AT&T goes on a journey with its first self-branded tablet, the Trek HD 4G LTE

AT&T announced its first self-branded Android tablet, the Trek HD 4G LTE. The tablet seems like a decent offering, especially for the price, so the budget-minded might want to take a closer look.
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AT&T is transforming how you connect your car with your smarthome

AT&T aims to make its technology the backbone of the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) world. Its voice recognition software will let a driver talk to the various smart devices in his or her home.

AT&T scales back speed throttling on unlimited LTE data users

Possibly good news for any AT&T subscriber that's still on an unlimited data plan, the wireless provider has limited the practice of data throttling to time periods of heavy network congestion.

AT&T faces $100M lawsuit for discrimination and one exec’s racist texts

Aaron Slator, president of content and advertising sales at AT&T, has been fired after an assistant discovered racist images that were sent from his phone. The company now faces a lawsuit over the issue.

T-Mobile CEO says cable companies may one day merge with carriers

T-Mobile CEO John Legere hinted that cable companies and carriers may one day merge to offer one-stop shopping for users. Legere envisions a future in which one company provides phone, cable, and Internet services.

83-year-old gets hit with $24,289 bill from AT&T by using AOL’s dial-up service

A California resident was surprised when he discovered he racked up over $24,000 in AT&T charges. The octogenarian uses AOL's dial-up Internet service through AT&T's landlines, which, for some reason, caused a sharp increase in his monthly…

Despite Comcast’s failure, AT&T’s $48.5 billion merger with DirecTV is looking good

AT&T's proposed merger with DirecTV seems likely to win approval from the FCC and Justice Department. The telecommunications giant plans to merge its regional pay-TV offerings with satellite programming.

AT&T might follow T-Mobile as the second national U.S. carrier to kill off two-year contracts

According to sources familiar with the matter, AT&T plans to kill off its two-year contracts in the end of May. If true, this will leave its Next program as the only way for people to buy its phones.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime makes its $180 U.S. debut on Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless announced it is the first U.S. carrier to sell the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, previously an Asia-exclusive smartphone. Features include 4G LTE and a $180 price tag.

How stolen data sold to a bald guy landed AT&T with record-breaking $25 million FCC fine

AT&T has been hit with a $25 million fine, the largest ever handed out by the FCC, over a lengthy data breach which took place last year, during which data related to 280,000 customers was illegally accessed.

Judge ruling allows the FTC to sue AT&T for throttling unlimited data customers

A federal judge in San Francisco ruled that, even with the FCC's new Net neutrality framework, the rules don't prevent the FTC from suing AT&T. As such, the FTC's lawsuit against the carrier will move forward.

Two lawsuits are challenging the FCC’s new net neutrality rules

About a month after the Federal Communications Commission approved new Net neutrality rules, legal challenges questioning the validity of the agency’s decision are starting to pour in.