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To catch a child predator, Mom pretends to be daughter on Facebook

A Canadian mother posed as her daughter on Facebook to entrap a child predator, which led to the predator's arrest. It reminds all parents to be mindful.
twitter nears e commerce deal first name handles of

Want to pay with a tweet? Twitter nears e-commerce deal, according to report

Twitter is making a deal with e-commerce startup Stripe, according to a report. This may be a big step for Twitter into the world of online shopping.
nbc stream olympics facebook winter

NBC will stream Olympics coverage on Facebook

NBC will stream 2014 Sochi Olympics coverage on Facebook, using the social network as a promotional tool for the Winter Games.
facebook debuts trending feature similar to twitter 1

Facebook debuts Twitter-esque ‘Trending’ feature, highlights popular conversations

Facebook announced a new feature, "Trending," a service to show users the most popular conversations happening on the social network.
senator rand paul signs snapchat

Senator Rand Paul signs up for Snapchat, adds new platform to share his POV

Senator Rand Paul has joined Snapchat, the disappearing photo-sharing service. The opinionated politician continues to excel at social media.
white house wants immunity companies surrender data authorities obama

President Obama on young people: ‘It seems like they don’t use Facebook anymore’

President Obama was the first presidential candidate to tap into the power of social media, and he still appears in the know when it comes to what's cool.
researchers develop algorithm that extracts your life story from tweets tweet

Twitter improves targeted ads with way more specific audiences

Twitter improves targeted ads, now uses email addresses and usernames to create tailored campaigns for advertisers.

Facebook will help Russian search engine Yandex

Russian search engine Yandex is partnering with Facebook for a mutually beneficial exchange of information for traffic. Should Google be worried?
snapchat gets replay feature filters ios

Snapchat deals with major spam attack

Snapchat apologized for a recent increase in spam messages in a blog post today, though once again the company didn't offer much help to users.
syrian electronic army celebrates thanksgiving widespread ad hack

The Syrian Electronic Army hacks Microsoft’s Twitter accounts

The Syrian Electronic Army hacked Microsoft's blog and Twitter account over the weekend, their second attack on the tech company this month.

Twitter tests bot to help you engage with others

Twitter is testing a new bot called Achievements that DMs users some analytics to help them get better at Twitter.
gmail acts to sort out new scam using non latin characters

Now anyone can email you using Google+, even if they don’t know your email address

Google announced a new integration between Google+ and Gmail, and it allows people to send each other emails using Google+. It's weird and invasive.
memes evolve facebook 1511316 10152134808693415 1229605590 n

From healthcare support to blaming Obama: the evolution of a Facebook meme

Facebook's Data Science team took a look at how memes evolve on the social network, choosing a status update about Obamacare that went viral in 2009.
facebook android app fb likes lel

Facebook’s latest acquisition is all about Android apps

In its first purchase from India, Facebook acquires Little Eye Labs, an Android app startup that monitors and analyzes app performance.
jelly app

Are you ready for this Jelly? A look at Biz Stone’s new social Q&A app

Jelly, a social question-and-answer app from Biz Stone, debuted today. The app is beautiful but the concept is strange.
interior departments awesome instagram us

Check out the U.S. Interior Department’s awesome Instagram account

The U.S. Department of Interior is knocking its social media efforts out of the park, with a beautiful Instagram account and an engaging Twitter feed.
I’m switching to T-Mobile

T-Mobile and Verizon spectrum deal: a smart move for the “uncarrier”

T-Mobile bought over $2.3 billion dollars of spectrum from Verizon. The company plans to build its LTE network with the newly acquired airwaves.
socialmatic polaroid featured

Introducing Socialmatic, the Polaroid camera that connects to Instagram

Socialmatic, a camera from Polaroid that lets you shoot Polaroid photos and share pictures instantly online, will be available in fall 2014.
voicebridge swissvoice

Never miss a landline call again with Voice Bridge

Phonemaker Swissvoice debuts Voice Bridge, a way to answer landline calls on your mobile devices, at CES 2014.
facebook wi fi small businesses

Facebook expands free Wi-Fi service for small businesses

Facebook is offering a program to help businesses engage with customers -- Facebook Wi-Fi, where merchants give customers Wi-Fi in exchange for check-ins.
vine debuts full web profiles screen viewing for

Vine debuts desktop viewer with Web profiles and full-screen viewing

Vine announced a Web version of its popular looping video app today, which allows users to see their favorite videos on desktop.
facebook sued allegedly reading private messages fb

Facebook sued for allegedly reading private messages, says accusation has no merit

Facebook is getting sued by plaintiffs accusing the company of systemically combing through private messages and using data there to sell to third parties.
see twitter said happy new year around world interactive years map

See how Twitter said ‘Happy New Year’ around the world with interactive map

An interactive map from Twitter's data team plots how New Year wishes were tweeted around the world.
skypes facebook twitter accounts hacked syrian electronic army skype fb

Skype’s Facebook, Twitter accounts hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army

The Syrian Electronic Army (or a group claiming to be the SEA) hacked Skype, posting anti-spying messages to its Twitter, Facebook, and blog.
facebook favorite hacks 2013 sticker thumbs up

Facebook’s favorite hacks of 2013 are a bad sign for the company

Facebook's engineers released a list of their favorite hacks for 2013. Most of them were more boring than watching paint dry.
anyone remember original twitter logo check earlier versions new

On Android, Twitter tests a new kind of ‘fav’ for entire accounts, not just tweets

Twitter is testing a new way to fav on its Android app. Users now have the option of pressing "favorite" for an entire account, not just individual tweets.
Iran internet

The strange tale of Iran’s short stint in blocking Instagram, hints of possible full ban

Instagram experienced a widespread outage in Iran this week, leading experts to believe the government was experimenting with blocking the popular service.
everything need know twitters first earnings call feb 2014 twitter ipo

After a joyous Christmas price increase, Twitter stock plummets following downgrade

Twitter's love affair with the New York Stock Exchange has soured after a wild fling with sky-high stock prices this December.
sharkattack australia uses twitter send shark warnings

#SharkAttack: Australia uses Twitter to send shark warnings

An Australian beach safety organization has a Twitter account set up to send alerts every time a shark becomes a potential danger for swimmers.
facebook sued allegedly reading private messages fb

Free Facebook comes to US phone users without data plans

An offshoot of T-Mobile called GoSmart is offering free Facebook access as part of a new bundling plan for prepaid customers.
facebook tell next great human migration coordinated

Can Facebook tell us about the next great human migration?

Facebook's Data Science team took a look at how users are choosing to move. The team discovered patterns of "coordinated migration" showing how people move
google made rap genius vanish

How Google made Rap Genius vanish

Hot lyrics startup Rap Genius has a powerful enemy: Google. The search engine banned Rap Genius for sketchy SEO practices.
reddit user gets special secret santa bill gates

Reddit user gets a special secret santa: Bill Gates

One Reddit user was surprised to discover that her secret santa was Bill Gates. Gates picked out a remarkably thoughtful gift.
rand paul uses twitter celebrate festivus

Rand Paul uses Twitter to celebrate Festivus

Rand Paul used Twitter to celebrate Festivus, the fictional winter holiday invented by Seinfeld. Paul performed an "airing of grievances" aimed at Congress.