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Report: 'Call of Duty: WWII' takes series back to D-Day

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After Battlefield took the fight back to World War I, Call of Duty appears to be going back almost as far.

The Call of Duty series has tackled modern warfare, near-future warfare, and high-tech, futuristic space warfare in recent years, but it appears that this year’s game will return the franchise to its World War II roots. Its rumored title, Call of Duty: WWII, should leave players with little doubt about the game’s content.

Eurogamer has learned that Call of Duty: WWII, developed by Advanced Warfare studio Sledgehammer, will be released this year. The game’s focus appears to line up with earlier statements by Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg that the series would be moving away from science-fiction settings.

YouTube channel “TheFamilyVideoGames” received a series of apparent promotional posters for Call of Duty: WWII, including a shot of a group of American soldiers hiding behind tank traps on the beach at Normandy. This would suggest a D-Day mission, which was previously seen in Call of Duty 2 back in 2005.

Another image seen in the video very clearly shows soldiers on the beach, with one holding an M1 carbine that was heavily used during the war by American troops, as well as a steel book featuring the title on the spine, and more tank traps and beach.

Call of Duty: WWII will be the first time the series has gone back to World War II since 2010’s Black Ops. That game featured a short section, told in flashback, that set the stage for the game’s 1960s-set story. Its predecessor, 2008’s World at War, was the last game set entirely during World War II, and split its time between the Russians’ European campaign and the American Marines’ struggle against Japan. The game was by far the most violent in the entire series, with dismembered corpses and copious amounts of blood highlighting the vicious, intense combat that took place during the war.