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Facebook's Messenger platform now has quick replies, video support and more

Hot on the heels of news that Messenger now has 11,000 bots, Facebook has added a slew of features to the platform, including ratings and quick replies. The features should help improve user engagement with bots.
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No English? No problem: Facebook can translate posts into different languages

Facebook is testing a new feature that will allow you to automatically translate posts. Once translated, posts will display in their translated versions to those who don't speak the language of the original post.

11,000 bots now live on Facebook Messenger after just three months

Facebook launched bots on Messenger just three months ago, but developers are all over it. Over 11,000 bots have launched in that short period of time, but is anyone actually talking with the things?
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Don’t just like: Give. Facebook flips the switch on donate button for nonprofits

Facebook has launched a set of tools that allow you to raise money from your friends to donate to a registered non-profit charity of your choice. The feature will be rolled out to all U.S. users over the coming weeks.

RIP Paper: Facebook shreds its experimental, redesigned app for iOS

Facebook is shutting down Paper, its experimental attempt at a redesign of the Facebook app, which emphasized news reading and design. The app has been removed from the App Store, and was only available on the iPhone.
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Landmark privacy ruling in Belgium could end Facebook's European woes

Facebook has won an important legal battle in Belgium that allows it to continue to track the web activity of non-users of its social network. The country's data watchdog now plans to file a counter appeal against the social network.
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Facebook puts friends first in your feed thanks to transparent News Feed Values adoption 2:58

Facebook is making big adjustments to how it feeds your personal Facebook news feed, putting friends first, pushing out Spam, and pushing sponsored content down below what it believes you will find most relevant.
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Facebook tweaking its News Feed to show more of the stuff you care about

Facebook has announced an improvement to News Feed that will see content from your friends and family pushed to the fore, and posts deemed less relevant to your interests demoted.
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Turkey throttles access to Facebook and Twitter following airport attacks

Following the attacks on Istanbul Atatürk Airport, the Turkish government imposed severe throttling on social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. Some consider such throttling a form of censorship.
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Facebook wants you to share more with new "Like" buttons and Chrome extensions

Facebook is rolling out a new "Like" button and extensions that'll make sharing articles, webpages, and photos to your social media friends even easier than it already is.
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Facebook denies using your location data to suggest friends

Facebook is under scrutiny once again over privacy fears. This time the issue is its "people you may know" feature, which the social network has admitted uses your location to suggest friends. The good news is you can put a stop to it.
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Facebook plays tastemaker by recommending events you should attend

Facebook has tapped a team of curators to compile a “featured events” list that can help you discover what is happening offline in your locality. The tool is being rolled out on Monday for 10 of the biggest U.S. cities.