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Facebook simplifies your digital life with faster logins, speedy quote sharing, and more

Facebook announced Account Kit at its F8 developer conference, which allows people to sign in with just a phone number or email address. Also unveiled were a 'Save to Facebook' button, and an easier way to share quotes to Facebook.
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Facebook is killing email forwarding: Here’s how to disable it on your account

As of May 1, 2016 Facebook email forwarding will stop. This service is the last remnant of Facebook's otherwise discontinued email service. We tell you how to turn off automatic forwarding ahead of time.
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Senator proposes $25,000 reward for social media terrorism tipsters

Sen. Charles Schumer is proposing a bill that would reward social media tipsters who help foil terrorism attacks in the U.S. Schumer believes that lucrative financial incentives for public informants will help combat the rise of extremism…
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Facebook-Ticketmaster partnership lets you buy tickets right from your news feed

Facebook's new business partnership with Ticketmaster will let you buy gig and events tickets through the social network. The move will see the e-retailer integrate with the main Facebook site and its Messenger chat service.

Copy/paste be gone! You can now share Dropbox files straight from Messenger

Copy/paste is so 2015. Now, instead of having to copy shareable links for Dropbox, the service will integrate straight into Facebook Messenger, where you can browse through your files and then send them to your contacts.
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Real Glocks that look like Nintendo Zappers are all the rage on social media

One is a Nintendo Zapper, a peripheral for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The other is a real gun painted to look like a Nintendo Zapper. Glocks modded to look like NES Zappers are making the rounds on social media.
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Facebook strips shoddy dresses following investigation

Complaints by shoddy clothing retailers' customers are deleted so fast that Facebook has trouble keeping up, but the social media giant plans new action. A group of Facebook pages with millions of likes are ripping off customers around the…
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Facebook updates its branded content policy to trick you into watching even more ads

Facebook, the ultimate advertising tool, just got a bit more "advertisey," and it's all thanks to new sponsored content guidelines that make it much more difficult to differentiate between sponsored and organic posts.
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You’re not sharing enough personal info, Facebook worries

Facebook is concerned that its users are not sharing enough personal posts, according to sources close to the matter. The social network is hoping a number of new features will encourage users to indulge in more original interactions.
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BuzzFeed’s exploding watermelon nearly breaks Facebook Live

A live video of an exploding watermelon has taken Facebook by storm. Uploaded by BuzzFeed, the record-breaking livestream was watched by 800,000 viewers and received 300,000 comments. But will it lead to the mainstream popularity of the…

Signal, the open-source encrypted messaging app, is now available for desktop

Designed by a non-profit group of dedicated Internet privacy activists, Signal is an open-source messenger app featuring end-to-end encryption. It hopes to rival Facebook's more popular Whatsapp.
Virtual Reality

Senator Al Franken is requesting that Oculus VR explain its controversial Rift privacy policy

Senator Al Franken has given Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe until May 13 to address concerns regarding the Oculus Rift privacy policy. The letter specifically asks how the company collects, stores, and shares the personal data of Rift users.