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Facebook adds Shazam-like audio recognition to tag TV shows, music

Incorporating a fairly complex audio recognition tool within the status update interface, Facebook is attempting to make it easier for you to let your friends know about your favorite music and TV shows.

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Facebook users can now ‘ask’ their friends about their relationship status

Is your crush single or taken? If his or her relationship status is mysteriously unlisted on Facebook, the social network's new "ask" feature will let you step up and ask for yourself.

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Twitter may make another run at music, considering deal to buy Soundcloud

Twitter, fresh from killing off its own music app, may renew its pursuit of a viable audio streaming service as it looks into buying Soundcloud. The company is looking to purchase recovery by buying the music service.

Facebook may launch a Snapchat competitor called ‘Slingshot’

Facebook is reportedly working on a new app called "Slingshot" to challenge ephemeral messaging apps like Snapchat. Slingshot will most likely work as a standalone app and might launch this month.


Adidas lets sneakerheads customize a pair of shoes using Instagram photos

Want the ultimate pair of customized sneakers that nobody else on the playground will have? Adidas will soon let you create your own kicks by printing your favorite Instagram photo onto a pair of ZX Flux sneakers.


Yahoo acquires Snapchat-style messaging app Blink, though it’ll close it in coming weeks

Marissa Mayer's strategy of sweeping up developer talent and technology for Yahoo's push into mobile shows no sign of easing after it emerged Tuesday that the Internet firm has acquired Snapchat-style app Blink.


Texas teenager scores a prom date with NFL cheerleader using Twitter

Likely the envy of every other hormone-driven, male teenager at his school, a teenager in Texas was able to use the power of retweets on Twitter to convince a Houston Texans cheerleader to attend prom with him.

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Twitter announces a mute option to silence annoying users

Ideal for all the Twitter users that endlessly spam your main feed, Twitter's new mute option will offer users the ability to remove tweets from the feed without actually unfollowing users.

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Hotel owners complain of being held ‘hostage’ by TripAdvisor users

Hoping to resolve the issue with TripAdvisor at some point in the future, hotels and restaurants are being forced into handing over freebies to TripAdvisor users or be faced with a negative online review.


Denver Broncos wide receiver Cody Latimer turns NFL draft into family trip with mom

How do you celebrate Mother's Day without missing the biggest event in your career? For former Indiana Hoosiers wide receiver – and future Denver Bronco – Cody Latimer, it means turning your NFL draft into your family's first trip to New York City.


Twitter adds notifications for suspicious logins and SMS reset option

Working to increase the overall security of Twitter accounts on the Web and mobile devices, a new verification feature checks login attempts by location, device type and frequency.

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ABC picks up a new comedy called ‘Selfie’ about a social media addict

Attempting to take advantage of the popularity of social networks in modern society, ABC has greenlit a comedy about a girl obsessed with selfies and promoting herself virtually on Instagram.

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Facebook retires the Poke, Camera mobile applications

Failing to capture the same level of attention that teenagers give to Snapchat, Facebook has quietly removed the Poke mobile application from the App Store as well as the older Camera application.

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Surprise! Your incriminating selfies on Snapchat weren’t deleted after all

The popular messaging app, which promised users photos and videos that disappear forever, was forced to settle with the Federal Trade Commission over allegations of misleading consumers and misusing customer data.

Why the viral video ‘Look Up’ is sentimental nonsense

The Look Up video, which says we should stop looking at our phones and talking through social networks, is a viral sensation. But it's also a dangerous piece of propaganda which could end our quiet and peaceful lives.