Facebook patent could allow lenders to examine your friends’ credit scores

Facebook obtained an updated patent on Tuesday that will allow lenders to analyze borrowers' social connections and offer or deny loans accordingly. Of course, Facebook may not ever use this option, especially if the FTC disputes its…
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Facebook launches live-streaming feature, but for celebs only

Facebook has been pushing into video in a big way recently, so it's kind of surprising it's taken the company this long to roll out a Periscope-like streaming feature. "Live" launched on Wednesday, though there is a catch: only celebs can…

Someone’s always watching: Hacker sends woman photos of her evening from her own webcam

In yet another frighteningly common yet incredibly invasive, terrifying occurrence, a hacker sent a series of photos of a woman's evening with her boyfriend to her Facebook account, seemingly taken from the couple's built-in laptop webcam.
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Facebook uses Lollapalooza to test a new live-streaming feature

If you can't get to Lollapalooza this weekend, Facebook has you covered: The world's biggest social network is testing a new Snapchat-style feature for streaming posts from live events.
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Chris Pratt calls for fan-created Facebook cover photos, hilarity ensues

Chris Pratt has launched a fan contest that will save him the trouble of having to create his next Facebook cover photo. Instead, he'll just have to wade through thousands of fan entries.
Cool Tech

Facebook’s Aquila is a solar-powered drone that beams Internet down to earth

Facebook's testing autonomous, solar-powered aircraft capable of beaming Internet down to earth from the stratosphere. They haven't yet entered the testing phase, but Facebook expects them to deliver downlink speeds of up to 10Gbps.
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Zuck says VR is Facebook’s next big thing as company reports healthy Q2 figures

Before Facebook gets into telepathy, Mark Zuckerberg says trends suggest virtual reality will soon become a major part of his social networking service. The CEO was speaking following the release of Q2 figures that beat expectations.
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German privacy group pushes Facebook to allow the use of pseudonyms

Facebook insists on its users presenting their real name. A German privacy group takes issue with the policy and believes it to be a violation of privacy. Hamburg Data Protection Authority intends get users the right to use pseudonyms.
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10 tech stories you missed this week: Jeep hacking recall, iTunes sale, and more

It can be challenging to keep track of everything that happens in the tech world. That's why, we have compiled a list of the top 10 tech stories from this week — just for you.

Nintendo invites Facebook employees to try their hand at Super Mario Maker levels

Facebook hackathons are an integral part of the company's culture, but while they aren't all about business, they aren't usually about playing games. That will all change later this month when Nintendo shows up with copies of Super Mario…

Target can now scour your Instagram photos to help decorate your dorm, if you want

Does whatever you like on Facebook contribute to your personal sense of style? According to Target, yes. They want to use college students' Facebook and Instagram profiles to determine dorm-room decor.
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Mark Zuckerberg’s life in photos, from diapers to Facebook

Facebook is, no doubt, a social media giant, but who's the man behind this billion dollar idea? We take a look at the life of Mark Zuckerberg.