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bose soundbar 500 review 13  1

Bose Soundbar 500 review: Clean sound

Bose's sleek, slim, and smart Soundbar 500 offers clear sound and modern features in one of the smallest profiles in its class, making for an enticing option for those who love musicality but hate clutter. That said, it lacks some key features, including a wireless subwoofer.
samsung hw q90r soundbar review 11

Samsung HW-Q90R 7.1.4-channel soundbar review: Mighty Atmos

Samsung’s latest Dolby Atmos soundbar, the Q90R, is an incremental upgrade from the company’s popular HW-N950. But for those with the latest TV tech, this pricey Atmos beast is well worth considering. We’ll break down the latest upgrades and updates in detail so you can make the best choice for your home theater.
Sennheiser Ambeo soundbar review

Sennheiser Ambeo soundbar review: Killer Atmos sound

We expected amazing things from Sennheiser’s first soundbar, and with incredible detail, brilliant musicality, and mind-bending Dolby Atmos virtualization, it absolutely delivers. Packing glorious detail and realistic virtual surround, Sennheiser’s $2,500 Ambeo soundbar is a holistic sound solution.
Tom Holland as Spider-Man

Sony can take back Spider-Man, but this Spidey can never go home again

Sony and Disney's very public dispute over whether Spider-Man will stay in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has huge ramifications for the current iteration of the character. Tom Holland's version is deeply tied to the MCU -- and if Sony wins, everyone loses.
The Yamaha YAS-209 soundbar.

Yamaha YAS-209 soundbar review

Yamaha’s winning formula for the YAS-207 (our favorite value-packed soundbar for years now) scores another success with the YAS-209, which keeps the major features of its predecessor, while adding extras like Alexa voice control and (eventually) multi-room audio support, all at a still-affordable price point.
Klipsch Bar 40 review

Klipsch Bar 40 soundbar review

Klipsch’s Bar 40 does its namesake proud when it comes to both style and sound, with a great look and impressively clear performance. But those seeking loads of features may want to look elsewhere. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know so you can make the best decision for your budget.
iphone to android lg v30

With Samsung dropping the headphone jack, LG is the last stop for audio fans

With Samsung announcing the latest Note 10 and Note 10 Plus are both dropping the headphone jack, the land of phones that let you plug in is becoming increasingly barren. In fact, at this point LG is the last best place for audio fans. And as far as I'm concerned, that's something worth crowing about.
bang and olufsen transforming oled beovision harmony tv 2018 03 wood 3 edit

Bang & Olufsen’s 77-inch Beovision Harmony TV dominates a room, tucks itself away

Bang & Olufsen unveiled its latest combination of art and technology with the new Beovision Harmony OLED TV. Equipped with a 77-inch LG C9 OLED display, the automated system transforms from a piece of home decor into a powerful cinematic experience, complete with built-in sound system. But it'll cost you.
aftershokz aeropex review aoepex bone conducting headphones 9

Aftershokz Aeropex wireless bone conducting headphones review

Aftershokz has made its name in audio with open-ear, bone-conduction headphones that are tailor-made for your workout. The Aeropex are its smallest, sleekest, and best-sounding pair yet. If you’re looking for a way to keep your ears open and your tunes rolling, they’re a great choice.
google chromecast review 3rd gen 2018

Google Chromecast (3rd gen) review

The third-generation Chromecast is still a pretty decent little HD streamer, but HD is getting pretty long in the tooth. That said, the inclusion of Amazon Prime following the truce between Google and Amazon does make this a comprehensive way to stream all major programming, as long as you don't need 4K.
google chromecast ultra 2016

Google Chromecast Ultra review

The Chromecast Ultra may not look all that much different from its predecessors, but under the hood is the key to unlocking the 4K streaming buffet, including support for High Dynamic Range to unleash the rich contrast and expanded color gamut of today’s most eye-popping video.
Amazon Fire TV Streaming Stick 4K

