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These are the Fire Emblem: Three Houses characters you should swipe right on

Fire Emblem: Three Houses brings the tactical strategy components everyone loves from the series and mixes in some Persona-like elements. Entering yet another fantasy world in the midst of conflict, players take on the role of a teacher in charge of a group of students chosen between three main houses. The relationships you form with characters is the ever-increasing highlight in these games, and in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, it takes the starring role.

Each student at Garreg Mach Monastery has their own distinct personality and style. You can build relationships with them by appealing to their likes and dislikes by having tea time, buying gifts, sharing meals, and more. Over the course of the game, you might find yourself uncertain of which character you want to settle down with. We decided to put together a list of the best romance options in Fire Emblem: Three Houses to help make your final decision a little bit easier.

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Blue Lions

The brains of the monastery. It’s a mandatory group in every social circle, always going the extra mile to prove they’re the best out there. Some members are more interested in building friendships than others that are more consumed with building their strength. Their homeland is famous for their knights, so there’s a strong sense of nobility and authority surrounding them, along with a strong proficiency for lances.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Mercedes


No offense to Ingrid and Annette, but if the monastery had any sort of hair competition, Mercedes’ luscious mane would win. Her style and caring spirit come alive in both friendships and on the battlefield. With a soft voice and big blue eyes, it’s hard not to lose track of time when having tea time with her.

With an adoration for sweets, ghost stories, painting, and fragrant flowers, Mercedes is the type of gal you’ll want to take on a picnic somewhere to talk about life and how cute kittens are. Unlike her housemates, she despises spicy food and exercise, but I think that only accentuates her soft girl aesthetic.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Felix
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Hair choices in Fire Emblem: Three Houses are all over the place, but I can’t blame them. It’s a JRPG, after all. Felix somehow makes short ponytails look cool. Maybe it’s his piercing eyes and fierce look that contributes to the cool factor, and I’m really digging his snazzy clothes. If you prepare him a dish that includes spicy food and meat, there’s a small chance you’ll see him crack the slightest of smiles.

Every time you cross paths and decide to talk to him, asking him how his day is will often result in a sparring proposal. Perhaps this is his idea of hitting on people. Time will tell what other romantic gestures this mysterious and handsome swordsman has up his sleeve.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Dimitri
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I don’t trust Dimitri. But I knew his absence from this list would get me in trouble. I can’t deny it — he has perfect features and some rather radiant blonde hair. There’s no doubt he’s using all that armor to conceal the gains he’s amassed from training. I don’t blame him. He’s a leader and is doing his best to distract everyone from the fact he’s a dreamboat.

All Dimitri thinks about is training, combat, and laborious work. He loves diligence as much as he hates selfish people. Even with all these noble personality traits, I can’t shake the feeling that he’s going to betray me at some point. But he might be worth the heartbreak.

Golden Deer

Ah, what a wholesome bunch. Most of the Golden Deer students come from a commoner background and are known for being great with bows on the battlefield. I often wonder how such a laid back group of students is holding up in the midst of all the constant drama from the Blue Lions and the Black Eagles. Don’t get me wrong, though. As nice and kind as they look, these students won’t hesitate to take down an enemy, even if they end up apologizing right after.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Raphael
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Sharing daily meals in the dining hall with students is a great way to increase your bonds in Fire Emblem: The Three Houses, and I would never say no to an invitation from Raphael. His shirt looks like it can burst open at any time, and the same goes for my heart whenever I see him in the school corridors. He’s a burly mass of muscle that’s always talking passionately about food and strength training. With that messy coif and soft yellow eyes, who wouldn’t want to take a moment to listen?

Dreams of him carrying our twins on each one of his shoulders as we go to the market to buy yet another cart of meat and vegetables for dinner are hard to dismiss. But I wouldn’t mind cooking as long as he let me watch him do his daily routine in the front yard of our cabin in the woods.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Claude
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Claude is the embodiment of the phrase “listen up fives, a ten is speaking” in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. He’s a smart, good-looking leader, and the most easy-going of them all. Despite his chill demeanor, your main character will notice that there’s much more to Claude than meets the eye. I’m excited to find out, really. And it’s only appropriate to do so over a cup of tea.

Claude enjoys planning feasts as much as he likes to take part in them, and that’s a hobby I know I can support in sickness and in health. If you don’t want to upset this unusually jovial heartthrob, avoid talking about religion when sharing a meal with him.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Leonie
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Leonie makes me regret my house decision every day. Her demeanor is always cheery and ready for battle. Her pageboy haircut and love of the color orange make her impossible to miss. Luckily, I discovered it’s possible to recruit students from other houses, so the bad guys will just have to wait for a few weeks more.

Leonie’s likes are vast. She’s into the military arts, competitions, hunting, fishing, and gardening. Her eclectic interests make gift-giving a breeze, but her relationship with the main character’s father might stir up some feelings of jealousy. Leonie says she’s only interested in his skills and history, but her strong admiration could create awkward moments during family dinner.

Black Eagles

A lot of folks had a hard time choosing a house, but this wasn’t a problem for me. As soon as I saw the Black Eagles, the decision was already made. With a goth fellow, a guy who only thinks about napping, and a girl who refuses to leave her room, there was no doubt I’d find a house more entertaining than that. They are the personification of our teenage years, and I respect them for it. Experts in axes and black magic, this house goes all the way when it comes to embracing their edgy and eccentric personalities.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Hubert


Hubert resembles a lead singer from a dark metal band. Having dark hair that hides one of his eyes, he also looks like he could be a vampire. In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you’ll know him as the archetypal tough character that only ever says a few words every now and then. But give him some time. You’ll soon be listening to Sisters of Mercy and researching battlefield tactics together. He loves irony and drinking coffee, but what good goth doesn’t? The one stipulation to romancing Hubert is that he’s super committed to protecting Edelgard, so if you happen to dislike her, you should look for love somewhere else.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Dorothea
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Ah, Dorothea. I will never forget when you called me lovely and invited me on a tour through the monastery. I also will never forget how I couldn’t throw away my responsibilities as house leader and accept her invitation right away. Dorothea seems to be the only student fully embracing the fact that Gareg Mach is a military school with that slightly turned beret. Some might call it camp, but I call it fashion. She’s a bit of a performer so if you enjoy singing and acting then you’ll have a grand time reenacting scenes from your favorite indie films. If you happen to be an arrogant noble, however, you might be better off with someone from the Blue Lions.


The students aren’t the only romance options at the Monastery and one particular instructor makes sure you know it!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Manuela


If just want to get straight down to business — the business of falling in love, that is — you should swipe right on Manuela. The first time you meet her, she tells you she’s “available”. As soon as you enter her office, she asks you to lock the door behind you. To put it simply, Manuela is a woman who knows what she wants, and wastes no time going for it! She shares many of the same interests with Dorothea, as she loves to dance and sing, but a night out drinking is always on the table, too.

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