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Never mind Netflix, these are the best TV shows streaming on Hulu

Editor’s note: This list is continually updated to reflect recent Hulu offerings, as TV shows are frequently added and removed based upon content availability.

Streaming TV shows is no new concept, but its popularity is at an all-time high. Fans of most television series’ need not worry about catching their favorite show the night it airs, or even bother setting up their DVR.

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So to help you sort through the brimming vault that is Hulu’s library, we’ve put together a list of our favorite TV shows currently available for streaming service. From uproarious comedies such as South Park and Community to animated cult classics like Cowboy Bebopwe cover it all and bring you the absolute best Hulu features.

Action & Adventure

Samurai Jack

Though it originally aired on Cartoon Network, Genndy Tartakovsky’s Samurai Jack is not merely kid’s fare. The show follows an unnamed samurai prince (Phil LaMarr), who attempts to liberate his kingdom from the reign of the demon lord Aku (Mako Iwamatsu). Although the samurai overpowers Aku, the demon tears open a portal through time, flinging him into the distant future, where Aku rules the world and beyond. In the future, the samurai — dubbed “Jack” by some locals — must wander, seeking a way to return to the past and vanquish Aku. Jack’s quest takes him to many strange places, and the show frequently plays with form and genre. One episode, a riff on film noir, follows a robotic P.I. trying to track Jack. The show’s gorgeous visuals and understated storytelling make it one of the greatest animated series ever made.

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Vikings Im

The History Channel melds historic accuracy with epic action in Vikings, a dramatized recounting of a profilic figure in Scandinavian history, Ragnar Lodbrok. Vikings follows the exploits of the cunning Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) as he becomes the most powerful ruler of Europe’s Viking Age, or at least, the one the history books and Nordic Sagas remember him as. The show has received much acclaim during its run thus far — and without the gratuitous nudity common to most cable epics — earning it numerous Emmy nominations for both effects and design.

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The Wrong Mans

Wrong Mans

This Hulu original series follows Sam Pinkett, an unassuming office worker from Berkshire County Council, who witnesses an accident one night that ultimately leads to a case of mistaken identity. Along with his friend and coworker Phil Bourne, Sam becomes wrapped up in a comedy of errors that turns dangerous for the two friends and their families. Writers-actors Mathew Baynton and James Corden deliver a high quality adventure filled with action, dark humor, and intrigue.

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Before he was the mastermind behind Marvel’s cinematic universe, Joss Whedon was known for creating memorable television series such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly. While the latter only lasted for one season before it was ultimately cancelled and later revived with the film Serenity, it has garnered a rabid cult following. The sci-fi series is set just after an inter-planetary civil war between the populated inner system planets and the outer planets, where life resembles the American West. The series is well known for its cast of likable characters, including Nathan Fillion’s Mal Reynold, who captains the titular ship, and is arguably the coolest space criminal since Han Solo.

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Leverage 1

Fans of heist movies like Ocean’s Eleven or The Italian Job will no doubt enjoy the TNT drama, Leverage. The show follows a five-person heist team dedicated to helping ordinary citizens avoid corporate or government harm. Timothy Hutton stars in this crime drama which saw most of its five season run filmed in Digital Trends’ home city of Portland, Oregon.

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Cowboy Bebop

Bebop 2

Anime is often labeled as a niche genre. However, like with all forms of media, there are breakout examples that transcend the genre, crossing over in appeal. Cowboy Bebop is a prime example. Set in the early era of humanity’s colonization of the Solar System, a ragtag group of bounty hunters led by Spike Spiegel (Steven Blum) make ends meet by taking in wanted criminals, while simultaneously trying to avoid the law and powerful criminal organizations. This space western has been lauded as one of the best anime series ever made, with a memorable cast and compelling story, and featuring one of the most iconic final scenes ever.

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