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Jeff Hughes

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I'm a SF Bay Area-based writer/ninja that loves anything geek, tech, comic, social media or gaming-related.

Activision Blizzard pushes 2012 Diablo III release to Q2, new Call of Duty coming

The greatest trick Diablo pulled was making us think this game would be launched. Is Activision leading us on with a possible Q2 release? Also, Call of Duty is getting a new installment sometime this year.

Study: US rapidly becoming a nation of gamers

Nearly 44% of the US can be classified as gamers according to a new study from Parks Associates.
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Study: The truth about online dating sites selling you the science of love

A new research study observes the use of "scientific" research in order to give weight to online dating services that offer to find the perfect soulmate for users.
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3D-printed titanium jaw allows 83-year-old to bypass risky reconstructive surgery

An unprecedented medical operation allows an 83-year-old woman to bypass risky reconstructive surgery by fitting her mouth with a 3D-printed jaw

Rumor: Amazon building brick-and-mortar store to stay competitive with iPad and Nook

A rumor is floating around about an upcoming Amazon move into the physical brick-and-mortar space. Is this a move to focus on the Fire and stay competitive with Apple and Barnes & Noble's physical tablet support?

Oklahoma the latest state to pin problems on video games, proposes sin tax

Fat kids? Bullies? Oklahoma legislation is blaming these societal problems on video games, and wants to slap a sin tax on anything rated teen and up.

Stanford: Drive-as-you-go highway charging to address range anxiety for electric cars

A new wireless charging idea from Stanford's researcher hopes to address range problems in electric cars with wireless power transfer coils every 6.5 feet on our highways.
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Study: Twitter follows Facebook’s overseas growth into Brazil

New statistics show that Twitter's overseas growth is mirroring Facebook's in Brazil. Twitter's country-specific censorship may be tied to its overseas goals, how else do you think Twitter will be changing to keep up its momentum?

The FCC wants to modernize US with Lifeline’s low income broadband discounts

Broadband for all, not just for some. FCC looking to include broadband access in its Lifeline telecommunications subsidy in order to modernize the US.
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UMass social media study highlights shift in how companies converse with consumers

A long-standing marketing study from UMass Dartmouth points to an first time drop in blogging among Inc. 500 companies, and an increase in adoption among platforms like Facebook and Twitter

Does the new 3G/WiFi PS Vita bundle make 3G worth it?

Weeks away from the PS Vita launch, Playstation wants to entice consumers over to the 3G side with a new bundle that includes a memory card. Does this bundle make 3G worth the effort of pre-ordering?

Spanish Pirate Party gathering ex-Megauploader lynch mob to sue US

Spain is leading the push against the FBI's Megaupload sack with a complaint platform for ex-Megauploaders to gather in support to sue the US.