New reports suggest scope of the Equifax breach was even greater than believed

The CFPB is responsible for protecting consumers from financial companies. Yet reports suggest it's neglecting an investigation of Equifax, which was hacked in 2017. New data suggests more information was comprised.

Inbox full of spam? Here’s how to block an email address in Gmail

Everybody gets unwanted emails from time to time, whether spam or some other form of unwanted message. Luckily, if you're a Gmail user who wants to block someone from messaging you, the process is simple.

Staff at Russian nuclear facility caught using supercomputer to mine Bitcoins

Two Russian engineers at a top-level facility tried to use a supercomputer to mine Bitcoins for their own personal gain but were immediately caught. How? They apparently forgot about one little restriction.

The old “Nigerian prince” scam is back on Twitter — with a Bitcoin twist

Scams just like malware come in waves and the Nigerian Prince-style 'give a little, get a lot,' scam is making a comeback on Twitter with celebrity imposters asking for Bitcoin donations in return for a motherload.

Yahoo Mail’s latest feature makes it easy to keep up with the Winter Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympics have officially begun and for those using Yahoo Mail, keeping up with the events is much easier. With its new desktop and mobile app feature, you can stay on top of the Winter Games without having to leave your…

Not the dress again — illusion from two identical images confuses the internet

These images may look slightly different, but it's actually the same exact image side-by-side, an optical illusion that's boggling the internet. A photography lesson on lines explains why.

The best true crime podcasts offer chilling insights into humanity

Skip the hardboiled detective stories; the best crime stories are true. We curated a list of the best true crime podcasts, whether you like tales of financial mischief or cold-blooded murder.

Litecoin and Dash are fast becoming the go-to currency of the dark web

Litecoin, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash are all seeing increased acceptance among dark web drug sellers in an effort to circumvent some of the scaling issues caused by the growing interest in Bitcoin.

LinkedIn and Microsoft make it easier than ever to build a standout résumé

Make the most of your job prospects with Résumé Assistant from LinkedIn. A collaboration with Microsoft, the tool is now available to Office 365 subscribers on Windows to make creating and maintaining a killer CV easier than ever. 

Google makes it even easier for you to plan a trip on your smartphone

Google is making it easier to plan trips on your smartphone with new features for searching destinations, and booking hotels and flights. The changes should mean less site-hopping and more getting things done.

Safer Internet Day wants to make the world a better place for online youth

The European Commission has kicked off its annual Safer Internet Day once again, this time boasting the theme, “Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you."
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Ahead of potential federal law, Seattle is asking Facebook for election data

Federal laws may soon change to require a paid-for-by label for political ads, but Seattle already has a similar law in place and the city is asking Facebook and Google to fork over the data.