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HP Z38c review front full

HP Z38c ultrawide curved monitor review

HP brings its version of the world’s widest, curved display with the Z38c. With fantastic image quality and a sleek build, the results are stunning.
HP Envy X2 qualcomm's LTE PC

Qualcomm’s LTE PCs could be the biggest revolution since laptops got Wi-Fi

Newly announced 2-in-1 PCs boast 20 hours of battery life and a built-in LTE connection. Are Qualcomm's LTE PCs the future of computing?
zenbook ux330ua header

You could buy a MacBook. Or you could buy this laptop — and 137 lattes

The $750 Asus Zenbook UX330UA has a CPU that competes performance-wise with laptops in a completely different price range.
google pixelbook review hinge

Google borrows Apple’s programming language for mysterious Fuchsia OS

Google is using Swift, Apple's programming language, for Fuchsia, its unofficial operating system currently in development.
google pixelbook review tent

Dear Google: Integrate Android and Chrome OS, or stop making $1,000 Chromebooks

Google spent a lot of timing working on the Pixelbook’s design, and very little making sure Chrome OS and Android play nicely.
google pixelbook review hinge

Chromebook multitasking to improve with ‘split view’ (with one big catch)

Google will be improving multitasking on Chromebooks by bringing Chrome OS split view.
new windows 10 build

Microsoft brings muted tabs, quick sharing in new Windows 10 Insider Preview Build

The new Windows 10 Insider Preview Build brings us a way to mute tabs in Microsoft Edge, as well as quickly share content.
vive studios vr museum exhibits help you experience history

VR simulation lets you visit the Berlin Wall – before it fell

Vive Studios is partnering with famous art institutions to bring history to life in VR museum exhibits.
free windows 10 upgrade

Microsoft to end free Windows 10 upgrades – this time for good

Microsoft has put an end to free Windows 10 upgrades, including for those using "assistive technologies."

SEC warns all of us that publicly endorsing Bitcoin may be illegal

The SEC has released a warning statement implying that publicly endorsing Bitcoin may be illegal.
google doc glitch

A Google Docs glitch is locking people out of their files for ‘Terms of Service’ violations

A large number of users have reported a Google Docs glitch that is flagging files as violating Terms of Service.
firefox 58 may be first major browser to block canvas fingerprinting mac screen desk header

Firefox 58 may allow users to block canvas fingerprinting

Firefox 58 may allow users to block canvas fingerprinting, a new method of tracking your online behavior.