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NASA's Orion spacecraft and Earth.

Watch NASA’s video teasing the reveal of Artemis moon astronauts

NASA has released a cinematic trailer teasing the imminent naming of the four astronauts who will fly by the moon in the Artemis II mission next year.
Mars helicopter

NASA’s plucky Mars helicopter eyes another flight record

The team behind NASA's Mars helicopter is aiming to send it to its highest altitude yet when it embarks on its 49th flight this week.
The damaged Soyuz MS-22 departs the space station for the voyage home.

A crew capsule just landed on Earth. But why was it empty?

A Soyuz crew capsule returned to Earth on Tuesday after spending six months at the International Space Station. But why was it empty?
A OneWeb satellite in space.

OneWeb ready to take on Starlink in internet-from-space race

OneWeb's latest satellite launch gives it enough coverage to offer global broadband from space, putting it in direct competition with SpaceX's Starlink service.
A digital image of Elon Musk in front of a stylized background with the Twitter logo repeating.

Elon Musk’s latest plan for Twitter hasn’t gone down well

Elon Musk has just given Twitter users another reason to join its premium Blue tier, but the plan hasn't gone down well.
The telescopes of the SPECULOOS Southern Observatory gaze out into the stunning night sky over the Atacama Desert, Chile.

Check out the night sky for a special planetary parade

This week, including tonight, a clear view of the western portion of the sky will offer a chance to marvel at what’s known as a planetary parade.
A rendering of an Apple mixed-reality headset (Reality Pro) in a gray color seen from the front.

Some Apple staff concerned about its high-tech headset, report claims

As Apple prepares to unveil its all-new mixed-reality headset, enthusiasm for the project among some staff has given way to skepticism, a new report claims.
A stylized composite of the Twitter logo.

Twitter braces itself after source code leaked online

In the latest drama to hit Twitter, parts of its all-important source code have been exposed online, possibly for months.
Apple AirPods Pro 2 inside their charging case.

AirPods Pro 2 may finally offer this charging feature

It's been a long time coming, but Apple's premium AirPods Pro 2 buds could soon be sold with the kind of charging case we've all been waiting for.
Earth as seen from a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

SpaceX shares stunning ‘blue marble’ footage of Earth

SpaceX recently shared some stunning footage of Earth captured from the second stage of its workhorse Falcon 9 rocket.
Archer Aviation's Midnight eVTOL aircraft.

Flying taxi service coming to Chicago using eVTOL aircraft

United Airlines and aircraft maker Archer Aviation have announced a flying taxi service for Chicago that will use small electric aircraft.
Twitter logo in white stacked on top of a blue stylized background with the Twitter logo repeating in shades of blue.

No joke: Twitter is taking away your blue check on April 1, unless you pay

Twitter is about to wind down its legacy verification program, meaning that anyone who has a blue check, but isn't subscribed to Twitter Blue will lose the mark.
relativity space achieves first launch of 3d printed rocket terran 1

Relativity Space launches first 3D-printed rocket, but it didn’t end well

Relativity Space has achieved the first launch of a 3D-printed rocket, but an anomaly with the second stage prevented it from reaching orbit.
tiny core desktop operating system 18480824  plugging removable flash disk memory into laptop usb slot

Exploding USB drive injures journalist in terror attack

A journalist in Ecuador got more than he bargained for earlier this week when he inserted a mysterious USB drive into his computer.
TikTok icon illustration.

TikTok CEO to face Congress on Thursday. Here’s how to watch

TikTok's CEO faces the fight on Thursday, when he will try to convince U.S. lawmakers that the popular app poses no threat to national security.
spacex satellites light pollution trails made by starlink

Astronomers increasingly troubled by satellite constellations

Astronomers are becoming increasingly concerned about light pollution in the night sky caused by the growing number of satellites in low-Earth orbit.
An artist's impression of an asteroid approaching Earth

A large asteroid is about to zip between Earth and the moon

A newly discovered asteroid up to 310 feet wide will hurtle between Earth and the moon this weekend at a speed of about 17,000 miles per.
Nikon D5500

Photography specialist site DPReview is closing down

Popular photography site DPReview is shutting down. The closure is part of a round of job cuts announced earlier this year by its parent company, Amazon.
The Ferrari logo.

Ferrari customers targeted in ransom-related cyberattack

Ferrari has been targeted by a hacker who is threatening to release data linked to its customers unless the automaker hands over a ransom payment.
Virgin Orbit rocket

Virgin Orbit still seeking cash injection so its rockets can fly again

Satellite-launch company Virgin Orbit has reportedly been in talks all weekend as it seeks a cash injection to avoid possible bankruptcy.
Amazon logo on the headquarters building.

Amazon to shed thousands more workers in ‘next few weeks’

Amazon is preparing to shed 9,000 workers across several departments. It follows similar action in November when the company let go 18,000 employees.
Andrew Garfield floats in a swimming pool in tick, tick...BOOM!

Tiny data center makes for a comfortable swim

A data center about the size of a washing machine is being used to heat a publicly funded swimming pool in England, helping the facility to slash energy costs.
Amazon's smallest customer terminal for Project Kuiper.

Amazon unveils customer terminals for internet-from-space service

Amazon has shown off the hardware that will be used by the first customers of its Project Kuiper internet-from-space service.
An artist's illustration showing astronauts on the moon.

How to watch NASA unveil its next-generation spacesuit

NASA is about to unveil a prototype of the all-new spacesuit that astronauts will wear when they set foot on the moon in just a few years from now.
Electrohome Archer Vinyl Record Player needle

Vinyl records outsell CDs for first time in 35 years

Vinyl albums have been making a comeback in recent years, and new data shows that for the first time since 1987 they’ve outsold CDs in the U.S. market.
The space station and Earth.

NASA may use a ‘space tug’ to decommission the space station

NASA is aiming to build a special spacecraft capable of guiding the International Space Station to a safe deorbit position when it’s decommissioned in 2030.
American Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8

U.S. airports safer after software upgrades aimed at preventing taxiway landings

Special software designed to prevent accidental and potentially catastrophic taxiway landings is now operating at 43 major airports across the U.S.
The moon and Earth as seen from the Orion spacecraft in November 2022.

NASA to reveal Artemis II crew for historic lunar trip

NASA is gearing up to reveal the four lucky astronauts that will be sent on a flyby of the moon in the Artemis II mission.
The International Space Station.

ISS forced to steer clear of a functioning satellite

Orbital adjustments by the space station are usually caused by approaching space junk, but earlier this week something else was spotted coming its way.
A depiction of asteroid 2023 DW.

Newly spotted 50-meter asteroid tops Risk List

A newly discovered asteroid that's about the size of an Olympic swimming pool has a 1-in-625 chance of impacting Earth in 2046, scientists say.
SpaceX's Crew-5 astronauts.

NASA targets today for Crew-5 astronauts’ journey home

SpaceX's Crew-5 astronauts are aiming to depart the International Space Station later today after spending 154 days in orbit.
Google Logo

Google missed big chance with ChatGPT-like tech, report claims

A new report offers the inside story on how Google missed a golden opportunity to lead the way with its own ChatGPT-like chatbot tech two years ago.
nasa new footage artemis i mission highlights reel orion homecoming

NASA confirms success of Artemis I moon mission

NASA is clearly feeling positive about the prospects for the Artemis II lunar flight and its plan to launch the crewed mission next year.

YouTube relaxes rules around swearing and demonetization

Potty-mouthed YouTubers will be delighted to learn that the streaming site has relaxed its rules around swearing and demonetization.