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Everything you can buy for the Nintendo Switch, from chargers to headphones

The Nintendo Switch is here, but like all new consoles, the basic $300 price tag doesn’t necessarily reflect how much it will cost you. As a Switch newbie you’ll also need games, for a start, so you can add those to your grand total. And the cost only goes up from there. Since the Switch is both a home console and a handheld, it has some the requirements of both. Players will likely want to grab additional controllers so they can play with friends, as well as chargers to keep those Joy-Cons running. Carrying cases, screen protectors, controller grips — there are lots of potential add-ons to consider. Here’s a large and ever-growing list of every accessory you can buy to enhance your Nintendo Switch experience.

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Joy-Con controllers ($80)

You’re going to need at least a few more Joy-Cons if you want to take advantage of the Switch’s multiplayer capabilities. The console comes with two of the small controllers, which combine to make a controller for one person (although for games like 1-2 Switch, each half of a Joy-Con can be used by one person). Some games support as many as eight players, so extra controllers are a must if you truly want to make the most of the console’s capabilities. You’ll also likely also want to keep extra controllers on hand so you can charge a pair while using a pair. Joy-Cons come in pairs, and you can get them in either gray or neon color schemes. Expect the neon ones to be harder to find, though.

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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller ($70)

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

When you want a more conventional controller experience, the aptly titled Pro Controller is the way to go. The Switch’s Joy-Con controllers can be separated for greater range of motion, but they lack a D-Pad that’s essential to some games, like a few available on the Nintendo Virtual Console. A Pro Controller is probably an essential grab for players who love fighting games and the like, too.

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