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Fire Emblem Engage bond levels: how to get max Bond Levels fast

Fire Emblem Engage has a lot of systems to keep track of. Even ignoring all the different combat mechanics, you have your level, class, Support Levels, equipment, and more to consider. One thing you shouldn’t forget about is Bond Levels. Bond Levels are somewhat like Support Levels, only instead of other units, these bonds are between you and the Emblems you collect that contain the spirits of heroes from past games. Leveling up these Bond Levels will vastly increase your power, so here are the most efficient ways to reap those sweet rewards in Fire Emblem Engage.

What Bond Levels do

Alear equips Marth's ring in Fire Emblem Engage.

As mentioned, Bond Levels will greatly improve your character. Once you have increased your Bond Level enough with a specific Emblem, that unit will continue to learn new skills that they can keep even when you unequip that Emblem Ring. As such, you can then mix and match learning more skills from new Emblems as you increase their Bonds and then switch to new ones.

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Best ways to increase Bond Levels

Alear and Marth open a door in Fire Emblem Engage.

Since you will be controlling dozens of units, plus juggling 12 Emblem characters between them all, you will want to know the quickest ways to increase Bond Levels so you can give as many units new, permanent skills as possible. Thankfully, increasing Bond Levels can be done in multiple ways.

First, the most simple way that you will automatically be doing in battle. Simply defeating enemies with a character equipped with an Emblem Ring will earn you experience towards their Bond Level. Remember that this applies to all combat, not just main quests, so grind out those side quests and optional battles anytime you see them for more experience.

Further in the game, you will unlock a special combat Arena in Somniel. By using the Arena, you can partake in short training battles between other missions in one of two modes: Standard and Emblem. Standard mode shows you an AI-controlled battle between two characters for normal XP, while Emblem mode lets you pair your character with an Emblem to battle for Emblem experience. This mode does cost Bond Fragments, though, which you can only acquire so many of in a single game, however, this method is by far the most efficient for quickly raising Bond Levels since the more fragments you invest, the more experience you get.

Finally, the last method for getting easy Bond Levels is to polish that Emblem’s ring. As you do missions, your Emblem Rings will get dusty and dirty, but if you go to the Ring Chamber in Somniel you can view the rings and polish them in a little mini-game. All you need to do is highlight the blemishes and tap A on them to clean them off. Once cleaned off, the Emblem will be thankful and give you a small boost to your Bond Level.

How to max out Bond Levels

Marth striking a pose.

Once you’re close to maxing out your bond, the final step to hit the cap is to do the Max Bond Level Quest that will appear on your map. These are very similar to Paralogues and are mock battles presented by that Emblem. If you manage to win, you will get an extra cutscene, plus unlock that Emblem’s most powerful abilities, better stat bonuses, and Deep Synergy, which reduces how long it takes to fill their Engage meter.

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