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Weekend Workshop: End backyard buzzing with a mosquito trap made from a tire 3:11

With Zika and other mosquito-borne illnesses causing their fair share of a raucous lately, this DIY mosquito trap using nothing more than an old car tire and a PVC pipe drainage valve is the perfect weekend project.

Smart buttons from Kwik want to give Amazon Dash a run for its money

Press a button, receive your heart's desire. That's been the guiding principle behind the increasingly popular Amazon Dash Buttons. But staying dominant in the space may not be as easy for Amazon now that Kwik has raised $3 million.

Innovative lens filter offers physical, on-camera control of color temperature

Icelava is lens filter that acts as an all-in-one color temperature adjustment. By simply turning the filter, you can instantly change the color balance between 2,900-6,300K, but it comes at the cost of two stops of light.

A photo of your hotel room can help fight sex trafficking

TraffickCam is an app and service from the Exchange Initiative that helps crowdsource efforts to end sex trafficking by asking people to submit photographs of hotel rooms they stay at throughout their travels.
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Virtual Eye could be a potential lifesaver for military and first responders

A new virtual reality technology in development could help first responders and our military see into dangerous places without risking human life. Best of all? It's in real time.
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With ten 3D printers and a robotic attendant, this automated fab lab doesn't need any human help

By setting an off-the-shelf robotic arm loose on a bunch of cheap 3D printers, Tend.AI was able to create a low-cost, fully-automated manufacturing facility that fits inside a garage
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Boston Dynamics serves up the stuff of nightmares with its ‘dancing’ SpotMini robot

Capable of inducing nightmares based solely on its dance moves, Boston Dynamics' SpotMini robot is the latest creation from the Massachusetts-based outfit. Though owned by Google, a sale of the company is reportedly imminent.
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Brilliant VR startup leverages the ‘memory palace’ technique to boost learning speed

Macunx calls its virtual environments “memory palaces.” They are, in essence, visual, spatial learning spaces which, Dr Ralby says, will enable users to memorize new languages or facts at a previously unimaginable speed.
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New research paper from Google reveals what the company fears most about AI

It’s hard to think of a company more infatuated with AI than Google. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t aspects of AI that scare the search giant. In a newly-published paper, it reveals what those things are -- and what it's doing…

With some help from CGI, the shape-shifting Blackbird can look like any car

The Blackbird is a fully adjustable vehicle rig that can alter its chassis to match the dimensions of nearly any car. The Blackbird can then be re-skinned with CGI to look like just about anything for advertisements.
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Great Britain may be out of the EU, but bitcoin is definitely in the black

Even as stock markets and world currencies flail in vain at Brexit, the bitcoin suddenly spiked in value, surging past $650, up $100 from the previous day (when it still seemed possible that the EU could stay together).

As an energy infrastructure company that also sells cars, Tesla enters a new phase

Creating a sustainable, clean energy company reflects Tesla CEO's long-term business plan. Tesla cars will spur the e-car market. More electric cars on the road, regardless of brand, will create demand for a convenient home energy source.