HP takes Star Wars branding to the Dark Side with this Empire-themed notebook

If you just can't get enough Star Wars stuff, HP has a special edition laptop that will have you feeling the force again in no time. The HP Star Wars notebook will be available for pre-order on October 8th.

Google’s plan to speed up the mobile Web takes aim at Facebook Instant Articles

Google has introduced its own platform for publishers, named Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). It is an open source project to build a faster mobile Web, capable of loading webpages ten times faster as it does currently.

Surface Pro 3 vs. Surface Pro 4: Spec showdown 4:09

The Surface Pro 4 is the latest-and-greatest device in Microsoft's Surface lineup, but how does it compare with its predecessor, and should you upgrade? Check out our spec comparison for a closer look at the hardware powering both…

Updated Type Cover and Surface Pen now available for pre-order

While we may have mocked the stylus just a few years ago, it appears to be making a comeback. With that in mind, Microsoft has put its new Surface Pen up for pre-order, making it compatible with the Surface Pro 4.

HP takes the wrapping off its holiday PC line-up

HP has unveiled a bevy of products set to release over the next few months, including a new Pavilion gaming laptop and the world's largest curved all-in-one computer.

MSI shows off new GK-701 Cherry MX mechanical gaming keyboard

If you like Cherry MX Brown switches, but don't care for RGB backlighting, then MSI's new mechanical gaming keyboard may be the right one for you. It features all that and more in a slimline, competitively priced package.

Is World of Warships making your PC sweat? Here’s how to improve performance

World of Warships is a beautiful game of ship-to-ship combat set in World War II. While it's not the most demanding game around, it can tax mid-range and mobile PCs. Fortunately, just a few tweaks can really boost your framerate.

Stuck at a desk all day? Put your feet up with the Foot Hammock

Possibly useful for anyone that frequently gets uncomfortable sitting at a desk all day, the Foot Hammock provides a new way to rest your feet and relax without having to leave your office chair.

With real Windows 10 under the hood, Microsoft hardware is finally ready to roar

Microsoft has struggled to re-invent itself for over a decade. Most of its attempts have fallen flat, but its new hardware may be the exception. Is this the year Redmond stops playing catch-up, and starts to lead?

Need to work from the road? Here’s the 5 best laptops with LTE

Are you looking a 4G LTE laptop that you can use with a data plan from your provider to enjoy extra-fast wireless no matter where you need to work? We have the best options around.

Microsoft's newest Surface Pro is the hardware showcase Windows 10 needs

Despite a difficult beginning, Microsoft never gave up on the Surface Pro. That commitment has paid off. The latest Pro refines its predecessor's rough edges and looks ready to set a new standard for 2-in-1 PCs.

Microsoft Surface Book vs. MacBook Pro 13: Spec Showdown 4:20

The MacBook Pro 13 has long been the gold standard for laptops, but Microsoft's new, more versatile Surface Book offers an alternative. Will it drive old-fashioned laptops extinct, or does the Pro prove the clamshell still has…