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Facebook launches video comments to make your interactions even more immersive

Facebook users can now share video comments on posts from friends, pages, groups, and events. Having successfully tested the update on a small group of people, the immersive feature is now available worldwide.
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Something else to like about Facebook: Social media network adds 360-degree photos

360-degree videos have been Facebook-compatible since September. On Thursday, the social media network unveiled 360-degree stills -- and you don't need a 360 cam to create them.
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Facebook Lite sees some heavy growth one year after launch

Last year, the social media giant launched Facebook Lite, an app designed to give people a "faster experience on slower mobile networks," and 12 months later, the app has met with quite a bit of success.
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Facebook hires CollegeHumor co-founder Ricky Van Veen to boost video

Facebook is adding a new exec to its team in the form of internet video trailblazer Ricky Van Veen. The CollegeHumor co-founder will take up the new role of "head of global creative strategy," to help establish the platform's video…
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Mark Zuckerberg will answer your questions in his first Facebook Live Q&A

Mark Zuckerberg is doing his bit to promote his company’s push into live-streaming by hosting his first interactive Q&A session on Facebook Live. You can currently pitch your questions to the billionaire entrepreneur for the June 14 live…
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Facebook rolls out temporary News Feed posts that can be hidden from your timeline

Facebook is rolling out a new “Hide from timeline” option that allows users to publish a temporary post to their News Feed, while effectively hiding it from their timeline. The update is currently exclusive to the web version of the…

Vulnerability in Facebook's messaging enabled hackers to insert malicious items

Security firm Check Point Software Technologies found a vulnerability in Facebook's messaging system allowing hackers to alter chats for malicious purposes. For instance, a hacker could insert a malicious link, video, or image in…
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Not for the first time, Facebook is pushing users toward its Messenger app

Facebook is warning users of its mobile website that its messaging capability will soon end. The move will force users who're yet to download Facebook's Messenger app to finally do the deed, enabling the social networking giant to…
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Now you can take control of Facebook’s Safety Check during a disaster

Facebook's Safety Check will undergo testing to allow users to deploy it in times of large scale crisis. It has been activated by Facebook staff in the past for natural as well as "human" disasters.
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Facebook’s board prepares for a future minus Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook's board of directors is planning for a future without the social network's founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Despite their strong support of the company's leader, the board believes it must be prepared for such a disruptive event.

Trends with benefits: Don’t swear in front of your mom’s friends on Facebook

In our latest episode of Trends with Benefits, we dive into VR cinema, are joined by comedian Gabe Dinger, and discuss the good and bad of Facebook's new AI for offensive content.

Facebook has just killed off an app that you may not have even heard of

Facebook has just killed off its Notify app. Reportedly having received only 63,000 downloads, the app, which pushed news notifications to mobile devices, clearly failed to catch on, though the company says it's learned a lot…