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5 easy ways to archive all of your favorite Instagram videos

For many, Instagram has become a regular pastime. The app allows us to creep on and apathetically “like” photos and videos that define our circle of digital friends, acquaintances, frienemies, and even complete strangers. However, while it’s easy enough to take a screenshot, saving iconic videos from the platform is a bit more difficult – but not impossible. We’ve rounded up five easy ways to download and organize all of your favorite Instagram videos, using a service on the web, iOS, or Android.

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SaveDeo (Web)


SaveDeo is a convenient option for those looking to easily download Instagram videos, so long as you’re not trying to download a video from a private account. Simply load the video you want, in the browser of your choice, and then copy and paste the URL into the text field at the top of the page. Afterward, select Download and click the red download link on the following page. If the video opens in a new tab, simply right-click the video, select Save video as… from the drop-down menu, and choose a save location for the resulting MP4.



IFTTT automates the entire archiving process. First, however, you’ll need to set up both Dropbox and IFTTT accounts. Once you’re signed up for both, select the Save your Instagram videos to a Dropbox folder option on the IFTTT website. After that, you’ll need to grant permission to IFTTT to access your Instagram and Dropbox accounts.

You will have the ability to choose which videos are saved to the associated Dropbox account. You can create specific triggers to save videos you’ve specifically “liked,” too, or videos you’ve uploaded to Instagram. The videos will be backed up toDropbox as MP4s files.

DreDown (Web)


The DreDown website isn’t going to win any awards for aesthetic, nor will it allow you to download Instagram videos from private users (even if you’re “following” them). But, within just a few clicks, you’ll be able to save your videos. First, click the Instagram link on the left-hand side of the screen. Afterward, copy the URL for the video you want to save and paste it into the video link. Hit DreDown! to the right of the text field, and click the blue MP4 Video link on the following page before choosing a save location for your resulting MP4. That’s it!

InstaSave (Android)


InstaSave is a great mobile option for Android users. When browsing Instagram, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner of the video you’d like to save. Then, select the Copy Share URL from the resulting menu and open InstaSave. The video will then be listed in your feed. Tap the down arrow below the latest video and select Save — all of your saved videos and photos will appear in this InstaSave feed. You can also easily delete videos that have since lost their luster directly from InstaSave.

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InstaSave Repost for Instagram (iOS)


There are several apps in iTunes that are designed for saving Instagram videos and photos, but, sadly, many of these apps don’t come free of charge. InstaSave (unrelated to the Android version of the same name), however, is, and it’s easy to use. Simply download the app, connect your account, and grant the app permission to access your Instagram feed. Once you’re signed into Instagram, anything you “like” — whether it be a photo or video — will be saved in a clean, chronological feed. Here, you can also see your likes in the classic grid format with which we’re all accustomed.

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