Check your wallet: PlayStation Plus price hike hits North America in September

Sony is increasing the cost of its PlayStation Plus membership program in the United States and Canada for the first time since the service's launch in 2010, and members can expect to see higher renewal prices as early as next month.

Nvidia may have finally solved bug on high refresh monitors

A power draw bug that's been affecting high refresh monitors with G-Sync on Nvidia systems may have finally been solved. What was earlier resolved for single display systems popped up again, but this time for multi-display systems.

‘Star Citizen’ developers show 52 minutes of gameplay at Gamescom

The various mechanics and gameplay systems being put together for Star Citizen are finally starting to morph into a cohesive experience, as evidenced by Cloud Imperium Games' Gamescom presentation.

Is this a new, unannounced PlayStation 4 model? We may find out soon

Savvy collectors have managed to snag a new, unannounced model of the PlayStation 4, featuring rounded edges and a slimmer design. Sony is expected to reveal news on the console next month.
Home Theater

Sennheiser unveils gaming-focused audio amplifiers and new gaming headsets

Sennheiser has plenty of experience with gaming-focused audio gear, but the new GSX 1000 and GSX 1200 Pro amplifiers are aimed at the world of eSports, while the GSP 300 headset is meant for gamers on a budget.

Japan’s prime minister became ‘Super Mario’ at the Olympic closing ceremony

It's not every day you see a world leader dressed up as a famous video game character, but that's exactly what happened during the Rio Olympics' closing ceremony on Sunday night.

Nintendo should bring these series back as mobile games

Nintendo doesn't seem interested in bringing its biggest franchises to Android and iOS... but it doesn't need to. Here are ten neglected Nintendo properties that deserve a second chance as mobile games.

Asus crams the Nvidia GeForce GTX 10-series of GPUs into six ROG gaming laptops

Asus has announced that six Republic of Gamers notebooks now offer Nvidia's GeForce GTX 10-Series graphics chips, calling a "world's first" with the GX800. This model packs an 18-inch screen and supports an external liquid-cooling dock.

Leave the grinding behind with these ‘No Man’s Sky’ crafting tips

It's easy to get caught up in the endless grind for resources that is 'No Man's Sky.' Avoid the slog with these eight tips, which will help you mine more efficiently and utilize your ingredients in the best way possible.

Nvidia’s GTX 1080 can crack passwords as easily as it can game

Nvidia’s latest GTX 1080 graphics card is good for more than just gaming. It turns out its new Pascal architecture is excellent for digital forensics and, in particular, cracking passwords.
Social Media

How Hasbro animated Mr. Monopoly’s Facebook Live broadcast in real time

Live-streaming video is becoming easier than ever, but what about live video featuring a cartoon character? Here's how Hasbro pulled of an animation of Mr. Monopoly on Facebook Live using motion-capture technology.

An Italian bishop threatens to sue Niantic over ‘diabolical’ Pokémon Go’

Bishop Antonio Stagliano is threatening to sue Niantic, accusing it of turning thousands of young people into the walking dead with its "diabolical" new "Pokemon Go" game. This may have something to do with his church serving as a…