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Engineers working on Boeing's Starliner spacecraft.

NASA’s first crewed test flight of Starliner spacecraft delayed

Several new safety issues have come to light, and no date has been set for the next launch effort, Boeing said on Thursday.
Close up of ChatGPT and OpenAI logo.

ChatGPT creator seeking to eliminate chatbot ‘hallucinations’

In a bid to make its chatbot technology more reliable, OpenAI engineers say they're working to reduce ChatGPT's erroneous outputs, also known as hallucinations.
The Troomi phone is a Samsung Galaxy A12

Extreme effort to retrieve dropped smartphone leads to suspension

A government official in India dropped his phone in a reservoir and asked divers to retrieve it. When they failed, he resorted to extreme measures.
Amazon logo on the headquarters building.

Amazon to pay $30M in FTC settlements over Alexa, Ring privacy violations

Regulators accused Amazon of violating privacy laws on a number of fronts, though the tech giant denies breaking the law.
Serve Robotics' robot for Uber Eats.

Thousands of delivery robots to join Uber Eats

Following a successful pilot in LA, Uber and Serve Robotics have announced an additional 2,000 delivery robots for Uber Eats in locations across North America.
Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes.

Disgraced tech entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes begins jail time

Disgraced tech entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes reported to prison on Tuesday to serve time for fraud in a case that rocked Silicon Valley.
Earth from space.

New space record set for crew in Earth orbit

For a brief time on Tuesday, there were more people in Earth orbit than ever before with 17 people present on two different space stations.
iSpace's Hakuto-R Series 1 lander.

Crater confusion caused Japan’s Hakuto lunar mission to fail

After examining all the data, Japanese startup ispace believes it now knows why its privately funded lunar mission ended in failure last month.
ChatGPT app running on an iPhone.

Lawyer says sorry for fake court citations created by ChatGPT

A lawyer who used ChatGPT to help him prepare a court case has had to apologize after it was found that the chatbot had invented some of the information.
Virgin Galactic's space plane heading to the edge of space.

Virgin Galactic shares footage of final space tourism flight test

Thursday's successful mission paves the way for Virgin Galactic's first commercial space tourism flight, which is currently scheduled for next month.
Elon Musk stands in front of the Neuralink logo.

Elon Musk’s Neuralink gets FDA nod to test brain implant in humans

Musk has said previously that he'd have one of the implants fitted in his brain but he's not expected to be among the first round of volunteers.
A Tesla Supercharger.

Ford EV drivers can use 12,000 Tesla Superchargers starting in 2024

Drivers of Ford’s EVs will find charging them a little easier starting next spring after Tesla promised availability of 12,000 of its Superchargers.
Virgin Orbit rocket

Virgin Orbit rocket company shuts down

Virgin Orbit's bid to compete with the likes of SpaceX and Rocket Lab has ended in failure after the company officially closed down on Wednesday.
chinese hackers caught targeting vital us infrastructure china flags

Chinese hackers targeting critical U.S. infrastructure, Microsoft warns

A state-sponsored Chinese hacking group has been spying on a large number of critical infrastructure organizations in the U.S., Microsoft said on Wednesday.
A stylized composite of the Twitter logo.

Twitter ‘melts’ as it becomes first social app to launch a presidential bid

Elon Musk’s plan to make Twitter the first social media platform to host the launch of a U.S. presidential bid didn’t get off to the best start.
iSpace's Hakuto-R Series 1 lander.

NASA lunar orbiter locates debris from Japan’s failed lander

NASA has released new images that appear to show the broken remains of Japan’s Hakuto lander, which crashed on the moon in a failed mission last month.
Elon Musk.

Elon Musk throws some light on his very busy schedule

If you have a hard enough time holding down one job, then it’s little surprise that Musk’s three high-profile roles cause his days to be long and complicated.
A Waymo autonomous vehicle.

Waymo’s robotaxis are coming to Uber’s ridesharing app

In a partnership announced on Tuesday, Uber will soon offer ridesharing trips in Waymo's autonomous vehicles using the regular Uber app.
The ISS crew on May 22, 2023.

The space station is getting crowded again

Four more crewmembers have just arrived at the International Space Station where they'll work alongside the current inhabitants for the next eight days.
WhatsApp logo on a phone.

WhatsApp finally lets you edit sent messages. Here’s how to do it

Messaging app WhatsApp has announced a much-requested edit feature that lets you alter a message within 15 minutes of sending it.
TikTok icon illustration.

TikTok sues Montana in bid to overturn statewide app ban

TikTok has sued Montana in a bid to overturn the state's plan to ban the app from January 1 over national security concerns linked to its Chinese owner.
SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft.

How to watch NASA’s private mission arrive at space station

How does a spaceship dock with the ISS 250 miles above Earth and enable its crew to transfer to the ISS? NASA's live stream on Monday will reveal all.
An illustration of Blue Origin's lander on the lunar surface.

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin finally gets coveted moon contract

NASA has selected Blue Origin to build a human landing system for its moon missions, giving it two options for crewed landings after signing up SpaceX in 2021.
The all-private Ax-2 mission launches from the Kennedy Space Center.

Watch NASA successfully launch all-private mission to ISS

Watch the highlights of SpaceX and Axiom Space's successful launch as NASA’s second all-private mission to the International Space Station.
SpaceX's rocket on the launch pad for the crewed Ax-2 mission.

How to watch NASA’s all-private crew launch to the ISS on Sunday

Four private citizens are about to blast off from the Kennedy Space Center for a spacecraft ride to the International Space Station. Here's how to watch.
The ChatGPT website on an iPhone.

OpenAI’s new ChatGPT app is free for iPhone and iPad

OpenAI has released the official ChatGPT app for iPhone and iPad owners in the U.S., with other countries coming soon.
TikTok logo on an iPhone.

TikTok users sue to overturn Montana’s statewide ban of app

Just hours after Montana announced a new law banning the TikTok app statewide from next year, a group of TikTok users has sued in a bid to block the ban.
virgin galactic sets date for final test of rocket plane vss unity flight

Virgin Galactic sets date for first fully crewed rocket trip since 2021

Watch the space tourism company’s cinematic video previewing what should be its final test flight before a commercial launch this summer.
NASA's Artemis II astronauts.

NASA’s moon astronauts are ready to start training

The four astronauts set to perform a flyby of the moon next year are about to begin training for their groundbreaking mission.
TikTok icon illustration.

TikTok faces outright ban in first U.S. state

TikTok was hit with more bad news on Wednesday after Montana signed into law a bill banning the popular app from January 1, 2024.
Apple's preview of new accessibility features for its devices.

Your iPhone will soon be able to speak with your voice

Personal Voice for people unable to speak is one of a bunch of new accessibility features on its way to Apple devices later this year.
A digital image of Elon Musk in front of a stylized background with the Twitter logo repeating.

Elon Musk says if his tweets lose his firms money, then so be it

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, Twitter, and SpaceX, said in an interview on Tuesday that if his controversial tweets cause his firms to lose money, then so be it.
Tesla's Tesla Bot.

Check out the latest version of Tesla Bot in video update

A new video from Tesla features the latest version of the Tesla Bot, the company’s humanoid robot that could one day be deployed insides its factories.
NASA preps one of its high-altitude balloons for launch.

NASA forced to ditch ‘football stadium-sized’ balloon in the ocean

NASA had to ditch one of its huge high-altitude science balloons in the sea recently when it developed a fault 36 hours after launch.