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Diego Arguello

Diego Arguello

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Diego Argüello is a freelance journalist from Argentina who spends most of his time reading in public transport and thinking about replaying Fable: The Lost Chapters.

how to unlock characters in super smash bros ultimate guide roster 4

How to unlock characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Nintendo’s biggest entry in the series to date, but unlocking characters can be tiresome. Here’s our guide to finding everyone!
best relationship options in fire emblem three houses rank 9

These are the Fire Emblem: Three Houses characters you should swipe right on

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has a huge cast of characters you'll inevitably get a crush on. These are the best characters you should make sure to swipe right on.

The best video game sneakers

While you can't wear Sonic's iconic shoes, there have been a number of collaborations between known footwear brands and video game companies in an attempt to make the best video game sneakers available. From a homage of Nintendo classics to Halo, these are the some of the most intriguing out there.
Pokémon Sword and Shield Gym Leader

Pokémon Sword and Shield transform gym battles into a really big deal

With Pokémon Sword and Shield only a couple of months away from release, we decided to get some hands-on with it at PAX West 2019. The demo we played took us to a gym to face off against Water-type gym leader Nessa, and it quickly turned into our first-ever Dynamax battle with gigantic-sized pokémon.
Luigi screams in terror in Luigi's Mansion 3.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a hair-raising ghost adventure fit for Halloween

During PAX West 2019, we went hands on with Luigi's Mansion 3 and explored one of the spooky hotel's haunted floors. Using new and old abilities, we fought off ghosts and solved puzzles in a way we've never experienced in the series before. In fact, this could be the best entry in the series yet.
Final Fantasy 7 Remake square enix dreams dreamake square enix jrpg creator early access

Final Fantasy 7 Remake doesn’t need turn-based combat to be good

We played Final Fantasy VII Remake at PAX West 2019 and jumped into the renewed version of Midgard for the first time. After exploring and facing off with a few enemies, we found that while the remake ditches classic turn-based battles, it still delivers on the original game's satisfying tactical combat.
unlivable wages in expensive cities are plaguing the video game industry gearbox 3

Game companies are working developers hard. The pay isn’t worth it

The game industry has seen increased reports of crunch and massive layoffs over the last year. One issue that isn’t talked about nearly as much is the problem with low and unfair pay. Digital Trends spoke to developers that have struggled with this issue and the problems they’ve faced because of it.
ubisoft accessibility in video games initiative the division 2 settings 1

Ubisoft is making strides towards more accessible games

Ubisoft's accessibility project manager David Tisserand shared details on a new accessibility initiative during Global Accessibility Awareness Day. From workshops with players to finding the best ways to implement improved technologies in all games, here's what's to come in the future from the teams.
rage 2 everything we know abilities locations weapons and more featured

Everything we know about Rage 2

Rage 2 is an upcoming first-person shooter from Bethesda, id Software, and Avalanche Studios. While there's plenty returning from the first entry, there are loads of new features to get excited about. Here's everything we know about the new post-apocalyptic world, weapons, locations, and much more.
The Division 2 review

The Division 2 promised big strides in accessibility. But did it deliver?

Ubisoft has been vocal about their focus on providing accessible experiences for as many players as possible, and The Division 2 is the latest to make its case. We spoke to the studio and a number of players about the new features, their experiences, and room for improvement.
backlog undertale feat

I finally played Undertale and I learned monsters have feelings too

Deltarune arrives later this month on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 so I decided to finally play Undertale, the game that inspired it, to see just what makes it the iconic indie game its known to be. With memorable characters, a unique soundtrack and a weird story, there’s a lot to experience in this unconventional RPG.
kingdom hearts backlog 1 feat b

Maybe it’s the Disney-fueled nostalgia, but ‘Kingdom Hearts’ is still pure magic

Have you ever wondered what it would feel to play a part in your favorite Disney movies? Just as Kingdom Hearts III releases, we dived into the series’ first memorable adventure with Sora, Donald, and Goofy, to see how it holds up after all this time.
Dead Cells review

‘Dead Cells’ Review

Dead Cells is an indie game that blends elements from roguelite and Metroidvania genres to bring fast-paced combat pace, a complex progression system, and gameplay with plenty of secrets to uncover. Prepare to test your patience and your skill with this chaotic indie from Motion Twin.
Mercy healing Bastion

Not even a Valkyrie can save ‘Overwatch’ from the toxicity against its healers

Blizzard’s Overwatch introduces some of the most versatile support characters in gaming, but not even a rework to its most popular healer can stop the amount of online toxicity plaguing the class. We spoke with a number of players of the support class, who have dealt with insults, mockery, and harassment.
hitman 2 beginners guide featured

‘Hitman 2’: A beginner’s guide to mastering the perfect execution

Hitman 2 introduces new and improved story missions with a scale that can feel overwhelming if you're not prepared. Learn everything you need to know about side stories, how to use stealth to escape tough situations, and the best way to obtain a high score while remaining unnoticed.
Hitman 2 Hands-on

‘Hitman 2’ review

IO Interactive and Warner Bros introduce us to ‘Hitman 2’, a sequel that embraces what made the series so unique and takes it to another level.
twitchcon 2018 what to expect feat

Everything that happened at TwitchCon 2018

TwitchCon 2018 -- the yearly event where streamers and their communities celebrate and learn together about the platform and everything that surrounds them -- has just come to an end. We've got you covered with our roundup of tournament results, interviews, and the best cosplay of this year.
red dead redemption still holds up over eight years later screen 1

‘Red Dead Redemption’ remains a Western frontier that’s worth saddling up for

We traveled back in time to see if Red Dead Redemption still has the same magic it had when it first came out in 2010. We may have found a few tumbleweeds but John Marston’s story is still so good that it left behind a big set of cowboy boots for Red Dead Redemption 2 to fill.
Byron Atkinson-Jones

Why are game studios run like sweat shops? The human toll of ‘crunch time’

Crunch has a long history in game development, but after recent revelations of 100-hour work weeks in Red Dead Redemption 2’s development, we spoke with a number of developers about what it’s like to work in crunch culture in the game industry.
spider man accessibility options feature marvel s 3

Spider-Man’s accessibility options, from the people who benefit from them

Insomniac Games built a new example of accessibility options for Marvel's Spider-Man, and Digital Trends spoke with a number of people to find out about the current state of the industry towards a wider inclusion in gaming.