Hate stopping for gas? With Volvo’s new concierge program, you don’t have to

Volvo is rolling out a pilot concierge program for select XC90 and S90 owners in San Francisco. The program includes fueling, cleaning, and maintenance services and will eventually become a part of the brand’s Volvo On Call app.
Cool Tech

Dashbot is the hands-free, eyes-free AI assistant your car is dreaming of

Dashbot is a smart AI assistant, designed to be 100 percent voice-controlled so drivers keep their hands on the wheel -- and, just as importantly, their eyes on the road. It is available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

Volkswagen’s midsize pickup could arrive by the end of the decade

Volkswagen's North American division is looking into entering the mid-size pickup truck segment before the end of the decade. The model we could get is a U.S.-spec variant of the second-generation Amarok that will arrive in a year or two.

China’s 1,341 horsepower Nio EP9 electric supercar is already setting records

NextEV has launched its car brand, called Nio, and its first product, an electric supercar called the EP9. It claims the EP9 has already set lap records at two famous European racetracks.

As it works to recover from its diesel emissions scandal, VW will cut 30,000 jobs

Volkswagen will cut 30,000 jobs in Germany as it moves to recover from the "Dieselgate" emissions scandal and boost profits. Job cuts in North America, Brazil, and Argentina are coming as well.

Nutonomy's self-driving taxis to start testing in Boston without passengers

By year's end, MIT-spinoff Nutonomy will begin testing self-driving taxis in Boston's Raymond L. Flynn Marine Park. The cars won't transport passengers during the tests. Nutonomy is currently running a similar test program in Singapore.

Why Porsche won't build smaller, more affordable cars any time soon

Porsche has squashed rumors that it will expand its lineup with a third crossover positioned below the Macan and a more affordable mid-engined model. A downmarket move isn't happening, but Porsche will continue to launch new models.

Jaguar could completely reinvent the F-Type by moving the engine

Jaguar's top designer has revealed the company is weighing the pros and cons of making the next-generation F-Type mid-engined. Adopting a mid-engined layout would turn the F-Type into a completely different kind of car.

Tesla’s fascinating self-driving car video shows us exactly what the vehicle ‘sees’

A fascinating new video released by Tesla over the weekend shows us exactly what its self-driving Autopilot technology "sees" as one of its cars navigates regular roads.

Elon Musk isn’t worried about a Trump presidency — not for Tesla, at least

Despite concerns raised earlier this week that a Trump administration would be catastrophic for Musk's company Tesla Motors, the CEO said it would be a "fundamental misunderstanding" to jump to such conclusions.

You can now order Uber eGift Cards online

Nothing says "I love you" this holiday season quite like a ride in a hired car. At least, that's what Uber seems to believe, now that it's giving customers the option to buy Uber gift cards online.

Amazon customers will be able to buy Fiat Chrysler cars with an online discount

Starting in Italy with three Fiat models, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is partnering with Amazon to sell cars online. Fiat wants to appeal to bargain seekers who prefer to shop from home. Fiat will increase promotions up to 33 percent for…