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K review

Amazon’s streaming stick game is strong, and the Fire TV Streaming Stick 4K is no exception. A few minor issues aside, this fully loaded streaming device offers virtually everything you could want, including Dolby Vision HDR, Amazon Alexa, basic TV controls, and much more.
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

Netflix built a TV empire without ads. Here’s why it’s time to consider them

In an increasingly compacted and complex streaming landscape, Netflix is going to have to once again innovate to stay at the head of the pack. While adding commercials to its programming would be met with serious controversy, if done properly it could be a smart move for the streaming wars to come.
Sony WF-1000XM3 true wireless earbuds

Powerbeats Pro vs. Sony’s noise-canceling WF-1000XM3

Sony's new totally wireless earbuds pack a secret weapon we've yet to see in the category: Killer noise canceling. Add in great sound and a slick design and they put up a huge fight when compared to Beats' popular Powerbeats Pro. But there can only be one winner in this cage match, so which is best?
Seinfeld The Strike

Hulu’s new Seinfeld shuffle could (and should) be the future of streaming

Hulu's new idea to randomize Seinfeld is great, but it doesn't go far enough. If streamers really want to get our attention, offering new kinds of randomization like a playlist shuffle key, could be the future. Here are some ways streamers could use algorithms to do away with streaming paralysis.
Bose Frames Alto review

Bose Frames Alto review

Everyone knows Bose is responsible for impressive innovations that shake up the audio world. With the Frames, Bose is once again digging up fertile new ground in the somewhat stagnant audio genre. But can these audio sunglasses offer enough versatility to make them worth their $200 price tag?
massdrop x sennheiser hd 6xx first impressions hdphns hero1

Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX review

The Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX offer all the gorgeous sound of the much-beloved Sennheiser HD 650, but in a slightly different color, and at a significantly reduced price. If you're after audiophile-grade sound and you're on a budget, these are probably the headphones for you.
wwdc 2018 news apple

Apple has finally killed off iTunes, but your music is safe

At its annual WWDC comforence, Apple announced its plans to finally phase out iTunes in its new MacOS, Catalina. Here's what you need to know about the death of Apple's long-running app, and what's replacing it, including Apple TV, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Music.
between the streams

Between the Streams podcast

Today, on our very last Between the Streams podcast, we'll talk about our new show on Digital Trends Live (every Friday at 10:20 a.m. PT), as well as everything from our first look at Cowboy Rambo and the new Dark Crystal series, to Pattinson Batman and our absolute adoration for What We Do in the Shadows.
Sony HT-S350

Sony HT-S350 review

Sony’s new midlevel soundbar, the HT-S350, offers tons of power, big bass, and a sleek look for $300. But mediocre features and a focus on might over detail make it easy to miss the little things. In our review, we’ll explain why you may want to look elsewhere for great TV sound at this price.
game of thrones ending versus avengers endgame got hbo s8 e6 feat

Game of Thrones’ failure shows why Avengers: Endgame was so magnificent

In the span of just a few weeks, we saw two of the most adored franchises of our time reach a concluding chapter. But while Avengers: Endgame was a triumph, Game of Thrones’ final days was dissatisfying. There’s good reason why these two beloved stories came to such utterly different conclusions.
Master and Dynamic MW65 review

Master and Dynamic MW65 review

Every time we try out a pair of Master and Dynamic headphones, we steel ourselves for their lofty price point. And every time, they win us over with equal parts luxurious design and stellar sound. While the MW65 have their drawbacks, those looking for class-leading sound need look no further.
A person holding the Beats Powerbeats Pro.

