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Twitter expands emergency alerts with push notifications sent to mobile app

Twitter made changes to its new Alerts program, making it easier for mobile users to receive critical information while adding new countries to the program.
Hatching_Twitter Bilton

Book about Twitter’s early days being turned into a movie, coming to a TV screen near you

Lionsgate is turning Nick Bilton's "Hatching Twitter" into a TV movie, giving the Twitter founders' origin story a Hollywood treatment.
instagram icon

Nielsen research finds that when it comes to mobile, Instagram beats Twitter

Instagram has more active monthly users than Twitter on mobile apps, according to research by Nielsen. Should Twitter be worried?

Twitter plans to launch tweet-editing after posting, sources inside company say

Twitter is testing an editing tool that would allow users to correct grammar, spelling, and word choice errors. The company is still experimenting.
facebook sued allegedly reading private messages fb

Feeling charitable? Facebook debuts ‘Donate Now’ button for nonprofit organizations

Facebook users can donate to some of their favorite nonprofits by using the social network's new "Donate Now" button, which allows for simple philanthropy.
one man new career instagram barbershop flickr mike barbiaz

How one man got a new career entirely through Instagram

Job searches often require the use of social media nowadays. But LinkedIn isn't the only option -- a man got a new career entirely through Instagram.
instagrammed place world siam paragon

The most Instagrammed places in the world: A Thai mall, Times Square, and Disney

Where are the most popular places to share photos on Instagram? A fancy Thai mall takes top honors this year, along with some New York City sights.
facebook hires photographer photo community liaison teru kuwayama

Notable photographer joins Facebook as ‘photo community liaison’

Facebook created a new position called "photography liaison" and hired photographer Teru Kuwayama to act as an advocate for photographers.
popular tweets 2013 celebrity death cory monteith

Celebrity deaths and birthdays top the most popular tweets of 2013

Twitter revealed the most popular tweets of 2013, and this year, people were really focused on the tragic deaths of handsome white male celebrities.
twitter finally trying answer question word

Creeps and stalkers rejoice: Twitter waters down its blocking feature

Twitter changed its blocking policy, making it far more lax. Now, even if you block someone, if your profile is public they can still follow and RT you.
presidential candidates fake twitter followers question

Twitter said to be testing profile pages, with ability to highlight popular tweets over others

Twitter is said to be testing a new type of profile page that would allow users to highlight their most popular tweets.
instagram event direct

Yep, Instagram just got private messages: What you need to know about Instagram Direct

Instagram unveiled a major new feature today: Instagram Direct, a private chatting option that allows users to send photos and text to individuals or groups
reverse twitter birds

Slang or gibberish can’t escape Twitter’s expanded keyword search for advertisers

Twitter announced an updated search criterion for advertisers called "broad search" that allows companies to target users in a new way.
facebook like protected by the first amendment

Changes to ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons, embedded posts make Facebook more public

Facebook is ramping up ways to share content: The company improved its "like" and "share" buttons, and is allowing for more customization on embedded posts.
facebook track user data stop piracy fb

Facebook to help brands find out when you’re talking smack or giving props to them

Facebook is testing ways to help brands surface real-time conversations. This will help it compete with Twitter, but may cause privacy problems.
Facebook AI EYNTK main

Facebook expands AI project, takes another step closer toward robot apocalypse

Facebook hired a "deep learning" luminary for its New York City artificial intelligence research lab, NYU professor Yann LeCun.
lay off our phone bills obama theyre already taxed 17 pct cell facebook 250

Obama takes ‘funeral selfie’ and Internet collapses in on itself like a dying star

President Barack Obama attended a memorial service for former South African president Nelson Mandela, gaining the Internet's ire when he posed for a selfie.
facebook sued allegedly reading private messages fb

Facebook’s year in review: We went crazy for football, Pope Francis, and Disneyland in 2013

Facebook released an overview of popular places and topics for 2013. Some of the results were expected – elections, sports, celebrities. Others, less so.
sickweather helps users avoid winter flu reading tweets app

SickWeather scans Twittersphere for people who are ill, creates map of areas to avoid

If you're trying to escape catching a cold or getting allergies, use iOS app SickWeather to see which areas in your city to avoid.
facebook scammers use fake paul walker death video hoax users targeted with scams 3

Scammers using Paul Walker ‘death video’ to exploit Facebook users for their personal info

Facebook scammers are spreading a fake Paul Walker car crash video, preying on Facebook users' morbid curiosity to snag personal information.
personal instagram com email addresses part apps new messaging service

Want to make money? Study says Instagram beats Twitter, Facebook in brand engagement

According to a new study, businesses looking to maximize their branding return of investment should favor Instagram over other social networks.
facebook pays 33500 to hacker for finding security bug sign login

Facebook toys with the idea of a ‘sympathize’ button

Facebook employees came up with the idea for a 'sympathize' button at a recent hackathon. Will it ever make it onto your screen?
5 things learned twitters ceo twitter dick costolo

Twitter CEO wants Tina Fey’s tweets, and 4 other big reveals from the ‘Today Show’ interview

While he didn't offer up any unexpected revelations, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo shined some light on his vision for Twitter in a Today Show interview.
personal instagram com email addresses part apps new messaging service

Instagram sends out mysterious invite – let the speculation begin

Whether or not Instagram's odd wooden invitations contain a hint about future features, the company's December 12 event is highly anticipated.
google book scan authors guild books

Google now lets you download your calendar data – here’s how

Google is expanding a feature that lets you download your data -- and we're walking you through how to do it.
justin bieber pinterest

A little advice, Bieber? Don’t post selfies elsewhere when your app is bombing

Got a struggling start-up? Why not hire a celebrity to gain critical fan buzz, then watch as he uses established rival apps to promote his personal brand!
pilot testing drivers licenses internet rolls two us states password

Hackers stole 2M Facebook, Twitter, and Google passwords – here’s how to stay safe

Security researchers have uncovered a criminal botnet that has stolen over 2 million passwords from sites like Facebook and Google.
instagram blocks mobli photo wars

Instagram blocks Mobli: The photo wars are on

Mobli users can no longer connect to Instagram through the app, as the rivalry between the companies intensifies.
think facebook friends hate app may reveal truth with

Here’s how to find out if your Facebook friends hate you

If you're wondering if your hatred for a Facebook friend is reciprocated, you can use Hate With Friends, an odd social experiment app.
shazam thinks can predict next big music stars

Listen up! Shazam shares our 2013 stats, and makes some bold 2014 predictions

Sound discovery service Shazam had a great 2013, and now it's predicting which musical artists will break through in 2014.
everything internet lie vol 84932 funny twitter feud hoax elan gale

A tale of two Twitter hoaxes

If a Twitter-based feud seems too outlandish to be true, it probably is. TV producer Elan Gale and comedian Kyle Kinane participated in viral hoaxes.
tnt tweet screenplay new show mob city twitter

TNT to tweet the screenplay of new show ‘Mob City’

TNT's new drama 'Mob City' looks promisingly pulpy -- and people excited about the show can preview its screenplay on Twitter.
facebook pays 33500 to hacker for finding security bug sign login

Study says Facebook can tell if you’re a psychopath

You can often tell if someone's having a bad day or rough time on Facebook, but sometimes status updates can reveal a more permanent personality problem.
bings 2013 top searches offer terrifying glimpse american psyche beyonce superbowl bing search

Bing’s 2013 top searches offer terrifying glimpse into American psyche

What are people using Bing to look up? According to the search engine's year-end "Most Searched" list, we all worship Queen Bey.