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android wear

Casio WSD-F20 Android Wear smartwatch: Our first take

At CES, Casio has unveiled the WSD-F20, an Android Wear smartwatch that improves on its predecessor by adding GPS functionality.
Smith Powered by Muse

Smith Lowdown Focus: Our First Take

Apple WatchOS 3 Beta

Apple WatchOS 3 review

We go hands on with WatchOS 3 on the Apple Watch to see if apps load faster, and if the breathing exercises are helpful. Minnie Mouse also stars.
Thync Relax band

Hands on: Thync Relax

philips connected health hands on feat

Hands on: Philips Connected Health

Fossil Q Wander

Hands on: Fossil Q Wander and Q Marshal

Fossil got its feet wet with the Q Founder, and now it has the Q Marshal and the Q Wander. We go hands on with these two gorgeous Android Wear smartwatches.
Orion Onyx

Hands on: Orion Onyx

Samsung Gear Fit 2

Hands on: Samsung Gear Fit 2

Android Wear 2

Hands on: Android Wear 2.0

Android Wear 2.0 includes a darker color palette, complications on watch faces, stand-alone apps, and more. Here's our hands on.
Nex Band

Hands on: Nex Band

The Nex Band is a modular wrist band which has software "Hacks" to control your smart home with a tap on the swappable "Mods."
Haier Watch

Up close and personal with the fully Android Haier Watch

Haier made a smartwatch with a fully round screen in a stainless steel casing that runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow. We go hands on.
Belkin Apple Watch iPhone Charger

Hands on: Belkin Charge Dock

hands on tomtom spark cardio music 17

Hands on: TomTom Spark Cardio + Music

We went hands on with TomTom's new fitness watch, the Spark Cardio + Music. It has a heart rate sensor and onboard music capability.
Narbis Neurofeedback Glasses 0004

Hands On: Narbis

Narbis is a wearable that can train your brain to focus more quickly and learn on demand.
Apple Watch hands on 7

Here’s what early reviews of the Apple Watch have to say about it

We've parsed through Apple Watch reviews from major publications to highlight the best - and worst - of Apple's new wearable.
alcatel watch hands on 17

Alcatel’s $150 Watch is up for preorder — weird software, gorgeous design, and all

practech ub review 8

Hands on: Practech UB

Apple Watch

This is what it’s like to wear the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch doesn't have everyone starry eyed. Early hands-on reviews talk about the interface, looks, and feel of the Watch on their wrists.
lg watch urbane lte hands on web os 8

Hands on: LG Watch Urbane LTE

Sony SmartBand Talk review

Sony SmartBand Talk review

apple watch app preview news wear next 120814

Apple Watch app previews hint that contextual awareness will be its killer app

The Apple Watch isn't here yet, but early previews of apps for the device show us how Apple's first wearable will work.

Vievu2 review

LG G Watch R

LG G Watch R review

Sensoria Fitness Socks

These sensor-studded socks will teach you the perfect stride

Sensoria wants to bring high-tech sensors to fitness gear. Now, the company has added a pair of smart socks to its line up of fitness apparel.
lg g watch 2 news smartwatch flat angle

LG G Watch review

Healbe GoBe top

Exclusive: The Healbe GoBe calorie-counting wristband is real, and we saw it in action


Nike+ Fuelband Review