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LinkedIn courts major media publishers to rival Facebook Instant Articles

LinkedIn is reportedly in talks with a number of major media outlets as it looks to introduce a new publishing feature similar to Facebook Instant Articles. The fast-loading desktop reader will position it as a major source for business…

Facebook loses first stage of privacy lawsuit over photo-tagging feature

Facebook is set to face a privacy lawsuit regarding its photo-tagging feature after a federal district court Judge rejected the social network’s request to have the action dismissed.

New York Times photo editors share how they choose the pictures of the week

Ever wonder how photo editors decide what makes a great photo? In a Facebook live stream, three editors from The New York Times reveal how they curate photos for the Lens blog's "Week in Pictures."
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Facebook pays 10-year-old $10,000 for finding Instagram security flaw

A 10-year-old from Finland recently found a security flaw on Instagram that allowed him to delete any comment on the site. His reward for reporting the flaw? A cool $10,000. Ironically, the youngster isn't old enough to have an Instagram…

WhatsApp is back in business: Brazilian judge overturns ban on the messaging app

WhatsApp was banned by a judge in Brazil yesterday. The shut down of the app was supposed to last for 72 hours, but another judge overturned the ruling following an appeal from WhatsApp's lawyers.

Radiohead's website shows fans how to disappear completely

Five-piece British rock band Radiohead have made their website, Facebook, and Twitter posts disappear completely in what many fans believe is a buildup for their ninth studio album.

More than half of Facebook users now connect to the site with just a mobile phone

Over half of the social networking site's active users used only their mobile devices to connect in the first quarter of this year. The company's significant growth outside North America and Europe is the reason.
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60 percent of government data requests from Facebook come with a gag order

Facebook's new transparency report highlights that not only are government requests up, but 60 percent of them also come with a gag order, preventing Facebook from notifying users that their data is being requested.
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Zuck’s security team costs $5M a year, VW used PowerPoint to cheat

How much does it cost to keep Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg safe? And how did investigators find out VW was thinking about cheating on emissions back in 2006? Well, there was one really obvious clue.
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On Facebook a lot? Average users around the world spend more than 50 minutes on website, related apps

Following a hugely successful first-quarter earnings report, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that "people around the world spend, on average, more than 50 minutes a day using Facebook, Instagram and Messenger … and that doesn’t…
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Facebook smashes estimates to post blockbuster first-quarter earnings

Facebook has laid waste to all expectations by posting stellar first-quarter results, thanks to growth in user numbers and mobile advertising revenue. People are spending more time on Facebook's apps, and big brands are spending more bucks…
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Jurors caught checking Facebook may face a $1,500 fine

Looking for a better way to enforce rules about checking mobile devices during a trial, California has proposed new legislation that would slap a juror with a hefty fine if they hop on social during a trial.