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asus zen aio 24 imac competitor  1

Asus launches a new AMD-powered iMac competitor with a thin, striking design

The Zen AIO 24 is Asus' answer to the new iMac, featuring its own ultrathin frame and chunky bottom bezel.
intel 11th gen h series 230 fps teaser video gaming laptops

Intel teases up to 230-frames-per-second gaming on upcoming 11th-gen laptops

Intel suggests that gamers can expect gaming performance in excess of 230 frames per second when playing on laptops powered by the 11th-gen H-series silicon.
tim cook at the apple spring loaded event 2021

Apple Spring Loaded event: Everything announced yesterday

Apple announced a new iMac, iPad Pro, AirTag, Apple TV 4K and more at it's Spring Loaded event.

How to watch Apple’s Spring Loaded event if you missed it live

New iPads, AirTags, and a colorful iMac made their debut at Apple's Spring Loaded event. Here's how to watch the event if you missed it.
Two Samsung SSDs on a graphics card.

A new supply shortage is now hitting SSDs and hard drives

After shortages of CPUs and GPUs, the upcoming Chia cryptocurrency could be to blame for an imminent shortage of SSDs, adding to gamers' woes.
AMD Ryzen 5000G.

AMD’s Ryzen 5000G for prebuilt rigs boasts huge gains over Intel

AMD unveiled its Ryzen 5000 series APUs, tailor-made for pre-built desktops. AMD says its offerings beat Intel by as much as 70%.
nvidia rtx 3080 review 04

Nvidia to bring GeForce RTX graphics to ARM-based Chromebooks and Linux PCs

Nvidia announced a partnership with SoC maker MediaTek that would being GeForce RTX 3000 GPU technologies to ARM-based processors on Chromebook and Linux PCs.
nvidia ampere gpu

Nvidia expands RTX Studio lineup with new Ampere GPUs for laptops, desktops

Nvidia announced new GPUs for creators based on its Ampere architecture, with new cards under the RTX Studio branding for laptops and desktops.
Nvidia A100 accelerator.

Nvidia embraces ARM on its new Grace supercomputing processors

Nvidia's Grace is a new ARM processor designed for supercomputers, using NVLink interconnect to deliver 10 times the performance of its rivals.
HP Chromebook x360 14 2-in-1 Laptop on a table.

HP’s Chromebook convertible gets major upgrade with 11th-gen Intel processors

HP's premium convertible Chromebook x360 14c just got a big upgrade under the hood, thanks to Intel's 11th Gen processors. Configurations start at $649.
intel dg1 desktop first look ces 2020 04

Intel Xe DG2 gaming GPU leak reveals serious Nvidia RTX 3080 competitor

Nvidia's flagship GeForce RTX 3080 may soon have a major rival, as early leaks reveal that Intel's Xe-HPG discrete gaming graphics come with serious power.
everything amd has announced at ces 2021 so far 1

AMD’s Ryzen 6000 processors could steal one of Intel’s competitive advantages

AMD is about to take its battle with Intel to the next level. Rumors are emerging that all future Zen 4 processors will ship with integrated graphics.
intel marketing apple macbook pro m1 best cpu 720x720

Did Intel admit defeat against Apple M1 processor in latest ad?

Intel claimed that the MacBook Pro is powered by the world's best processor in a marketing attempt to promote its own 11th Gen CPU rather than Apple's M1 chip.
amd radeon rx 6800 xt midnight black edition

AMD released a beautiful blacked-out graphics card, but you can’t buy it yet

AMD's Radeon RX 6800 XT now comes in an all-black Midnight Black color, but like the original variant, the company's GPUs are in short supply and high demand.
razer blade 15 review 2020 05

Two new Razer Blade gaming laptops rumored to finally support AMD Ryzen 5000

The latest Razer Blade 14 leak with AMD Ryzen 5000 processors should make Team Red gamers who wished Razer would partner with AMD for laptops happy.
The M1-powered MacBook Pro viewed from a high angle.

Buy a MacBook Pro in 2016? Apple may have knowingly sold you a faulty unit

A judge sided with the plaintiffs in a case against Apple, agreeing that the Mac-maker had knowingly tried to sell MacBook Pros with faulty display design.
The RTX 3060 installed in a computer.

