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Facebook adds group video calling to Messenger

One of Facebook Messenger's most highly requested features -- group video calling -- is finally rolling out now via an update to the app. Up to six people can video call at the same time.
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Facebook launches group voice calls on its desktop version of Messenger

Facebook is joining the battle to dethrone Skype as the default video conferencing queen. Back in April, Facebook launched group voice calls on its Messenger app for mobile, but now, the full version is ready for your desktop.
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German Justice Minister says his country must do more to fight fake news

Germany's Justice Minister Heiko Maas insisted that German judges and state prosecutors ought to lay down the law on fake news spread via social media networks (like Facebook), and that it needed to happen immediately.
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Facebook’s Aquila drone crashed due to strong winds, NTSB investigation finds

A National Transportation Safety Board investigation found that the June 2016 crash of Facebook's Aquila drone was caused by overcompensation for stronger-than-expected winds, which caused a structural failure in the plane's right wing.
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Facebook could soon let users block certain types of ‘upsetting’ ads

Facebook is running a new experiment that allows people to turn off select ads that they deem upsetting. The changes are part of a wider update to the social network's ad preferences tool, aimed at making the feature easier to navigate.
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Facebook reveals second Instant Articles metrics error in the span of a month

Facebook said Friday that it's discovered a new t issue that affected a “small group” of Instant Articles content providers for over a month. It's fourth time Facebook has disclosed errors regarding its analytics since September.
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Facebook has a battle plan: Here's how the social network will fight fake news

On Thursday, the world's most popular social network Facebook unveiled a new plan to address the problem in a new post in their news room, titled "News Feed FYI: Addressing Hoaxes and Fake News."

Facebook Messenger puts the camera front and center in revamp 0:37

Facebook Messenger's camera now offers a higher quality experience and operates faster than ever before thanks to a revamp. More importantly, though, are several new camera-related features that make Messenger more like iMessage…
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Facebook seeking to procure original shows as part of video expansion

Facebook has begun talks with TV studios and sports broadcasters to license original video content for the social network. The meetings are being led by Facebook exec and CollegeHumor co-founder Ricky Van Veen.

The new version of Instagram lets you bookmark your favorite posts

A new version of the Instagram app lets you bookmark your favorite moments for posterity. They're saved in a private gallery within your profile, from which they can be deleted or shared with others.
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Facebook’s new ‘M Suggestions’ could bring more AI to Messenger

Facebook M may not be available to everyone just yet, but the company is testing a feature called M Suggestions that could help M play a much larger role in our messaging lives. There's no full release date for M Suggestions yet.
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Facebook unveils the Parents Portal, a social-media resource page for parents

Parents, get ready to get some advice from a rather unexpected source. On Tuesday, the social network's Head of Global Safety, Antigone Davis, published a blog post announcing the debut of Facebook Parents Portal.