Beats Powerbeats Pro: Everything you need to know about the earphones

Beats will release the true wireless Powerbeats Pro earphones in May, following their unveiling in April. Will Apple's other brand eclipse the wildly popular white hockey sticks? With water-resistance, long battery life, and other new features, they're impressive new contenders. Here's everything we know.
powerbeats 3 review

Beats by Dre Powerbeats3 Wireless review

With the new Powerbeats Pro grabbing headlines, it’s worth taking a look back at Beats’ previous flagship wireless earbuds, the Powerbeats3. Do these popular, bass-happy workout buds still deserve your consideration? We put them in perspective in the ever-changing wireless headphone market.
sonys massive new microled display stands 17 feet tall and packs 16k resolution sony crystal led tv screen 1

Sony’s massive new MicroLED display stands 17 feet tall and packs 16K resolution

Sony has a massive new 16K MicroLED display that stands 17 feet tall and is longer than a bus. Announced at the 2019 NAB trade show in Las Vegas, the display is located in Japan and will be used for research, while the presentation uses specially created footage produced in-house.
roku alters voice search to prioritize the channel in os 9 1 update rokuos9 edit

Roku OS 9.1 update alters voice search to prioritize The Roku Channel

The Roku OS 9.1 release adds new and updated features to its streaming devices and Roku TVs, including a new voice-search feature that appears to prioritize TV shows and movies on its Roku Channel above other services. The update will roll out to a large selection of devices in the coming weeks.
Apple AirPods 2.

Apple AirPods 2 review

Apple’s updated AirPods arrived last week with little fanfare and packing only minimal improvements. The question is: Has Apple updated its true wireless earphones enough to keep up with the growing crowd of competitors? Check out our review to find out if this is an upgrade worth making.
tim cook oprah

Apple’s show time event: A whiplash-inducing bundle of copycat services

Apple unleashed a barrage of news, streaming, and gaming bundles at its latest event aimed at boosting its services and adding more revenue, including a brand new, two-tiered plan for streaming video. But while the services are big on celebrities and high design, they appear short on innovation.
audio technica ath m50xbt review athm50bt feat

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT wireless headphones review

Audio professionals and musicians may balk at the idea of cutting the cord on studio headphones, but it’s hard to argue with these results. Audio-Technica’s big and bold wireless ATH-M50xBT offer massive battery life, impressive features, and killer sound you can take along with you wherever you roam.
how laika used advanced 3d printing and movie magic to create missing link mrlink replacement edit

How Laika blends 3D printing and CGI to make mesmerizing stop-motion movies

With each film, Laika Studios pushes the bar higher for stop-motion animation. In our new video, we explore Laika's latest techniques for its new adventure, Missing Link, which the studio calls a kaleidoscopic travelogue that pushes the line once again to rank as the studio's most ambitious film yet.
netflix versus spielberg oscars battle future of film getty2

Don’t fight, guys! Netflix v Spielberg and the battle for the future of film

As Netflix and Steven Spielberg battle for the future of who goes to the Oscars, there’s a lot more at stake than just some awards ceremony. In fact, the conversations happening now may determine the future of cinema as we know it. But as a film lover, I just feel like a kid watching his parents argue.
Sennheiser Momentum true wireless earbuds

Sennheiser Momentum true wireless earbuds review

Sennheiser took its time entering the true wireless market, and the results are nothing less than what you’d expect from the storied audio brand. The Momentum offer seamless operation, best-in-class sound, and a massive price tag to match. Read on to see if these are the earbuds you’ve been waiting for.
Samsung HW-N950

Samsung HW-N950 soundbar review

Samsung’s first Dolby Atmos soundbar became the bar to beat for thrilling Atmos surround sound. With the HW-N950, the company has attempted to one-up its own creation by once again offering the best surround soundbar in the business. But is it worth its kingly price tag?
Samsung Galaxy S10 headphone jack

How the headphone jack helps Samsung out-Apple the king

Samsung’s latest flagship phones and wearables have plenty of exciting new tech to unfurl, but one of the most useful features is also the oldest: The mighty headphone jack. By keeping the aging tech alongside new innovations, Samsung is showing Apple it too can lead the way.