Companies, lawyers probed for selling cryptocurrency initial coin offerings

The Securities and Exchange Commission distributed 80 subpoenas to companies, lawyers, and brokers regarding cryptocurrency initial coin offers. It's also seeking information of investors who purchased these digital tokens.

Report finds millennials want to use cryptocurrency in their favorite games

A recent report surveyed 1,000 gamers to rate their stance on using cryptocurrency in video games. Around 64 percent believe the current method of purchasing digital goods needs a major overhaul.

Google Calendar is still the easiest way to manage your day. Here's how to use it

Google Calendar is a fully featured organizing tool available for free to anyone with a Google account. Better yet, it doesn't take long to learn how to use it. Here's how to get started.

Digital coin miners purchased more than 3 million graphics cards in 2017

A recent report published by Jon Peddle Research claims that digital coin miners purchased more than 3 million graphics cards in 2017, totaling around $776 million. The demand from miners is expected to drop during 2018.

Oregon is the latest state to jump on the net neutrality bandwagon

Oregon is the latest state taking net neutrality into its own hands, as a proposed bill just passed the House on Monday and heads to the Senate. The bill prevents state agencies from dealing with ISPs not honoring net neutrality.

Supposed Bitcoin co-inventor sued for more than $10 billion in cryptocurrency

A recent lawsuit alleges that Craig Wright owes the estate of Dave Kleinman billions in unpaid Bitcoins generated between 2011 and 2013. Wright allegedly promised to pay the Kleinman family, but they never saw a digital dime.

50 Cent made thousands, not millions, from Bitcoin — and doesn’t have any of it

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson has confirmed to courts that he is not, in fact, a Bitcoin millionaire and never was, having never owned any or operated a wallet. He just didn't see the need to say otherwise until now.

Mining Bitcoin in the cloud is like renting a money printer and yes, it’s bizarre

HashFlare is one of the world's largest cryptocurrency cloud miners, with more than two million customers. It doesn’t call itself an investment platform -- but it claims everyone using it is making money.

IRS forces Coinbase to cough up tax data of 13,000 digital coin traders

Coinbase recently distributed an email stating that it must comply with the IRS and send tax-related data regarding 13,000 digital coin traders. The IRS smells foul play and originally demanded 500,000 records before settling.

Microsoft Teams will likely eventually offer a subscription-free version

The latest developer preview of Microsoft Teams shows the platform providing free access in the near future. Currently it requires an Office 365 subscription, pushing many potential customers to rival service Slack.

A word to the wise: Turn a deaf ear to all extraterrestrial data transmissions

A recent report suggests that humans should turn a deaf ear to data received by extraterrestrial communications based solely on the unknown. One scenario is a "zipped" A.I. created to lay the foundation for an alien conquest.
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YouTube Live’s new geotags allow world exploration from your couch

YouTubers can now browse videos by location, use a Super Chat to trigger a pet feeder or confetti canon, or watch live videos with automatic captions, thanks to a list of new features added to YouTube Live.