Nvidia leak shows next-gen GPUs could be five times as powerful as RTX 3080

Still waiting to buy Nvidia's RTX 3000 series GPUs? You may want to wait. The Ampere successor -- code-named Hopper -- is shaping up to be a powerful upgrade.
ram memory price increase semiconductor shortage geoforce gtx

RAM is already expensive, but prices will continue to rise in the coming months

If you're in the market for a new PC, you should be prepared to pay more. After CPU and GPU shortages, we're now learning of a shortage of memory.
Nvidia RTX 2080 Super impressions

Asus launches a tiny RTX 3060 that’s perfect for your petite PC

The latest Asus Phoenix RTX 3060 graphics cards delivers Nvidia Ampere graphics power to small form factor PCs, enabling even more compact gaming rigs.
macos mojave hands on review app store

How to download and install MacOS Mojave

Here's how to download and install MacOS Mojave. The OS has many new features, including dark mode, improved workflow with markup tools, Stacks, and more.
Board concept of Apple M2.

Mac M2 processors: Apple secures 4nm node for late 2021 release

With 4nm M2 processors rumored to go into volume production in the fourth quarter of 2021, new Mac hardware could launch at the end of the year or early 2022.
Dell XPS Desktop placed outdoors near some trees.

Dell XPS 8940 SE Desktop review: The do-it-all PC

Don’t let Dell’s XPS Desktop compact size and unassuming good looks fool you -- this home PC punches above its weight class, both literally and metaphorically.
nvidia rtx 3080 review 01

Nvidia RTX 3080 vs. Microsoft Xbox Series X vs. Sony PlayStation 5

It's the ultimate showdown between PC gaming and console gaming. We'll stack up the competition and let you decide which platform is right for you.
Intel Core i7-11700K processor.

Intel’s Rocket Lake chips have been successfully overclocked to 7GHz

Gamers not satisfied with the Intel 11th Gen Core i9-11900K processor's top frequency can turn to overclocking to double the out-of-the-box clock speeds.
Computer motherboard stock photo

PCIe 5 vs. PCIe 4: Twice the bandwidth is coming

PCIe Gen 5 doubles the speeds of PCIe Gen 4, but the real advantage is that this could potentially lead to more compact desktops for gaming.
NZXT’s N7 B550

NZXT’s N7 is the most beautiful motherboard you’ve ever seen

NZXT's N7 series motherboards are designed for the neat-freak gamers, and feature a minimalist shroud designed to hide unsightly circuitry.
nintendo gamecube keyboard controller mod pastel holychipmunk

A modder transformed a GameCube controller into a gorgeous mechanical keyboard

Must-see: A modder took a GameCube controller and turned it into a pastel-colored mechanical keyboard.
An RTX 3060 GPU installed in a PC.

Why the GPU shortage problem is still getting worse, not better

Gamers should be prepared to pay double or triple a card's retail price or risk waiting until the third quarter of this year to be able to buy a new GPU.
Intel CEO talking about Meteor Lake

Intel’s Meteor Lake will be its first 7nm desktop processors, launching in 2023

Smaller is better as far as semiconductors are concerned, and Intel is on track to deliver Meteor Lake, its 7nm processor, on desktops in 2023.
nintendo switch pro dlss nvidia 4k

How Nintendo could use A.I. to bring 4K gaming to the Switch Pro

To bring 4K support to the rumored Switch Pro, Nintendo could be making its console act more like a PC by leveraging machine learning and DLSS.
Promotional image of an Intel Core processor.

Intel’s first 10nm desktop chips could be twice as fast as predecessor

Intel puts its pedal to the silicon, and the upcoming Alder Lake chipset could get a boost of 20% in single-thread and 2x the performance in multi-thread tasks.
nvidia amd gpu shortage 2021 rtx 3080 07

Nvidia rumored to soon launch two new GPUs that you likely won’t be able to buy

Nvidia is rumored to be working on the RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti in the premium high-end and midrange segments, but supplies are expected to be limited.
samsung s6 s7 s8 high resolution monitors monitor

Samsung’s new S8 high-resolution monitors boast more sustainable design

Samsung is focusing on sustainability with the launch of its new S6, S7, and S8 series of high-resolution monitors designed for home offices.
Google Hangouts

The best Google Hangouts tips and tricks everyone should know

Videoconferencing isn't limited to corporate conference rooms anymore. Even those at home can become pros at videoconferencing using these simple tips.