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The best weapons in ‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild,’ and where to find them

One of the many ways The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild breaks radically from series conventions is in how it handles weapons. In past Zelda games, Link would acquire a wide variety of special tools, such as boomerangs and hookshots, but would only use a handful of swords over the course of any given adventure. Breath of the Wild goes the opposite direction — almost every weapon has a finite lifespan, and breaks after a certain number of strikes. Link will easily churn through dozens, if not hundreds of weapons over the course of his time in Hyrule. Don’t get too attached to anything, from the first stick you pick up off the ground to that glowing, ancient blade pried from the grip of a dead guardian.

Part of the game’s fun is just going with the flow and working with what you find, since the weapons you pick up in a given area are usually good enough to handle the local wildlife. For those times when you need something a bit more high-end, however, we’ve compiled a list of the best weapons you can find. Breath of the Wild is enormous, so this list is far from comprehensive, but rather it’s a selection of some of the coolest, toughest weapons that we’ve found in each category , and where you can locate them. Note that weapons taken from defeated enemies or that spawn out in the world will respawn during the periodic Blood Moon events, but anything found in a chest is only available there once.

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