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Forget Netflix, these are the best TV shows streaming on Hulu

Streaming TV shows is no new concept, but its popularity is at an all-time high. Fans of most television series’ need not worry about catching their favorite show the night it airs, or even bother setting up their DVR. Rather, with a membership to a streaming giant such as Hulu, you’ll always have quick access to the latest episode of Fox’s Empire or the ability to re-watch The X-Files before the series returns in January.

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So to help you sort through the brimming vault which is Hulu’s library, we’ve put together a list of our favorite TV shows currently available for streaming. From uproarious comedies such as South Park and Seinfeld, to the ongoing exploits of Doctor Whowe cover it all and bring you the absolute best Hulu features.

Writer’s note: This list is continually updated to reflect recent Hulu offerings as TV shows are frequently added and removed based upon content availability.

Updated February 8, 2016 by Brendan Hesse: Updated to reflect current offerings on Hulu. 

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Recent Additions

watch-now-button-175x20The Awesomes


This comic-inspired action/comedy from the minds of Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker, who currently write for Meyer’s late night show, Late Nite With Seth Meyers, follows a group of blundering super heroes as the do their best to save the world. Voice talent includes several SNL cast members, past and present, including Meyers, Emily Spivey, Taran Killan, and Keenan Thompson.



Three friends (co-creators Blake Anderson, Adem DeVine, Anders Holm) who also happen to be roommates and coworkers — recently dropped out of college, taking up boring jobs at a telemarketing company, TelAmeriCorp, whilst still living their lives doing all the things normally associated with college life, including partying and hatching hare-brained schemes with their drug dealer (player by fellow series co-creator Kyle Newacheck). The four castmates serves as the show’s primary writers.

watch-now-button-175x20Broad City


Ilana and her best friend Abbi are two twenty-something women, living in New York. Abbi is a stuggling artist, working at a fitness center while she attempts to get her career off the ground. Ilana, on the other hand, does everything in her power to avoid working, and instead pursues all manner of pleasurable distractions, including sexual escapes and consuming large amounts of marijuana. The two are often pulled into crazy scenarios, frequently as a consequence of one of Ilana’s ill-conceived plots. Broad City has received high praise from critics due to its clever writing and subtle-yet-effective message of female empowerment.

watch-now-button-175x20Fear the Walking Dead


The Walking Dead comic and TV series creator, Robert Kirkman, teamed up with producer Dave Erickson to co-create this spin-off series. Fear the Walking Dead takes audiences out of the Southern US setting of the original series, to Los Angeles, California at the very onset of the zombie outbreak. The setting and plot are far more urgent and terrifying than that of the main series. Fear the Walking Dead stars Kim Dickens and Cliff Curtis as Madison Clark and Travis Manawa, respectively, a couple who find themselves face-to-face with a crumbling civilization and hordes of shambling horrors.

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