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Perched on top of a tall crane, Hibiki looks out over Tokyo in a scene from Bubble.

Bubble review: Sometimes spectacle is enough

Tetsurō Araki's animated feature Bubble is a feast for the eyes and ears, even when the convoluted story falls short of its potential.
Rowan Blanchard as Paige Evans sits in a chair in the principal's office, in a scene from Crush.

Crush review: Charming teen love story anyone can relate to

Teenage romantic comedy Crush delivers a funny, simple story that adults of any age can appreciate, no matter how old you are or who you love.
Batman approaches the camera on a rainy street with a fire in the background in The Batman.

How visual effects made The Batman hit harder & drive faster

Matt Reeves tapped into gritty realism for The Batman, but visual effects artistry helped shape the way the Dark Knight drove, fought, and saved the city.
Aaron Paul stars off camera in a scene from Dual.

Aaron Paul on Dual, hip-hop dancing, & Jesse Pinkman’s return

Aaron Paul discusses dry humor and hip-hop dancing in his new film Dual, as well as reprising his Breaking Bad character for Better Call Saul's final season.
Aaron Paul and Karen Gillan discuss combat techniques in a scene from Dual.

Dual review: Selling the feint, awkwardly

It's not the film you probably think it is, but Riley Stearns' sci-fi satire Dual is a story that pays off a patient audience.
Iola evans stares at a TV screen in a scene from Choose Or Die.

Choose or Die review: Where’s a grue when you need one?

Netflix film Choose Or Die promises a retro horror story, but never fully commits to the potential of its '80s gaming premise.
Michelle Yeoh looks at her hot dog fingers in "Everything Everywhere All at Once."

Everything Everywhere All At Once: Small VFX team, big results

The multiverse-spanning adventure in Everything Everywhere All At Once feels big, but the hit film took a minimalist approach with its visual effects team.
Josh Brolin walks toward a massive, mysterious hole in the ground in a scene from Outer Range.

Outer Range review: Cowboys through the looking glass

Outer Range takes a traditional Western into weird territory with a gripping story that poses more questions than it answers but still entertains.
Jaeden Martell drums in a sleeveless shirt in a scene from Metal Lords.

Metal Lords’ Jaeden Martell on loving controlled chaos

Metal Lords actor Jaeden Martell opens up on his new film, why drumming speaks to him, and the allure of heavy metal.
Aidan Greensmith walks out of the mist in heavy-metal leather and makeup in a scene from Metal Lords.

Metal Lords review: Keep calm and rock on

A talented young cast, a clever script, and a blistering soundtrack come together in the comedy Metal Lords from Game of Thrones co-creator D.B. Weiss.
Jude Law and the cast of Fantastic Beasts: The secrets of Dumbledore gather in a cave.

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore review: Confundo!

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore has a good story to tell, if only it would stop introducing new concepts and characters long enough to do so.
Ansel Elgort rides in a car in a scene from Tokyo Vice.

Tokyo Vice review: Stylish show excels as a moody crime drama

Fascinating, compelling, and filled with standout performances, Tokyo Vice delivers plenty of drama in its adaptation of journalist Jake Adelstein's memoir.
Stephen Merchant and Christopher Walken talk in a scene from The Outlaws.

The Outlaws review: With Christopher Walken, crime pays

The Outlaws is a good crime comedy series made even better by Christopher Walken and the rest of its talented cast.
Jared Leto as Morbius.

Morbius review: Cold, dead, and desperate

Sony's Morbius wants to sink its fangs into audiences with Marvel's superhero vampire, but falls frustratingly short of getting anyone's blood boiling.
Chris Pine stands in the shadows in a scene from The Contractor.

The Contractor review: A familiar firefight

The Contractor casts Chris Pine as a former soldier who finds himself in the center of a deadly conspiracy in this fast-paced but predictable action-thriller.
Pedro Pascal, Leslie Mann, and David Duchovny stare into a forest in a scene from The Bubble.

The Bubble review: Making quarantine funny again

Judd Apatow's comedy The Bubble delivers the ensemble-driven meta parody of pandemic-era Hollywood we didn't know we wanted.
Moon Knight stands over a crowd of beaten criminals in Moon Knight.

