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Cool Tech

Insect-inspired flotation system could save your drone from a watery grave

If you regularly fly your drone over water, or simply want more reliable landing gear for your flying machine, then check out the WaterStrider, an accessory that lets your drone float on water as well as cope with rough landings on rugged…

When Dyson makes a hair dryer, it’s going to be quiet, powerful, and pricey

At $399, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is pretty much exactly what you'd expect from the vacuum maker. It looks like a Dyson product and promises to be powerful, quiet, and lightweight.

Dodge baggage fees and still pack plenty with these travel bags and tips

Carry-on spaces are ideal for when you are traveling light or avoiding baggage fees. Here are five products that help you expand the constricting space.
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Planet Earth is getting greener, and oddly enough, that’s probably not a good sign

A new study suggests that additional carbon dioxide emissions have caused a huge increase in plant foliage. Though apparently positive at first glance, the data may actually signify more complex environmental issues.
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Throwable ‘seed bombs’ sprout wildflowers that support our dwindling bee population

Hunger is a problem around the world, and much of the earth's food supply is dependent on a dying breed of bees. That's why San Francisco-based startup Seedles is growing 1 billion wildflowers to help the global bee population…
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SkySafe bombards unauthorized drones with radio waves to wirelessly bring them down

SkySafe has announced a drone detection system that can identify and track drones. The system then uses radio frequency signals to wirelessly bring down any drones flying in private airspace without proper authorization or…

Want to eat better? Modus makes it easy to manage your nutrition

Looking to improve the quality of food you eat? Calorie counting can be time consuming, but Modus is looking to change that. The device is basically a portable scale that works with your phone, tracking all the nutrients you need during the…

480TB of storage in a single chassis: check out the Backblaze Pod 6.0

Need some extra storage? You can build a 480TB server, if you really want to. Backblaze designed it, and open sourced the hardware, so anyone crazy enough to try can buy the parts and get started.

Extend your phone’s battery life and storage capacity with the KuPower

Sleek and silver, the KuPower not only recharges your phone and serves as an external storage drive, but also diagnoses the health of your phone's battery. Head on over to its Kickstarter to learn more.
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Drones are delivering drinks at a cafe in the Netherlands

The only way to make bars better? Have drones deliver the drinks. That, at least, is the premise behind the world's first drone cafe, which has just opened its doors in the Dutch city of Eindhoven.
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Drones are helping scientists find biofuel-producing plants

Researchers studying sorghum plants as a biofuel source are turning to drones as a way of collecting data about their crops. The drone surveillance program for plants is being developed by smart drone technology pioneer Near Earth Autonomy…