Facebook isn’t a teenage wasteland anymore, study says

A new study says that teens aren't fleeing Facebook in droves. In fact, they seem to be using the social network more often. Facebook is still the best of its kind, but Instagram and Snapchat are doing well, too.


Xbox One beats PlayStation 4 and Wii U to win the presidential election of Facebook ‘likes’

A fun bit of research recently examined the state-by-state breakdown of the Facebook “like”-based adoration for the three major video game consoles (Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U) and found that Microsoft’s dog is winning that fight.


How to stop Facebook from using your browser history

Unfortunately, it was only a matter of time before Facebook began selling your browser history to advertisers. Check out our guide on how to stop Facebook from using your browser history, whether you prefer to use a desktop browser or a mobile counterpart.

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British gov’t reportedly intercepting conversations from Facebook, Twitter, and Google

The British government is reportedly intercepting communications from social networks like Facebook and Twitter, emails and text messages even when there is no suspicion of wrongdoing.


Facebook officially launches Slingshot app, competitor to Snapchat

After accidentally releasing its new Snapchat competitor, Slingshot, Facebook has made its latest mobile app official. Like Snapchat, users can send disappearing photos and videos, but with a catch.


New Facebook iPad app emphasizes games and trending videos

Facebook is testing out a new update to its iPad app, which adds a sidebar for mobile game notifications, gaming suggestions, and trending content. The social network hopes to attract more game developers and players to its iPad app.


Facebook and Instagram open up to breast-feeding and post-mastectomy photos

Facebook has quietly reversed its controversial stances on breast-feeding and post-mastectomy photos – even ones showing nipples. The social network appears to have caved to an online campaign and changed its tune a couple weeks ago.

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Facebook Messenger adds in-app video recording, bigger thumbs

Facebook wants its messaging app to get everything it needs to compete with WhatsApp, Line, ChatOn, and other popular apps. The new Facebook Messenger lets you record short video clips and "Like" things with a giant blue thumbs-up.


Facebook to create better targeted ads based on Web browsing history

Facebook will use Web browsing history to offer better targeted ads, but it will also allow users to opt out of ad tracking, and control which ads they see. The new policy doesn't comply with the Web browser's do-not-track code of honor.

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Track the #WorldCup on Facebook, Twitter

Twitter and Facebook added special pages dedicated to posts about the 2014 World Cup, in advance of the opening match. Users can share "hashflags" on Twitter and go crazy on Facebook, cheering for their favorite teams.

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Facebook recruits PayPal president David Marcus to lead mobile messaging efforts

Facebook announced Monday it's hired PayPal president David Marcus to lead its mobile messaging efforts. Marcus is expected to focus on developing Messenger, Facebook's cross-platform app currently used by more than 200 million people a month.


Google, Facebook, ACLU, and others urge Senate to fix watered down NSA bill

The world's top technology companies, along with civil liberties groups and human rights organizations, are calling on the Senate to re-introduce a more comprehensive version of the USA Freedom Act.

Study finds that lonely women use Facebook all the time

According to a new study from Charles Sturt University in New South Wales, Australia, women who consider themselves to be lonely or depressed are more willing to disclose information through the social network.

If your company isn’t outraging users, you must not be keeping up

Is another move invading user privacy even a surprise from Facebook anymore? Sadly not, and our outrage followed by complacence has become just as cyclical.


Feeling hungry? You will soon find restaurant menus on Facebook

Definitely ideal for anyone that's an avid foodie as well as a Facebook user, the social network is now offering restaurant owners the ability to upload full menus that will be linked to the restaurant's Facebook page.

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