

2017 mercedes benz g550 review 651

2017 Mercedes-Benz G550 Review

best vaporware cars taylor aerocar 1

Vaporwheels: 10 insane cars too ambitious for reality

Vaporware products exist in nearly every industry, and the auto industry is no exception. These are 10 of the most notable vaporware cars.
Faraday Future FF 91

Your next car will change color, take directions like a NASA rover, and wink

CES 2017 has finally come to a close, and in an automotive context, there’s plenty to digest.

Quick-thinking 12-year-old halts carjacking by using minivan’s safety feature

An attempted carjacking of a van over Easter weekend was stopped by 12-year-old girl protecting her younger sister.
2017 bentley continental supersports first drive firstdrive 425 feat head

2017 Bentley Continental Supersports first drive

best cars from 2017 new york auto show ny 17 video wrap

Conservatism be damned, the New York Auto Show was a celebration of extremes

The 2017 New York Auto Show has come and gone, and the theme of this year’s event was automotive excess. Let's count down our 10 favorites.
2018 Lincoln Navigator

With the 2018 Navigator, Lincoln wants to make each trip ‘effortless’

Lincoln has launched its first all-new Navigator in 11 years at the 2017 New York Auto Show.
Carvana Austin

Hate car dealerships? Try Carvana’s 8-story tall car vending machine

Online auto retailer Carvana has launched its fourth coin-operated car vending machine, this time in San Antonio, Texas.
BMW Hover Ride Design Concept

Wheels? Where BMW’s Hover Ride Concept bike is going, we don’t need wheels

BMW’s Hover Ride Concept is a full-size flying motorcycle based on a Lego.
Vava Dash car camera

Need a lookout? Vava dash cam sees in the dark, automatically detects accidents

The Vava Dash car camera is a new dash cam option that combines HD video with accident detection. Grab yours with a $99 Kickstarter deposit.
Corning Connected Car concept

Corning’s CES show car proves Gorilla Glass isn’t just for your phone

Corning's connected car concept is fitted with Gorilla Glass, which is thinner, lighter, and clearer than normal glass, and perfect for AR.
interview with fords autonomous vehicle leader jim mcbride ces 2017 fordinterview booth feat

Interview: Ford’s Jim McBride talks driverless cars, autonomous safety, and more

At CES 2017, Digital Trends had the unique opportunity to interview Jim McBride, Ford’s Technical Leader for Autonomous Vehicles.
Audi Q7 Piloted Driving Concept

Self-driving Audis of 2020 will be powered by Nvidia artificial intelligence

Audi and Nvidia have announced they will use artificial intelligence to bring fully automated driving to the roads by 2020.
Nvidia earnings call

Driverless cars need smarter brains, so ZF and Nvidia created ProAI

ZF and Nvidia have teamed up to produce the first serial production ECU with AI software for self-driving cars.
Faraday Future FF91

Ludicrous? No, Faraday Future’s Tesla-fighting FF 91 is downright unbelievable

Faraday Future has revealed its first production vehicle at CES 2017. Named the FF 91, the electric car features a bevy of autonomous driving features.
Tesla Autopilot

The law’s the law: Tesla’s updated Autopilot strictly obeys speed limits

Tesla has reportedly updated its Autopilot feature to strictly adhere to speed limits on normal roads.
Chevrolet Bolt EV

General Motors to manufacture self-driving cars in Michigan starting next year

General Motors has announced it will begin autonomous vehicle manufacturing in Michigan in 2017.
Google self-driving car

Goodbye, Google car: Alphabet’s Waymo reportedly teams with auto manufacturers

Google parent company Alphabet has switched up its plans to build a self-driving car.
2017 Ford Fusion Sport

Ford Fusion’s ‘Return to Park’ feature helps prevent dangerous rollaways

The 2017 Ford Fusion features a new rotary shifter fitted with a new software feature called Return to Park.
2018 Lexus IS teaser

Lexus continues its assault on boring cars with the 2018 LS

Lexus has announced that the all-new, fifth-generation LS will be revealed at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show.
2016 Chevrolet Cruze

With VW out of the picture, Chevrolet makes its move with 2017 Cruze Diesel sedan

Chevrolet has announced official pricing information for the 2017 Cruze Diesel Sedan. The vehicle will start at $24,670 when it goes on sale in early 2017.
Audi V2I

Perfect timing: Audis are talking to traffic signals to reduce driver stress

Audi is launching its first Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communication system in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Kia GT concept

Kia’s first sports car proves its mettle on the world’s most daunting track

Kia has launched a teaser campaign for its first sports sedan, which will debut at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show.
Volvo Concierge

Hate stopping for gas? With Volvo’s new concierge program, you don’t have to

Volvo is rolling out a pilot concierge program for select XC90 and S90 owners in San Francisco.
Toyota Prius

How ‘The Grand Tour’ faked dropping a Prius into the Hollywood Walk of Fame

In anticipation of the The Ground Tour's premiere on Friday, the show’s producers are leaving wrecked Toyota Priuses all around the world.
Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet

Mercedes-Maybach’s S650 Cabriolet puts the top down and amps the opulence up

Mercedes-Maybach has revealed the S650 Cabriolet convetible at the 2016 LA Auto Show.
Porsche Experience Center LA

Porsche L.A. Experience Center is a playground for historians, adrenaline junkies

Porsche’s new Experience Center in Carson, California, celebrates its grand opening on November 15.
2017 McLaren 570GT review

2017 McLaren 570GT review

2017 Soul Exclaim

Kia cranks up the power with the turbocharged 2017 Soul Exclaim

Kia has officially introduced the 2017 Soul Exclaim, which boasts a 1.6-liter, 201-horsepower turbocharged engine.