Moon Knight review: Oscar Isaac shines in scariest Marvel series to date

Marvel's Moon Knight pushes the boundaries of the MCU with the studio's scariest, most violent original project so far on Disney+ streaming service.
spider man no way home visual effects interview vfx digital domain  2022 oscars week

How VFX powered Spider-Man: No Way Home’s villain team-up

The visual effects studio behind some of Spider-Man: No Way Home's memorable moments explains how VFX made the film's sinister team-up happen.
Gary Oldman and the cast of Slow Horses stand on a sidewalk at night.

Slow Horses review: Spy game’s best of the worst delivers

Apple TV+ series Slow Horses offers a unique spin on the spy genre that defies expectations and delivers a compelling story with plenty of surprises.
An "Oscars Week" badge on an image.

Writing with Fire review: Nevertheless, they persist

Oscar-nominated documentary Writing with Fire breaks plenty of new ground, but that's old news for the brave women journalists whose stories it chronicles.
Doctor Octopus holds Peter Parker upside down in a scene from Spider-Man: No Way Home.

How VFX powered Spider-Man: No Way Home’s villain team-up

An "Oscars Week" badge on an image of Ryan Reynolds in 'Free Guy.'

How visual effects shaped Free Guy’s GTA-inspired world

Free Guy swept audiences into a Grand Theft Auto-style universe that blurred the line between virtual worlds and reality with its amazing visual effects.
Ryan Reynolds runs down a busy street in a scene from Free Guy.

How visual effects shaped Free Guy’s GTA-inspired world

An "Oscars Week" badge overlaid on a still of Timothee Chalamet in 'Dune.'

How Dune’s visual effects made an unfilmable epic possible

Dune reunited director Denis Villeneuve with visual effects supervisor Paul Lambert to turn a supposedly unfilmable saga into an epic box-office adventure.
A sandworm consumes a spice mining craft in a scene from Dune.

How Dune’s visual effects made an unfilmable epic possible

Simu Liu in a fight scene from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Ten rings and imagination: Behind Shang-Chi’s VFX magic

An "Oscars Week" badge on an image of Simu Liu in Shang-Chi.

Ten rings and imagination: Behind Shang-Chi’s VFX magic

What did it take to bring 10 magic rings, two dragons, and an epic adventure to life in Marvel's Shang-Chi? Find out from Weta Digital's VFX supervisor.
Daniel Craig stands in a forest with a rifle in a scene from No Time To Die.

How No Time To Die’s hidden VFX brought James Bond to the Oscars

An "Oscars Week" badge on an image of Daniel Craig stands in a forest with a rifle in a scene from No Time To Die.

How No Time To Die’s hidden VFX brought James Bond to the Oscars

James Bond films aren't known for their visual effects, so here's how No Time To Die's "less is more" approach to VFX earned it an Academy Award nomination.
A "generational spacecraft" spins through the stars in a scene from Last Exit: Space.

Rudolph Herzog on the science & sexology of Last Exit: Space

Is humanity's future home really among the stars? Last Exit: Space filmmaker Rudolph Herzog explains how his documentary explores that question.
Walker Scobell and Ryan Reynolds look at each other in a scene from The Adam Project.

The Adam Project review: A mixed bag of saccharine sci-fi

With Ryan Reynolds and director Shawn Levy, The Adam Project has all the ingredients of a fun sci-fi adventure, but the recipe never quite turns out right.
Panda Mei looks at her friends in a scene from Turning Red.

Turning Red review: Girl meets world in another Pixar charmer

Pixar's Turning Red channels the awkward teenager in all of us with a sweet coming-of-age story about a girl, her friends, her mother, and a giant red panda.
John C Reilly, Quincy Isaiah, and Jason Clarke stand on a podium holding a Lakers jersey in a scene from Winning Time.

How HBO’s Winning Time used retro A/V to recreate the 1980s

Th cinematographer for HBO's series Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty explains how they used old-school A/V to create the show's 1980s look and feel.
Paramount Plus logo on a black background.

What’s new on Paramount+