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50 Cent calls AT&T ‘racist’ amid stalled TV contract negotiations

The 40 year-old rapper 50 Cent has called out AT&T as "racist" due to the company's stalled contract negotiations with Starz (and sister channel Encore). 50 Cent produces and stars in the Starz show Power.

The slowest Internet in the country can be found in four very surprising cities

If you think your Internet is absurdly slow, like 1990s dial-up slow, you may be painfully correct if you live in one of four major cities that suffer from some of the worst Internet connections in the country.

And the largest fine in FCC history goes to … AT&T for throttling data speeds

AT&T will cough up $100 million for throttling its customer's data and not properly informing them of the practice. AT&T argues back that throttling is necessary to ensure overall network performance, but the FCC says unlimited data means…

AT&T wants to put a wearable on your wrist: Check out the Healbe GoBe, Misfit Flash, and more

AT&T introduced a slew of new wearables for its customers that will be available from June 26. The Healbe GoBe, Misfit Flash, Withings Activité, Mio Fuse, and more are in the lineup.

AT&T appears ready to play ball with the FCC to land DirecTV

AT&T appears ready to play ball with new net neutrality rules to seal its $48.5 billion deal with DirecTV. But there are still some serious concerns that have to be worked out before the merger goes through.

AT&T’s head honcho says phone contracts will eventually go the way of the dinosaurs

If we were to take AT&T's Ralph de la Vega's words to heart, then the end of traditional two-year contracts will be a slow one, albeit one that will surely happen. This comes just as AT&T nixed two-year contracts through third-party…

LG gives tablets another chance with the G Pad F 8.0 on AT&T

AT&T announced the LG G Pad F 8.0, LG's first U.S. tablet in almost a year. The G Pad F 8.0 doesn't do much to differentiate itself from its predecessor, save for two specific features. You can read on to learn what those features are.

AT&T will reportedly begin to wean customers off two-year contracts on June 1

The relationship between AT&T and two-year contracts looks to be nearing its end, as the carrier might begin to eliminate them starting June 1. New and existing customers will still be able to get contracts, but sales reps will push AT&T…

FTC wants bankruptcy court to approve RadioShack’s customer data sale under certain conditions

The FTC has gotten involved in RadioShack's bankruptcy process, saying that the bankruptcy court can approve RadioShack's sale of customer information, so long as the sale meets certain conditions.

AT&T vs. Verizon vs. Sprint vs. T-Mobile: Who has the best individual plan?

Can't figure out which cell provider you should go with? Navigating the depths of data plans and contracts can be confusing, so we've gone through all the offerings from Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T to help you pick which is best for…
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AT&T and Hulu get cozy in new multi-platform partnership

Hulu and AT&T have announced a joint effort to bring Hulu to the AT&T customers. According to a press release by AT&T this week, the commuications giant will offer Hulu subscription streaming service to its subscribers across multiple…

Apple and AT&T step in to stop auction of RadioShack’s customer data

Apple and AT&T have both submitted filings in RadioShack's bankruptcy process, arguing that the retailer cannot sell customer information of those who bought their products through the store.