Soon your smartwatch and phone will have the same number, thanks to U.S. carriers

If your smartwatch has its own SIM card, you'll soon be able to use the same number as your smartphone on it. AT&T revealed that its NumberSync technology will arrive soon to make sure that all your devices have the same number.

AT&T finally introduces Mexico to the wonders of 4G LTE

After spending close to $4.5 billion in purchases, AT&T finally announced its 4G LTE network rollout into Mexico, starting with six cities. Over the course of three years, AT&T hopes to blanket as many as 100 million Mexican subscribers.

You can now use Wi-Fi calling on AT&T

If you're an AT&T subscriber who's been waiting to make calls and texts via Wi-Fi, the wait is finally over (assuming you own one of the newer iPhones). The feature will automatically switch you over to Wi-Fi to make calls and texts when…
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ZTE Announces the ZMax 2, a $150 phablet bound for AT&T

Phablets are all the rage, and ZTE's got a new one. The ZMax 2 is headed to AT&T and TracFone, and at only $150, it's one of the least expensive big-screened phones we've yet seen.

AT&T takes some of its former employees to court over alleged phone unlocking scheme

AT&T filed a lawsuit against three of its former employees over a secretive phone unlocking scheme they took part in back in 2013. The defendants have 21 days to respond to the complaint, with the lawsuit not revealing how much AT&T is…

AT&T unlimited customer? Good news, your data won’t be throttled until you hit 22GB

AT&T says its work on improving the network has made an increase in the data limit on its legacy Unlimited Data Plans possible. Now, you'll have 22GB per month to play with before any throttling may occur.
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Theater community rages against AT&T for ill-conceived tweet

In this session of Failed Marketing 101, AT&T upsets the theater community with a recent tweet that insinuated you should use your phone to watch football during a theater performance. As you can imagine, that tweet didn't go over very…

The ZTE Mobley is the vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot you’ve been looking for

Adding a Wi-Fi hotspot to your car has never been easier. The ZTE Mobley connects users to AT&T's powerful 4G LTE network to connect up to 5 devices. Best of all, you never have to charge it.

The super-thin Galaxy Tab S2 arrives in the U.S. on Sept 3, Here’s where you can buy one

You can finally get your hands on the super-thin Galaxy Tab S2 next month. Whether it's the Wi-Fi or the Wi-Fi/LTE version you're looking for, we give you the lowdown on where you can get one starting September 3.

AT&T brings the DirecTV Everywhere app to the new LG G Pad X 10.1 on September 4

The LG G Pad X 10.1 Android tablet hits AT&T on September 4. It's a good all around tablet for everyone, but DirecTV customers will find it extra special. The tablet comes with a few cool software features and costs $350…

John Legere hype train has left the station and is headed toward overage annihilation

T-Mobile is the only U.S. carrier that doesn't charge overages, and CEO John Legere wants that to change. He plans on sending a message to the other carriers that can't be ignored.

AT&T is injecting ads into its Wi-Fi hotspots without user permission

There's no such thing as free Wi-Fi, and AT&T is getting paid by injecting ads into users' Internet browsing traffic, including ads for their own service.